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  1. M

    Other iPhone was stolen, and I fell for phishing scheme

    Hello yesterday my wife's phone was stolen while we were out in London (we just moved here). I've turned on lost mode on find my iPhone and reported to the police. Had a really long day and was able to find an iPhone 13 replacement for the wife, and managed to get a replacement sim. I've never...
  2. M

    CarPlay CarPlay outgoing call screen takeover

    Does it drive anyone else crazy that whenever you make an outgoing call from CarPlay, it takes you to the call screen? It's super frustrating when you are trying to follow directions in an area that you don't know particularly well, only to make an outgoing call and have to switch back to...
  3. purdnost

    iCloud Sharing: To Email or Phone?

    When sharing a calendar, reminder list, or photo album, for example, I'm given the option to share to a contact's phone number or email address. Is one method better than another? Why?
  4. Lucas1708

    Watch won’t boot past the Apple logo

    Hey! So I was updating my phone to the latest beta and then suddenly my watch just wouldn’t pair with my phone anymore. It just stops at that intricate logo design and that’s it. Is anyone facing the same issue? My watch is updated to watchOS 4, and my phone to the iOS 13 beta. Is this in...
  5. HappyDude20

    iPhone 7(+) 4K 60FPS is Equivalent to How Many MegaPixels on iPhone?

    Hello, I hired a photographer for a photo shoot but they cancelled on me last minute and now I have some lighting equipment and my iPhone 7+ instead of their pro camera gear. Nevertheless I need to take a couple of portrait type photos of myself and figured my iPhone 7+ is more than capable...
  6. formalxi

    Other Which is better for iPhone x and iPhone 8?

    Hi, everybody! I want to buy an iPhone, but I hesitate to buy an iPhone x or an iPhone8 plus. They should be reliable in terms of safety performance, but there are all kinds of bad information about them on the Internet, which makes it more difficult for me to choose. Can you give me some...
  7. T

    Recommendations for a replacement metal square for magnetic car mounts?

    This might be an odd question, but you know those car mounts that are magnetic and they have you put a little metal square on the back of your iPhone or under the case? can anyone recommend a thinner metal square to put in there? I had one that i used, but i finally lost it, and was looking for...
  8. L

    Is auto-WiFi transmitting my personal email at work?

    Let's say I allow my phone to connect to my office WiFi automatically, and my phone also logs in to my personal Gmail account automatically. Does that mean that, even if I'm not checking personal email at work, if Gmail was open on my phone when I walked in that morning, now every email that...
  9. HippyRabbitFish

    Apple Watch as the ONLY phone

    I don't currently own an Apple Watch at this time, but... I don't use my phone for much more than making calls, texting, and occasionally streaming music or playing stored music, light browsing, and occasionally GPS. I do this because my phone is comparatively ancient... the iPhone 4. Given...
  10. Bob Parker

    Carrier "Searching..." on my Sprint iPhone 6 (PLEASE HELP)

    I have been on vacation to Europe for 5 weeks, and I have just returned. Before the vacation, I turned my cellular data off, because I wasn't looking to bust the bank in order to use my phone. Throughout the vacation, my phone always said "Searching..." at the top left. As soon as I arrived at...
  11. J

    Having trouble with iMessage on iOS 11 & my iPad Pro 10.5

    So, I got the new iPad yesterday & instantly installed iOS 11. Mostly everything works great for a beta, just having one main issue. I cannot seem to get my iPad to send messages using my iPhone phone number. Has this happened to anyone? Does anyone have any solutions? I know that there will be...
  12. V

    Best Buy Black Friday $20 no contract android phone. For just $20, looks like a good wifi media player/iPod touch. It also has built-in FM radio and micro sd expansion up to 128GB. Built in storage is actually 16GB, not...
  13. M

    Resolved Why do I hear "To complete this call to a Mexican phone number, press 1"?

    I have a friend who has a US phone number. I've called it multiple times today - using his contact entry - and sometimes I hear the above message. Why do I get this message at all? Also, if I press 1 do I get charged for an international call? My carrier is AT&T.
  14. R

    Switched to iPhone SE

    Tried a few different phones in the last few months. 6S/6S Plus, S7, Moto G 4th Gen and most recently the SE a week ago. Definitely missed iOS. I was perfectly fine with everything else at least on the MotoG4. Pure Android definitely helps but iOS is always missed. So smoothe. I do wish Apple...
  15. D

    Best phone for middle-aged dads? 7 or 7 Plus?

    Hi There I am An 44 year old Dad of 3 kids and I'm wondering if you guys think it would be better for me to have the 7 or the 7 plus When it comes out on the 10th Thanks, Jared
  16. gaush

    Anybody try to make your phone a security camera?

    I got an old iphone 4s, dont know how to deal with it since I have bought a new one. I see people saying I can turn the old phone into a security camera by using a certain of apps. This is the instruction that I refer to: make your iPhone a security-camera Has anybody try those apps...
  17. B

    iPhone Please help re: contacts found in mail feature Not working

    Hi all, I want to utilise the "contacts found in mail" feature introduced in iOS9 but it's not working. I've gone into settings-mail and toggled the switch to allow this feature to work but it still doesn't. I've tested it on my friends phone and theirs works perfectly! I want use this for...
  18. jblagden

    Ubuntu Touch - Bookmarks?

    I’m thinking about switching from my iPhone 6 to an Ubuntu phone in a couple years if the iPhone 8 doesn’t have a headphone jack. I’d really like to have all of my bookmarks automatically synced between Safari on my Mac and either Chromium or some other browser on my Ubuntu phone. Is this...
  19. gjarden3

    iPhone 6 destroying chargers?

    Hi, I have an iPhone 6 that I've owned since December 2014. In the past few months I've been buying chargers pretty much weekly for it because the thing destroys them somehow. After anywhere from a day to 3 weeks of use, the charger starts to do that thing where it disconnects then reconnects...
  20. D

    [Mac App] Osketch - Free Version

    Hello everyone, I'd like to present you Osketch, a free mac app. Osketch is a vector graphic design tool. It's lightweight, easy to use, and powerful. Osketch has many modern features. In Osketch, you can use any graphic as a mask, fill a shape with multiple modes, layout texts on a path...