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Apr 9, 2014
In a few weeks I’ll be purchasing 2 new iMac Pro 10 core models with 2TB for my workplace... in short it’s a publishing company based in Melbourne.

Before we drop the money down for them I want to know some real/personal experiences from users that have purchased one themselves or at work. Being 3 months from the launch date I figured quite a number of workplaces will now be using them. I’m hoping for some extra feedback other than the usual tech reviewer saying that they can render their videos faster on 18 cores... which of course isn’t what I need nor can afford.

I and another designer/prepress technician plan on upgrading our current 2009 8 core Mac Pro’s... The ones that were before the current Mac Pro design. I’m expecting a large increase in speeds and reliability compared to what’re currently using.

I would love to know what type of work you do with them, though I will expect a lot of video editors and CAD users it would be great to see a slightly wider variety of job descriptions...

Both Macs will come with all peripherals as well as a Wacom Tablet, SuperDrives and adapters to connect our other screens... All up we’re looking at $20,151 AUD. I anticipated this figure to be this high due to the rather large cost in upgrading the SSD’s on both machines as well as the same priced upgrade for 10 cores.

These Macs will be used for the next 7-8 years and will serve a similar life sentence as our Mac Pros have... Rather non-frequent upgradibility in the department positions us to choose our Macs rather efficiently and well-thought through.

All advice will be welcome as I look forward to hearing differering perspectives and opinions. Thank you.
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