1. Appleuser201

    Does YouTube Still Work in Panther? (Classilla + QuickTime)

    I don't run Panther. I watched a video demonstrating an iMac G3 going to using Classilla on Mac OS X 10.3.9 and clicking any video automatically launched a QuickTime player window without the need for Quicktime enabler. This video was uploaded in August 2018, does it still work...
  2. G

    Amnesty™ Singles Widget to App

    Now that widgets are dying, it came to my attention this utility. It allows you to create an App for 10.3.9 Panther and...
  3. AmazingHenry

    [UPDATE] The Tiger App Shop!

    UPDATE: I've decided to change this project and make it a Tiger app shop instead. Why? Off the top of my head, here's a list: Tiger is actually used on PowerPC Macs bc of performance. No one uses Panther for anything The website is guarenteed to display correctly on TenFourFox, and on top of...
  4. Mac03ForLife

    PowerMac G5 as Daily Driver

    My main mac has finally failed me It was an MBP 8,1 : The HDD was corrupted somehow, and now I cant use it. It's destined for the closet, at least until my parents decide whether or not I'm allowed to Mod the inside. That leaves me with my PMacG5. It is now going to become my daily driver from...
  5. Mac03ForLife

    Signing Into iChat in OSX Panther

    Ive recently inherited a PowerMac G5 dual 1.8 I have tried to sign into iChat on it, but it seems to only take email addresses Is there a way around this to use my address with iChat? or is my MBP 8,1 the messages machine? :)
  6. AmazingHenry

    This Forum on Classilla

    I saw in another thread that this forum could be used with Classilla. Tried on my Clamshell (with Panther) and got an error about the encryption. I'm going directly to as @bunnspecial said in that other thread. Any ideas? Thanks, Henry
  7. AmazingHenry

    The Panther Thread

    Mac OS X 10.3 Panther Supported Hardware iMac G3 iMac G4 iMac G5 (except for models with Ambient Light Sensor) eMac G4 (except for 2005 models) Mac mini G4 Power Mac G3 Blue & White Power Mac G4 Power Mac G5 (except for 2005 models) Xserve G4 Xserve G5 iBook G3 iBook G4 (except for 2005...
  8. T

    Writing Software for PowerPC?

    Hi PowerPC Users! I've got quite an important question regarding PowerPC software available for iBooks. i'll be an owner of an iBook G3 Clamshell very soon and will be doing my best to keep in as good condition but give it some use. Although I'll have some internet/networking via the Airport...
  9. A

    Guide - Installing OSX and OS9 via USB on an iBook G3 Clamshell

    So I purchased an ibook g3 clamshell off ebay a couple of weeks ago. One of the original blueberry models. I replaced the original 3gb hdd as it was making scary sounds. However when I went to reinstall os9/x I discovered the cd drive was faulty. The original ibook had no firewire port, so...
  10. AmazingHenry

    Anyone Using Panther?

    So you may have read my thread about a web browser I'm working on that's specifically for G3 systems on OS X Tiger. At first, it will be Tiger only. It will be finished very soon (still don't have a good name, any ideas? :D), and now I'm wondering if I should make a Panther version. If I made...
  11. blut haus

    Mail server on 10.3 Server

    Hi there. I have a G4/350 running an unlimited client version of 10.3 server. Relax! It's only for internal non-critical stuff (i.e., nothing is externally facing on this server). Anyway, I'm trying to set up the mail server. I can create accounts, access the account on another machine, etc, but...