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  1. Samirvanrijn

    How to change standard option from Itunes to Spotify

    Hi Guys, When you push the pause/play button on your keyboard or your headphone, your macbook will open Itunes. Is it possible to change the standard option from Itunes to Spotify? I rarely use Itunes and prefer Sportify. Thanks in advance
  2. Z

    Volume & pause at lock screen

    On the lock screen, I always have a volume control slider with a big "pause" button, why does this happen and how can I get rid of it?
  3. X

    Time Machine Encryption Paused...

    Hi, so I was backing up my Macbook to an external HDD, and after it finished backing up, it started encrypting like I set it to do. The encryption process was really slow, like 30% over 10 hours. The problem is, the last time I checked, it was at 70%. Then, I shifted my computer and HDD, and...
  4. B

    safari video pause and scroll - only 5second intervals?

    I'd like to scroll through video when paused but in safari under (developer viewing) mode it jumps in 5 second intervals. If the video is downloaded and viewed under preview it can scroll by the second. Anyway to do this on safari?
  5. Tucker28

    Mac Pro pauses when I close ARD

    I have a peculiar issue. When I close the ARD window, my Mac Pro (server) will sometimes just completely pause whatever it is doing. It seems to also happen when I use the built in screen sharing. I don't know if it goes to sleep, or what it's doing. But when I log back into it a day or two...