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  1. N

    Advice needed! Different Apple IDs for Macbook / iPhone?

    Hello everyone. help and advice needed here. Please excuse me if my question sounds weird :) I’m a public person (actor), working on my iphone a lot (chatting with agent, signing important documents, screenplays/ movie scenarios (I get them via email and am not allowed to share with third...
  2. S

    iPhone 7(+) are voice memos from (encrypted) backups available as plain / open files on laptop ?? or is the synch process always UN ENCRYPTED ?

    Dear all I'm an iPhone lover for all it's safety features I've always encrypted my iPhone backups and done them using iTunes All my apple devices are legit and NO jailbreak etc. all updated to latest OS But today I was in for a small shock when I found my iPhone voice messages (from voice...
  3. S

    Best Free GPG for mac book Air. Exact download location & steps please

    dear Folks Hello again I have a 2015 Mac-book Air (in addition to iPhone, iPad etc) I'd like to have a basic / bare-bones GPG installed on Mac-book air. The idea is to protect some files and do some basic mailing For example I use GPG 4 win on my Win 10 machine I'd...
  4. H

    iPhone Why does clearing safari browser data not wipe history?

    If I clear data and search for cookies or history, I get nothing. Yet under storage, it says 123kb for history. This value hasn't changed in years when all other data is cleared. Any ideas what it is? I have no bookmarks or autocomplete settings.
  5. uniquexoxo

    iOS 14 User Privacy Discussion

    What do you guys think about the new Privacy implementation on iOS14? I personally like that apps are forced to be transparent with data they collect and SIWA too. It lets you know which developers are sketchy or collects too much if they remove all social log ins because they didn’t want to...
  6. M

    Automatic Screen Capture Freaking Me Out!?

    Hey folks! I just discovered a 237GB Quicktime file on my desktop(!) A 49 hour video recording of my screen, which I did not instigate. Not gonna's kind of freaking me out. Is this just a glitch in the OS, or are less benign forces at work? Thoughts? Suggestions?
  7. N

    Company Mac, Personal Apple ID

    If I log into my personal Apple ID on my company-provided Mac, can they see my iMessages? I assume they can and know that they have the right to monitor what I'm doing on company-provided equipment, I was just curious about visibility of iMessages/texts on the network via the Messaging app; I...
  8. killsapo

    iPhone Frequent Locations: is there a way to pull this data in a useful way?

    settings-privacy-location services-system services-frequent locations is there a way to pull all of this data to organize it in a significant fashion? I could use the data i.e. to know how many times I'm visiting a customer and how much time I'm spending there, and other stuff… difficult to...
  9. N

    iPhone Location Services - What app is using my location? It appears to be none of them.

    Please excuse poor use of this forum. I'm having great difficulty finding an answer to my challenge. I have a recently purchased iPhone 11, and my phone is consistently displaying the white arrow notification that my location is being shared - that in itself is not the issue. I'm very diligent...
  10. mainemini

    Article on privacy issues with credit cards includes Apple Card in examples "In a privacy experiment, we bought one banana with the new Apple Card — and another with the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa from Chase. Here’s who tracked, mined and shared our data." This is...
  11. Jubadub

    Do you own a Talos II?

    I believe the PowerPC community needs no introduction regarding the brilliant Talos II, Talos II Lite, Blackbird and the upcoming Condor product lines by Raptor. Knowing these computers being insanely high-performant, cost-competitive, privacy-respecting and completely blob-free (unless we count...
  12. SuperDuperMan

    Want to Start a YouTube, Reddit, MacRumors, FaceBook and InstaGram Account BUT AFRAID OF DOXXING.

    Hello, kinda new to the forums, I definitely lurk a lot to read up on the new iPhones coming in a few weeks but anyhow, I'm wondering what you guys here on this forum have to say about privacy issues when it comes to doxxing? I want to start a youtube channel/blog in where I post daily; the...
  13. Raging Dufus

    Management Engine and security/privacy issues on Intel-based Macs

    This thread is a continuation of discussion starting on Page 2 of the "Backdrop - Distraction-free tool for classic Mac OS" thread, regarding the Management Engine (ME) included in firmware of x86/64 Intel (and possibly other?) CPU's. Many of these chips are running in early Intel-based Macs...
  14. K

    Apple annonymous e-mails and alternatives

    Hi, So apple introduced anonymous e-mail available after iOS13 launch. Idea is cool so you do not have to pass your real e-mail to services. Since this is nice, are there any services that offer similar functionality? I know few of them, like: - (thougn it looks like...
  15. Lifeisbrilliant

    iPhone Bat Messenger: designed for your privacy

    Hi everyone, I am one of the developers of Bat Messsenger:) Bat Messsenger(BAT) is a secure messenger. It will never collect user data because it uses end-to-end encryption. Your messages will be only stored in your phone rather than BAT's server. Its features are designed to protect your...
  16. katbel

    One more thing about disabling Background app refresh

    For people who cares about battery consumption and privacy I just discovered it is not enough to just disable it in general prefs. You will see an empty list of on or off. If you are with the generic Background App refresh off then check each one of your apps in Settings where they are listed...
  17. supergaia

    problem under security and privacy

    Hi i have installed fantastical 2 not i have uninstalled it and i search for flexibits & fantastical and delete the files and folder , i have used appcleaner but in the security and privacy option i still have fantastical 2 under contacts , calendars ... how can i get rid of it? and have on...
  18. Bojack Horseman

    Privacy focused email provider that compatible Mail app

    I'm trying to distance myself from Google as much as possible. What are some email alternatives to Google's G-mail that's more privacy focused, and that works with Apple's Mail app? Protonmail doesn't seem to work with the Mail app unfortunately . I know they have their own app, but I'm a real...
  19. flusher

    Universal FaceBlur photo editor

    APPSTORE LINK FaceBlur allows you to blur out faces with just one tap of a button. And more! Blur out sensitive information on your documents or screenshots, license plate of the car you selling, odd people on your selfie or unnecessary product trademarks. Get your privacy a boost using simple...
  20. K

    Safari link tracking can no longer be disabled

    Safari link tracking can no longer be disabled "With privacy and online tracking being such a large problem and major concern for many users, you would think that browser developers would give you the option to disable anything that could affect your privacy. [...] Unfortunately, this no longer...