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Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by premierpark, Jul 30, 2019.

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    I'm looking to buy a power bank for my iPhone X.
    I have already reviewed several manufacturers' products, but I can't decide which product is the best for my phone.
    The capacity of the power bank should be between 10.000 mAh and 22.000 mAh.
    I want the power bank to have a power delivery function. If the product do not have this feature it is not a big problem, but I would be glad.
    The quality is very important for me.
    How do I know which one is the best choice?
    Please recommend.
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    I had a decent one that got stolen about a week ago. I had owned it for about four months. Ugh. But it was pretty good and I carried it with me so I didn't need to carry plugs for my iPhone, iPad, AirPods, GoPro, MacBook Pro, etc. When I say "plugs," I really mean the big power adapter for the MacBook Pro and the right brick to plug into a wall so you can get 2.4A for charging the big ticket items like the iPad and MacBook Pro.

    This is what that power bank was:

    I bought a new one once the insurance company gave me my money to replace things. I got a similar model that was $10 cheaper. The only thing I could see different is the trickle charge feature, which may help out with my AirPods. Here is that power bank:

    I just plugged in that new one to my MBP to check on whether I was right about it being able to charge this computer. So far it seems exactly like the last one. When the MBP is in use, the battery will at best keep your charge where it is. When not in use, it will charge at a slow rate but will charge the thing.

    Both of these are 20,000-ish mAh, which means a full battery should charge this MBP almost four times. I just looked at my system report and the internal battery is 5152 mAh. Both advertise the ability to charge two devices at once with 2.4A per port. I haven't tried that feature out.

    So I would recommend one of those. The one I just purchased seems to be very similar aside from the USB input port being on the side. I'm not a huge fan of this since the other one was on the end and made plugging it in to charge with the battery pack's cover on easier. But that's such a minor thing. One similar model had USB micro/mini (whatever those have) and a USB-C input. If not for a couple other devices, that might save me needing a cable. But it doesn't so I didn't really care.

    The power bank is roughly the size of my iPhone 7 Plus with its Mophie battery case. The power bank isn't as wide as the phone but it is a bit thicker.
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