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Jul 30, 2014
I recently bought a PowerBook G4 15“ to fix it.

After boot it first shows an icon with a world globe.
Then it turns into a folder that is switching between MacOs face and a question mark. See pics attached.

Can you tell what it is and how to fix that?
Is OS missing maybe the drive is broken?


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Dec 17, 2015
Red Springs, NC
It tried to network boot first, that is why you saw the globe, now it's searching for any drive to boot from.

So either the drive is dead, or there is no bootable copy of the Mac OS that it can find.

Bust out a boot CD/DVD or make a bootable USB. Once you have booted the installer you can run Drive Setup or Disk Utility and see if you can do anything with the hard disk.

If you have another Mac handy with FireWire you can also connect the PowerBook that way and boot holding the T key to enter target disk mode and the HD should mount the desktop of you other Mac or use Drive Setup or Disk Utility to see if you can do anything with the HD of the PowerBook.
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