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powerbook g4

  1. Mr. Dee

    Hands on with the 2021 MacBook Pro

    After a long week, I finally got some time to play with the new 2021 MacBook Pro at the Apple store earlier this evening. During my time there they certainly had a few folks checking them out and potential customers interested in buying one right then and there. But, reception felt reserved...
  2. macnerd93

    Newest acquisition A boxed example of the Titanium PowerBook G4

    I had spotted a previous example for sale on UK ebay a fairly rare 1Ghz last gen model in excellent shape, but missing the distinctive silver headed power lead, hard drive, box and accessories. The seller was actually unsure if it worked or not, but condition did look like new. That ended up...
  3. 2tmb

    Battery for PowerBook G4 titanium mercury (500mhz)

    I have a PowerBook G4 titanium mercury 500mhz, but the battery for it is dead. Because of this, whenever I want to use it I have to keep it plugged into the wall, unlike a traditional laptop. I recently updated it to macOS 10.4 tiger, and put a bunch of emulators on it, so I think it’s finally...
  4. Tymscar

    Resolved Cry for help. Powerbook G4 wont boot Tiger

    Just got this Powerbook G4 (A1138) and it came with 10.5 on it. The reason why I bought it was to experiment with Tiger as I never had the chance before and I wanted to use Classic mode on it as well! Now where the problems start: the dvd drive is completely broken. I watched a couple of videos...
  5. Mormislaw

    PowerBook G4 Titanium touchpad not working

    Hello, I've just got a Titanium PowerBook G4 DVI (emc 1913), but the touchpad doesn't seem to work at all, not even the button. Keyboard works fine, the buttons feels ok, and the touchpad is connected well to the logic board. I've reset the PRAM (the PRAM battery is dead btw) and SMC. What could...
  6. Appleuser201

    Watching YouTube in Leopard Webkit (fix?)

    Some users have mentioned Webkit not working well with youtube anymore and lacking features such as full screen... No fullscreen option can be a problem and also the fact that WebKit loads the old style of youtube (and most of the web too) A user on here by MrPilot had sent me a video a couple...
  7. Y

    High Res Screen in A1106 PowerBook?

    Can i use a high res screen from an A1138 in an A1106? I know they are the same size, but are the connectors different or anything?
  8. LOLZpersonok

    Resolved Strange issue with PowerBook G4 and install media

    See the resolution here. I recently got a PowerBook G4 (PowerBook5,6, 2005 model, 1.5GHz) that I want to get running on Mac OS X 10.5.8 so I can use Webkit, but I have a really odd problem I haven't been able to resolve. It won't boot my retail Mac OS X 10.5 disc. Initially, it wouldn't read...
  9. M

    Resolved Installing Tiger by USB on wiped PowerBook G4

    Not sure if this is the right place for posting this, but I recently got my hands on a 17" PowerBook G4 with a wiped hard drive. I have a .dmg of 10.4 that I'm trying to write to a USB flash drive so I can boot from it and install Tiger. I don't have access to any system running OS X so I can't...
  10. gocke004

    TiBook (Gigabit) HD Replacement

    Dear Fellow PPC Enthusiasts, I have seen this question posted numerous times on the tubes and in various venues. In my research I've been seeing some conflicting reports and information floating around. I thought I'd come here now that it's 2018 and ask again! I've got a titanium PowerBook G4...
  11. T

    anti virus for osx 10.5.8 and other suggestions

    Hi guys, i'm fairly new to the os x g4 scene, my only previous experience of powerPC's is my family's first PC (iMac g3 rev a) this I still have to this day, however this is still on os9. I love this powerbook g4 with the 17". its a fairly good spec as well being the 1GHZ model and id love to...
  12. L

    PB G4 DLSD - Keyboard swap

    Firstly, I suppose I should get the formalities out the way - been lurking on the PowerPC forums for quite a while now, have been meaning to sign up and join in here but only now getting around to it! I’ve recently got a PowerBook G4 15” 1.67GHz DLSD - the machine is great, and in pretty good...
  13. AL1630

    Can't Access Target Disk mode after installing SSD (TiBook)

    I got myself an mSATA ssd and the Ableconn IDE adapter that people recommend, and I installed it in my TiBook. I made a disk image of the leopard install I had on the old HD, and I was planning to copy it over via target disk mode. The problem is, whenever I hold down 'T' the computer just shuts...
  14. Mr. Dee

    Bought a Apple Titanium PowerBook G4 of Ebay - Pleasantly Surprised

    Last month, I bought a PowerBook G4 Titanium 667 GHz - seller said 1 GHz, but it turned out to be a 667 MHz. Anyway, its not a big deal, was just hoping it was at least working. Got a new charger with it too, so that seemed worthy enough to part with $177 ($79 + 100+) for shipping). Import...
  15. P

    Powerbook G4 (5,5) Boot Problems

    Hi, I've been working on restoring a couple of late G4 17" Powerbooks (5,5, A1085), and I have one that does not find the drive on a reboot, but finds it OK on a cold boot. (Got these as basket cases so I have no idea about their history). If you reboot from the desktop, you see a flicker as...
  16. AdamBuker

    Color Correction software for PPC

    Does anyone here have any recommendations for color correction software that's PPC compatible? I've tried getting Color from Final Cut Studio 2 to work on my early '05 Powerbook without any success.
  17. sibby

    Powerbook G4 PowerPC won't boot up - diagnostics/advice please?

    Hi guys, I have a friend with a PowerBook G4 15" / PowerBook5,8, PowerPC G4 (1.5), 1.67Ghz. It's obviously old, but was refurbed 3 years ago and has functioned well for their needs, but I understand the battery has been terrible for a year - holding only seconds of charge and requiring the AC...
  18. AdamBuker

    Final Cut Studio. Run Color on Powerbook G4

    Longtime lurker, first-time poster. I was wondering if anyone here still uses a powerpc mac for any kind of video editing. I use a PowerBook G4 1.67 early '05 and have just installed Final Cut Studio 2 and would like to see if there is a workaround for running Color on my PowerBook. It only has...
  19. AL1630

    TiBook partially works

    A few months ago, I got some beat up PowerBook DVIs cheap, and one has a dead hard drive. When I first got it, it would load the screen with the blinking folder, but now the screen doesn't load, but the fans spin up and the light on the caps lock key works. What could be causing this?
  20. Mac03ForLife

    Powerbook G4 Keys on Macbook Pro 2011?

    Hey guys I came across an offer of Powerbook G4 keys for pretty cheap. Now I have a macbook pro, 13.3 inch from late 2011 (intel i5) Is it possible to use the powerbook keys on the macbook pro? The PB keys are my favorite style of keyboard, ( i moved to this mbp from a 2008 macbook pro with the...