power mac g3

  1. LarsG5

    Power Mac G3 B&W Floppy Drive

    Hello, I've got a floppy drive taken out of Beige G3 and I'd like to connect it somehow to my Power Mac G3 B&W (best option would be installing it into the zip drive bay). I did some research, but I found no informations that could help me connecting this floppy drive to B&W G3. So my question...
  2. E

    Power Mac G3 B&W Chimes but no video

    Hi, I recently got a B&W tower PowerMac G3 (don't know exactly which model) without DVD reader and HDD. I powered it and saw a grey screen with a folder and a question mark followed by the finder logo. Probably couldn't find OS X (duh). At least it booted. I powered it off, got a OS X Tiger...