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  1. L

    iPad Print 4 sides on 1 Paper with Ipad

    Hello, i was wondering if there is an option for Ipad print to have more possibilitys in the normal printing settings where you can only choose if you want to print black and white oder colour? For e.g. i would like to print 4 sides from my dokument on 1 paper. Is there a possibility to do so...
  2. Cruciarius

    Printing PDF issues

    My dad has an issue printing PDF files. They print very faded and unable to be read. This is a big issue, since he needs to print a PDF for something to do with his life insurance, I think. Anyway, the printer has fresh ink. He's tried printing XLSX files and those print fine. The same files...
  3. D

    Print multiple PDFs with saved preset?

    Question: I would like to batch print multiple PDFs quickly, but with my preset of printing 2 pages to a side (and double-sided). For example, a 4-page report would print on one piece of paper, double-sided. I have this preset saved. Now I would like to drag and drop my pdf files, all at once...
  4. S

    iPad Printing on iPadOS? Advance options?

    Hello everyone! I was wondering if there was any apps out there that give the same advance printing options similar to those within macOS default printing options (once you unhide them) Compared to macOS‘s printing option it’s still very basic, only allowing you to change, paper size, page...
  5. NecRosex

    [RESOLVED]Keep getting error "Could not load Print & Scan preference pane."

    Hello. I was printing a document using pages, something went wrong I had to force quit the printing queue. Since that moment I can no longer print anything, neither can I open Printers & Scanners. I tried : -logging in as a Guest user - same problem. -booting into Safe Mode - same problem in...
  6. Z

    tiff files for printing

    Has anyone ever used a tiff file with layers (like a psd file) on a "to print" layout?
  7. Z

    modifying WordPress themes

    Is it possible to make modifications on Wordpress themes so one can bring them to their own liking?
  8. K

    iMac Pro iMac Pro 10 Core (Print Workstation)

    In a few weeks I’ll be purchasing 2 new iMac Pro 10 core models with 2TB for my workplace... in short it’s a publishing company based in Melbourne. Before we drop the money down for them I want to know some real/personal experiences from users that have purchased one themselves or at work...
  9. mikelamar

    Wireless Printing

    Hi guys, I'd like to buy a printing/scanning machine but I don't want to use other cabling apart from power! I would like the machine to be in another room to be host. What characteristic should it have in order to work with my iMac 10.11.6 Can you please enlighten me. PS: I'd like an epson
  10. H

    Questions about printing webpages with margins

    Hello, sometimes when I print a webpage, only the middle main content part is printed. However, sometimes the contents in both the left and right margins are also printed as well. Could you please let me know how it works? Do users have control on whether or not to print also the contents in the...
  11. pamarcu

    FitPlot Printer Utility

    Hello, I am the creator of FitPlot, a layout program for images and pdf, just released [version 6.2.0] on the Mac App Store. FitPlot aims at solving the repetitive tasks you can have in your daily print job. It includes many features such as: • Space optimization [nesting] • Print more copies...
  12. S

    New MBP (with touchbar) Can't Print Black—on all printers

    Yep, since I've had this in December I've lost all ability to print anything with black ink. It's bizarre. And it's not just my printer, it's literally every printer I hook up to. I've talked to Apple multiple times and they've not helped at all. Just continually say it's the printer, but it...
  13. AndrewSalfinger

    iPad Pro for use with Prop Design?

    Hello my brother picked up the iPad Pro today to used it for sketching out designs idea's and plan props design using the iPad Pro. Were wondering if three are any good apps you can recommend for? At the moment he I currently using: Concepts Shappr3D uMake Along with looking at getting...
  14. You are the One

    Printing from Safari, what is the setting for font size?

    When I print from Safari, either direct to the printer or if I save the page to PDF, the font size is much larger than when I view it on screen and much too large to suit me. Question is where do I tweakedelikedy this setting? TIA.
  15. A

    Universal Annotate PDF, Sign and Fill PDF Forms By Mindspeak Software

    This app allows you to read and annotate your PDF documents, fill out and/or Sign PDF Forms, write comments and notes, highlight text and maintain both the annotated and original versions of your documents or eBooks. You can get documents from any place you may need. PDF files from desktop...
  16. MusicalWebb

    Preview Printing Issue

    Greetings! I am having an issue with how preview is printing some of my PDFs. When I go to print a Letter sized page in preview, the print screen opens and has a preview of the print being correct. However, when it prints, it has pushed the content up a few inches cutting off the top 3rd or so...
  17. photoget

    PhotoGet - Design & Print Photo books & more.

    A new app I developed. Check it out:) Get your photos printed on cool self-customized unique products. Do it the fun, easy & quick way - products can be created by you in no more than a minute! Make memories - Create...