1. jent

    Best PDF editing software?

    I'm looking to purchase a license for a Mac application to view and edit PDF files. I don't want a subscription service, and I'm just looking for good editing all around, whether it's for an editable PDF file that's been created for user input or a "dumb" PDF file to annotate (like
  2. moana2020

    I can no longer save all my highlights on pdfs on Preview

    I used to be able to highlight texts on pdfs on Preview on my Macbook Air just fine, but since the software update to macOS Catalina months ago, parts of my highlights disappear randomly from my saved documents. Last month I found out by chance that if I pressed "save" repeatedly, more...
  3. miketurner201

    Can I turn off web page preview ?

    I've updated my Mac to Big Sur. But when I open a web page using Safari, I now get a grey (no graphics) pop-up preview page which I have to close to get the the full version of the web page. I know this maybe a safety feature but it's a little annoying for me. Is there a way to turn off this...
  4. dysamoria

    Preview STILL Does Not Show 100%-Scale Images Correctly??

    Apple has had Retina display Macs since... 2013??... and they STILL haven't fixed the Preview app's failure to show 100%-scaled images as 1 pixel per one pixel. It shows them blown up somewhat. Yes, I have checked the setting in Preview's preferences, and NO, it has no effect. It defeats the...
  5. S

    iPhone Mail inbox preview shows text not in email.

    Been curious about this odd little quirk. When looking at my inbox in the mail app, each email has a short preview of its contents. But for certain emails the preview contains text that’s nowhere in the body of the email itself. It’s not totally random text, however, because it usually deals...
  6. F

    iPhone Suddenly unable to view PDF attachments in mail app

    Hi everyone, All of the sudden I am unable to view pdf files attached in emails within the mail app. I used to be able to just tap an attachment and it would open in a quick view sort of thing. But now when I tap it, I just get the option to choose how to open it. I can save it to Books and...
  7. O

    iPhone 11 Pro iPhone 11 Pro Max: color/contrast problems in a camera roll pictures

    Hello! I noticed a weird problem today that never happened to me on all my previous iPhones. I started shooting on pro max and noticed that the final image on a screen in photos app looks somewhat darker, earthier and more contrast than usual. and then I found out that when opening the...
  8. Eagle 20

    Need Help: Editing PDF's, Preview Not Cutting It

    Please forgive me because I don't know the correct terminology to use, and in full (embarrassing) disclosure I'm OCD with ADHD. So this is driving me absolutely crazy! That said, here's the situation... The problem at the moment, I have numerous PDF files. All of which need an arrow and/or text...
  9. N

    QuickLook not showing text-like files

    Hi! Really annoying problem. I don't know when or why this started. But a few months ago I noticed the QL would take a lot of time loading to show me a preview something like a 2KB *.txt file. But now, it loads indefinitely. I said "text-like" files because everything else seems to work fine...
  10. Gutti

    Jpeg images will not open in Preview

    Hi there. I just got my new mac with OS Mojave and when I click on jpeg images, they are not opening at all. Preview will not open them. Is there a recommended fix to this? Thanks for any help.
  11. nelly_egdesign

    Preview Issues :: New iMac Retina 5K, 27-inch, 2019

    Hi folks, I've just purchased a new iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, 2019). 3.7 GHz Intel Core i5 64 GB 2667 MHz DDR4 Mac Fusion. Radeon Pro 580X 8 GB When I export files as JPEG/PNG at screen resolution maximum quality, then preview them in Preview, they are fuzzy. When I do the same on my old mac...
  12. Del Rei

    Preview in 5K resolution: How to set the window size?

    Hey, guys. I have a "problem". Got the 5K iMac and I use a lot the preview feature (spacebar in medias). But the default size of preview's window is ridiculous big. My 1080p videos are always previewed in a much more large window than it's original resolution, what results in a terrible image...
  13. M

    Preview bug with PDF files

    Hi everyone, does someone have the same issue I am experiencing with PDF files? The selection and highlighting of the text is totally random and messed up. With small PDF files it seems to be ok but with large PDF is a mess. Same issue with Mojave and High Sierra on two different machines, both...
  14. 6

    HELP! Preview app is underlining when it should be highlighting

    Hey all, I'm looking for some help. For some reason my Preview app (macOS 10.14.3) will underline text when I tell it to highlight text. This happens no matter if I use the keyboard shortcut for highlighting text or go to Tools>Annotate>Highlight Text in the menu bar. No matter which way I...
  15. fupless

    Preview PDF Sticky Note Annotation Changes

    Hi So as a student I commonly take notes on PDFs through Preview on the Mac by using the sticky note function. Previously before the most recent update the note would expand to the size of the total text and most of the note could be viewed without scrolling. Now however, the size of the...
  16. maverick28

    Is it possible to enable preview in an older iBook Author?

    I downloaded the latest iBook Author for Mavericks. I have iBA on High Sierra but I hate it to work in it entirely, so I mostly work in Mavericks. A one problem is that the option to preview is greyed out and it requires the most up-to-date version. My question would be are there some...
  17. A

    Help! Lost my preview app

    Hi guys, I think I have accidentally deleted my on my MacBook pro while I was cleaning it. I am freaking out cause I could not find it anywhere in my computer or online. Could somebody please send me because I don’t have the installation disc(second-hand MacBook) Thank...
  18. Z

    GPU & CPU preview?

    What are these two settings responsible for in View command in IlluCC?
  19. C

    2018 Macbook Air Signature Capture via Camera (Preview/Markup) Not working

    Like the title says, my 2018 Macbook Air cannot capture a signature written on white paper via the camera using the Preview app (markup). The 2018 is a replacement for my 2011 11" i7, which can capture the signature just fine. I tried different pens differing in line width, lighting, and so...
  20. C

    Preview is displaying images as blank inside PDFs

    As you can see in the image below, the image is missing from the page. Only some of the images are missing. The file used to work fine before updating to mojave (worked fine in high sierra). This happens with other files as well, they're mostly big PDFs (<200 MB). So far I've tried to: delete...