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power adapter

  1. purdnost

    OK to Charge AirPods pro with 20W USB-C Power Adapter

    As the AirPods Pro don’t come with a power adapter, am I safe to use the 20W one that came with my iPad Pro?
  2. R

    14" 96Watt power adapter hot

    i am really enjoying my 14" M1 Max 24-Core, 64GB RAM, 2TB ssd MacBook Pro. However I noticed one thing. The 96 Watts 'Quick-Charge' power adapter that comes with it, even-though it does indeed charge it to +50% within 30min, it does get rather hor while doing so.. Is it normal for that power...
  3. D

    MacBook Pro M1 Max (almost Maxxed Out): Short Power Cable!

    So after upgrading from the mid-2012 Retina MBP, waiting for all the garbage butterfly keyboard phases to pass, and I spend $5000+ USD on a new laptop, and I'm left with a short-as-**** power cable, compared to my 2012 machine? Am I in Lala-land? Is Apple actually nickleing-and-dimeing a...
  4. R

    MBP M1Pro with USB-A & Ethernet

    We all think different. Some people like ports and some don't. Some people like adapters and hubs, while some people don't. I can understand why Apple kept only Thunderbolt ports few years ago and also why they reintroduced old-new ports on new MBPs. An objective fact. Now comes the subjective...
  5. P

    Apple 96W Power Adapter making intermittent noise when charging Macbook Pro

    Hi. I have a 96W Apple USB-C Power Adapter that is making an intermittent buzzing noise at 6kHz every 2 seconds when charging my Macbook Pro with it. I have already gone through the replacement process (the agent would not hear a recording of the buzzing I took) but the replacement charger...
  6. roxics

    2017 Macbook Pro wouldn't turn on - but then did

    I had closed up my laptop a couple days ago and when I went to use it yesterday it wouldn't turn on. It had been plugged in the whole time. It lives on my coffee table usually plugged in. But this time it was unresponsive. I noticed the little duck bill power plug was slightly gapped and that...
  7. David1986H

    Gigabit Fibre Broadband With Powerline Adapters

    Hi all, so im currently on a broadband plan with 50mbps down and 15mbps up, I use the Devolo 1200+ AC to get full speed and signal around the house and they work perfectly. Today my street was dug up and had fibre laid down so in the next few months ill be upgrading to either 500mbps up and...
  8. jordanbaron

    Will this power cable work with an A1176 Mac Mini?

    I bought a power cable for my A1176 Mac Minis, but I was a bit dumb and didn't realize that it didn't come with the actual part that plugs in to the wall. Will something like this work? If not, is there anywhere I can find one that will work or would I have to purchase a new cable?
  9. lpuerto

    Alternative power sources

    Hey! I would like to hear you opinion about alternative power sources for MacBook Pro like this one: I'd like to have something at...
  10. TechInit

    MP 1,1-5,1 Mac Pro 3,1 GPU Upgrade

    Hi all, I'm a novice when it comes to power supplies, and how much power specific things can output, so I've come here for help. I've decided to get a GTX 780 for my Mac Pro 3,1, because I want something I could use if I ever upgrade, even if it's bottlenecked slightly, however, that's not the...
  11. decent1983

    Early 2014 MacBook Air charges only when the lid is closed

    Hi There, I have a Early 2014 MacBook Air charges that charges only when the lid is closed, when the lid is open, it charges for like 3 minutes and then the led on the magsafe turns off. If I unplug and replug the charger then it will charge for another 3 min. Only when I close the lid then...
  12. koreda

    Resolved Sapphire PULSE RX580 8GB & Dual Mini 6 Pin to 8 Pin PCI-E Power Adapter: 16AWG or 18AWG?

    When I purchased my new Sapphire 11265-05-20G Radeon Pulse RX 580 8GB GDDR5 Dual HDMI/ DVI-D/ Dual DP OC W/BP (UEFI) LITE (from Newegg) I only made a cursory investigation into the necessary Dual Mini 6 Pin to 8 Pin PCI-E Power Adapter required to power the GPU. Now that the card is kaput after...
  13. B

    Buy The 18w or 30w USB-C Power Adapter?

    So having a hard time deciding which adapter to buy for my Iphone XS for fast charging, been reading about how the iPhone XS and iPhone XR will only draw a maximum of 18 watts? Any difference between the two? Charging speeds?
  14. S

    iPad Another power plug! Really?

    God damnit! Just got a new iPad, and guess what? ANOTHER ****ING TYPE OF POWER PLUG! Apple used to be so easy to follow! IM RETURNING THIS IPAD- IM FED UP WITH THIS ****! Why can't electronic manufactures get on the same page!? Ive got a drawer full of ****ing power plugs!
  15. 4

    No power MacBook

    Hi, problem with my 2016 MacBook. Over the last few weeks it’s been intermittent whilst charging on its single usb c port. Sometimes works sometimes doesn’t. Now just doesn’t. Battery is now dead and won’t power even if plugged in. Need to access my files for work etc. Any ideas would be...
  16. M

    PCIe Power Connector for 150w GPU

    Hi there, I am currently searching a power-cable to connect a graphics-card with a 8pin power-connector to a Mac Pro. As I learned, the two mini-pcie connectors on the logic board can deliver 75w each. I read a lot of some 2x6pin to 1x8pin cables but cannot find any in German/European stores...
  17. engseng

    Can I use my 2013 MacBook Pro power extension cable for my 2017 MacBook Pro?

    My late-2013 MacBook Pro that uses the 85W MagSafe 2 power adapter comes with a power adapter extension cable. However my 2017 MacBook Pro doesn't have the extension cable for 87W USB-C power adapter, just the electrical plughead. Are there any issues if I use the 85W MagSafe 2 power adapter...
  18. Mac03ForLife

    Anything I can do with a PB Duo Charger?

    Hello Community I have recently been handed a PowerBook Duo AC charger (The one with the 2 battery slots) Can I use this for anything except a PB Duo? Can I hack it in some way? Note that the power cord was NOT provided with this unit. Is this worth keeping, or better off being sent to the...
  19. MarckyG

    USB-C Hub / Adapter charging capabilities - recommendations?

    Dear forum, I know there is a USB-C adapter super thread... but my question is a bit more specific, I hope it's justified. My apologies if its not. I owned a HooToo Shuttle with HDMI, 3 USB3.0 and SD card slot and a SATECHI Aluminium Slim adapter with 2 USB3.0 and HDMI. They both have a USB-C...
  20. N

    Alternate charge for MacBook Pro 13?

    Has anyone purchased an alternative charger for the 2017 MacBook Pro 13? I have the original 61W USB-C Power Adapter at work, but want to keep a "cheaper" solution at home. I see they have them for sale on Amazon, but I would prefer a first-hand testimony/review. Thanks.