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  1. Stuey3D

    Not receiving PayPal 2FA text message updates since iOS12

    Anyone else having an issue whereby the PayPal 2FA text messages refuse to be received by the iPhone after updating to iOS12 beta? I know one of the new features was for iOS to automatically capture these messages and automatically use them to log on, so I was wondering if this is a bug within...
  2. yanki01

    international payments from PayPal

    I'm in the US and buyer is in Canada. he's trying to send payment via my email address but says I'm unable to accept international payments. I've seen where I need to manage currencies in my wallet but that's been done and he's still getting the error. does anyone else know a way I can accept...
  3. kotikcatroz

    Best iPhone X Cases [MERGED]

    I'm planning to get this device as a gift for a relative of mine who loves iPhones and will be thrilled to get this device. I want to get him also a great case that can provide solid protection but not be too bulky. I see some really nice looking cases that are already available on . I...
  4. mpainesyd

    Unauthorised "Microsoft" transaction with Paypal

    Check your Paypal and credit card accounts. I just had a small transaction via Paypal which was shown as "Microsoft Pty Limited Pre-approved payment". I have not used Paypal for any recent transactions with Microsoft and have never authorised ongoing payments.
  5. T

    I have a problem with a Paypal buyer and I need help

    Ok... first... I am looking for comments to help me to get my money. I am not looking for any other conversation. I do not care about "oh... well blah, blah, blah...". Go and hang out somewhere else. I am looking for people with the experience. ok. I sold was selling a keyboard on eBay, pick...
  6. designerdrew

    Muse and PayPal with Thank You page

    Hi all, I have created a Muse website, and want a simple buy it now for the product, after which the purchaser will be sent to a 'Thanks' page with the option to then return to home. This will be both engaging but also enable the user to know that their purchase has been accepted. My client has...