power bank

  1. Rachel Lawrence

    Which brand's power bank is better? Anker or RAVPower?

    I want to buy a reliable PD power bank for my iPhone X, I wonder which powerbank is better with durable quility and fast charging function. Any suggetions?
  2. Rachel Lawrence

    Which portable charger is best for iPhone X?

    Which portable charger is best for iPhone X? Any suggestions?
  3. elite953

    Power-bank for iPhone 11pro max

    Hey, can anyone recommend me best suitable power-bank for iPhone 11 pro max?
  4. Kaikidan

    iPad Pro Strange behavior while charging the IPhone via iPad Pro

    today my phone was low on battery and I still needed it for the rest of the day, I had no power outlet available, so I tested using the iPad Pro 11 as a power bank as I had saw that it’s possible. I connected my iPhone SE with the original cable on a usb 3.0 to usb C dongle and connected it on...
  5. P

    Best power bank for Apple products

    Hi! I'm looking to buy a power bank for my iPhone X. I have already reviewed several manufacturers' products, but I can't decide which product is the best for my phone. The capacity of the power bank should be between 10.000 mAh and 22.000 mAh. I want the power bank to have a power delivery...
  6. J

    Power Magsafe 1 MacBook pro with power bank

    Hey everyone, i am using a late 2011 13 inch macbook pro with magsafe1. I need a way to extend the power with a powerbank, is there any way that i can charge a magsafe1 macbook pro with a powerbank. I need a powerbank with a wall port so it can charge the macbook with the stock cable. If that is...
  7. P

    Wireless PowerBank for iPhone X

    Hi! I would like to buy a power bank for my iphone X. I want a good quality, reliable product. Can you recommend it? thanks
  8. Lis220

    Change power settings?

    Our power has been out all day due to storms and my MacBook Pro is almost out of juice. I have a partially charged usb power block that I can hook up to the computer with a usb-c hub but it only takes charge from my mac - doesn't charge it. Anyway you reverse the power settings on one of the...
  9. V

    Portable Power Bank for iPad Pro 11” or 12.9” 2018 models?

    Looking for recommendations for a portable power bank that has the following features: USB-C connector and Lightning cable connector The power bank will plug into a wall outlet to charge itself It has integrated lightning and USB-C cables so I don’t have to carry my own cords and cables with...
  10. C

    Help with charging when you are out and about

    Hey guys, just wondering if anyone has an alternative solution for charging when you are out and about. I struggle with the battery on the 7, I’m contemplating getting an 8, I’ve been using batter packs anywhere from 5000 mah to 20 mah and had the same issue. Charging from pocket to pocket...
  11. P

    Best iPhone X power banks

    I'm planning to get a new power bank for my iPhone X. I would like to buy the best and safest. The price does not matter, because i would like the best. The capacity should be greater than 10000mAh. Please help with your comments.
  12. D

    iPad Pro What USB-C PD Power Banks can fast charge the iPad Pro 10.5"?

    The only one that I know of that can give the iPad Pro the fastest charge is this RAVPower one. I have a USB-C PD wall charger and iMuto's PD Power Bank and both of them actually caused my iPad to LOSE charge, at around -1400mAH.
  13. douglasb7

    IMac won’t start

    common problem, iMac just quit while uploading huge files. All power just stopped. Read every forum, did all the tricks, cables removed, pushed all the buttons, nothing. Mid 2011 iMac. Replacing the power supply looks easy enough, recommendations? Afraid to buy expensive power supply and...
  14. M

    lithium power bank for late '16 MacBook Pro

    I am getting a multi-purpose lithium power bank to recharge/run my notebook, iPhone, iPad and planning on using one which can jump start a 12V vehicle. Some of these have switches to select from among three different voltages for their usb charging ports. I was looking for specs on the notebook...
  15. Sovon Halder

    Power Bank Suggestion?

    Looking around to pick a high capacity power bank. I want to be able to charge iPhone, AirPods and in necessary cases my 2017 13" MacbookPro TB. My priority is to spend as less time as possible charging and as few cables/adapters carrying. I'm looking at 26800mAh from Ravpower & Anker which I...
  16. icsd08063

    Power Bank for iPhone X

    I am looking for a good and reliable power bank for my iPhone X, preferably between 10,000 - 15,000 mAh. It would be nice to have two outputs to charge my girlfriend's phone at the same time (Samsung Galaxy A5 2016). I have looked multiple power banks on Anker's website but I got really confused...
  17. alejandro-

    Running from external battery without charging internal one

    Hello there! First post here, hope someone can give me a hand on this. been googling around for a couple days without finding much information about it. I saw a review of a power bank that can power the 2016/17 MBP and keep it from charging the internal battery while at it. It seems like an...
  18. plumber

    Wallet and card sized power bank sold together

    Hi, again I have this idea. Theres lots of ''credit card power banks'' in the market, but the good ones (3000mah-4000mah) are about 7mm-8mm thick, so they don't just slip in to your wallet. What do you think about if I start to sell CARD SIZED POWER BANK + CARD HOLDER WALLETS as a combo? Would...
  19. T

    Enclosure for old Macbook Pro Battery to use as Power Bank

    hey there, My current battery on my Macbook Pro is now ready for replacement. It still will hold charge for about 2-3 hours of regular use, so I will be replacing it. But was wondering if there was an enclosure that the old battery could be put into to turn it into a battery power bank. If...