1. slimejester

    Other Which iPhone 12 model will you purchase?

    I think I’m going with the 5.4” model. I’m torn between this one and the 6.7” Pro Max. Which one will you pick up?
  2. M

    IPad Poll

    I’m kind of on a budget right now but I want a new IPad that is current release, will not be outdated soon, and good for email, Internet, YouTube, and word processing. Which model and WiFi or WiFi + cellular ? How big of hard drive for lots of scanned photos. Can I print from IPad and also hook...
  3. ActionableMango

    HomePod Poll: What are the main reasons you haven't bought a HomePod?

    This poll is for people interested in the HomePod, but there is something holding you back. Poll will let you pick up to three things, but you don't have to pick three.
  4. AutomaticApple

    iPad mini The seven-inch itch

    As someone who has become a zombie over the iPad Mini 5, let me tell you that it’s contagious. The size, the display, the A12 chip, Touch ID 2, the aspect ratio, everything! I don’t know what to do. The itch is very strong and there’s no cure to stop mesmerizing over the iPad Mini 5. Do you have...
  5. baryon

    Poll: Have you had any hardware issues with your late 2016 or newer MacBook Pro?

    I want to see how prevalent hardware problems are with the late 2016 or newer MacBook Pro (basically the current design). There are many reports of failed keyboards, swollen batteries, broken display cables, blown speakers and so on – but it would be great to see the ratio of these problems...
  6. masotime

    iPad Pro 2018 iPad Pro Bend Poll

    Assuming people don't purposely spoil the vote, I am curious as to what the results will be.
  7. AutomaticApple

    iPad Pro Should I get Space Gray or Silver?

    I honestly can’t make up my mind. Please help me!
  8. AutomaticApple

    iPad Pro General Opinion on the new iPad Pro

    I’d like to see what everybody thinks about the new iPad Pro. So far, I’ve seen mixed reviews, and making a poll allows me to determine the majority and minority. Please comment down below why you like/don’t like the new iPad Pro. It’d help out a lot! I apologize for my English. Cheers! :)
  9. uBetchya

    Buy a Mac Mini, or wait for the new Pro?

    I'll be honest, my patience is beginning to wear thin with Apple on their new professional/ modular desktops. I do video editing for clients and I can't edit 4K footage on my Mid 2014 13" Macbook Pro, and other projects in general can just become a chore with the slow rendering. I thought about...
  10. S

    iPhone XR Black iPhone XR – thinner bezels compared to other colors?

    Black iPhone XR vs. the other colors — Does the black aluminum frame/border make the bezels look thinner, compared to the other colors? Or is it the other way around?
  11. jclo

    iPhone XR Which iPhone XR color would you choose?

    We want to know which iPhone XR color is the most popular. Cast your vote!
  12. S

    Other What Colour iPhone Xs / Xs Max Are You Going For?

    With preorders due to start tomorrow and being stuck in which colour to go for, what colour are you folks opting for? I’ve had all the colours offered (apart from the iPhone 5C range) and absolutely baffled about which colour to go for next (currently have a space grey 8+). People with...
  13. S

    Best MacBook Pro for a computer science students

    Soon I'm going to study computer science at uni, so I need a MacBook Pro but I want to know which of these models would be the best for me. They are both the same prize €1999 and both 13". 1. Macbook Pro 2017 without Touch Bar 2.5GHz dual-core 7th-generation Intel Core i7 processor, Turbo...
  14. Solomani

    Other How often do you feel the need to buy a new iPhone model?

    Notice the wording of the poll. It's asking you how often do you feel the need. Not how often you actually replace/upgrade your phone. Personally, I feel the need to replace mine about every 3 years, which I feel is approximately the age of borderline-obsolescence for these things...
  15. A

    Is Apple Music's 'Top Lists' Skewed to Feature the Latest Rap Music?

    Before I get into the nitty gritty, I'd like to point out I'm a fan of rap music... but I'm also a fan of various other genres. I think that Apple Music isn't good for music discovery, and here's why: I believe they skew 'Top Music' lists to feature only rap music, and this has been a trend...
  16. M

    iPhone X Keep iPhone 6s & buy AW3 or switch to iPhone X w/ AW1?

    TLDR: Just had 6s replaced, want ApplePay in Japan, get Apple Watch 3 or sell the 6s and get an iPhone X to use with Apple Watch 1 (first generation not "series 1")? I love my iPhone 6s, I've had it for two years, and it's still a great device. While the iPhone X was mildly intriguing when...
  17. AJsAWiz

    iPhone X Pre Order Delivery Poll

    For those who were lucky enough to snag the 11/3 delivery date, your iPhone will arrive in a couple of days. Thought it would be fun and entertaining to see choices, during this wait. I didn't see this poll done earlier. Sorry, in advance , if I missed it and duplicated another poll.
  18. 840quadra

    Feature requests | What would you like added to iOS?

    One thing that I hope beta testers do, is submit feedback to Apple regarding feature requests and bugs. This is one of the most direct ways to voice your opinion to Apple for features you want, or to submit bugs you see. Purpose of this thread / poll Create a list of features MacRumors members...
  19. rootee

    Poll: iOS 11.0 Control Center Bluetooth/WiFi Toggle Implementation

    I’m personally very, very, very (did I say very) annoyed by the new “disconnect” implementation of the Bluetooth and WiFi toggle switches in the latest iOS 11.0. I’d like to know how the good people of MacRumors feel about it.
  20. LordCoe13

    What iPhone Are You Getting?

    Curious to know everyone's choice in phone!