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  1. VitoBotta

    Which search engine do you use regularly?

    I am trying to move away from Google due to the excessive ads and tracking, and also because it is known that some results are "too personalized", so biased. I have been playing with various alternatives; it seems that DuckDuckGo is the most popular privacy focused search engine but I tried it...
  2. J

    Can technician at Apple repair center (fix usb-c port) view data in my 2019 Macbook Pro's hard drive without my password/fingerprint?

    My 2019 16" Macbook Pro has a usb-c connector where no cables can fit all the way in (no nothing appears to be obstructing), so I am bringing it in to repair as I have Apple Care. Is there any risk of someone getting access to the data in my hard drive without my password or fingerprint?
  3. mac_in_tosh

    Question about Location Services

    I'm curious about Location Services. If it's turned off can an approximate location still be determined? Specifically, if you send a text or someone sends you a text can your approximate location be determined e.g. thru trace of IP address or something like that?
  4. J

    iPhone 13 mini Camera cover (blocker) slide for privacy

    Has anyone found a front camera cover (blocker) slide that fits the iPhone 13 mini? The notch is so short that I'm concerned that covers will extend vertically beyond the notch, blocking either the screen below the notch or the speaker above the notch. The shortest camera cover I've found on...
  5. exogenous

    ios 14 disabled download updates, disable notify updates but 1984

    Latest point release of ios 14. iphone 12 downloaded ios 15 despite settings. Now it is nagging me to "upgrade" to ios 15. Short of wiping the phone how do I stop these nags? Or will full reset sneakily install cached ios 15? (subsequently I have blocked and...
  6. A

    iPhone 12 Pro Apps open in background

    Are the apps that are open in background still able to access private data (location, photos, health). Or should I force quit them via task manager.
  7. killsapo

    Location services keep getting reset at every restart

    as per title, each time I reboot my (late 2013, unsupported) iMac, location services get defaulted to disabled, and I have to manually reenable them in system preferences: is there a solution to this, a workaround, some startup script that I could use? all other system preferences correctly...
  8. Rafagon

    Washington Post: iPhone apps can still track you after you tell them not to

    Edit: link fixed Any thoughts?
  9. M

    Is NortonSpyware - insists on Network Monitoring

    My Norton 360 Anti-virus / anti- spyware now insists on monitoring my network activity. in the past, I could turn off Norton features that I did not want such as their VPN. Could this mean Norton is now able to track browsing? Norton already owns LifeLock. Combining LifeLock with browsing and...
  10. D

    Other Privacy is Bu****** - Apple

    I think Apple is just mocking us all at this point. P.S. And for the super cynics - that's an actual screen grab from their website.
  11. W

    Other In light of the CSAM, do you still believe that Apple cares about privacy?

    Very interested to see if people still believe that Apple is a privacy-oriented company. Yes, in this day and age, it is impossible to have 100% privacy. But when you think about the competition, the other companies, do you still believe that Apple cares about privacy?
  12. S

    Can't add apps to “Files & Folders” under Security & Privacy

    Title says it all Even after unlocking the lock using my password, I cannot add apps in 2 occasions. First, (first image as well) the +/- button in "Files and Folders" is greyed out. Second, (second image), in "Full Disk Access", the +/- is NOT greyed out however, when I select an app, it does...
  13. O

    Can nosy apps in one account access files in other accounts?

    This is a privacy related question. I set up a separate account on my macbook that I use for apps that I need for my employer's tasks, but that I would rather not have snooping around in my private account. So are apps able to sniff files across user account limits? I am definitely aware that...
  14. seme332

    App Tracking Toggle Disabled?

    Is there a reason why the toggle is disabled (meaning grayed out) for me? Just updated to 14.5, in Germany here.
  15. countryside

    VPN for Apple Watch?

    Howdy, I use ExpressVPN on my Mac, iPhone, and iPad. I don’t have a VPN setup for my Apple Watch. I have the cellular version. Does anyone know if ANY VPN service supports Apple Watch? Is it even possible on Apple Watch? Thanks!
  16. AphoticD

    Always Launch in Incognito Mode - Iridium, Chrome, Chromium, etc

    I wasn't able to find this information anywere for Mac users (a lot of tips for Windows). After a little research, I've found the following solution works to always launch Chromium-based browsers in Incognito Mode. This is useful in a shared environment or where the user doesn't want the browser...
  17. blizzforte

    iPad Documents app by Readdle Privacy

    Hi, when you want to connect you PC with Documents, you have to enter a code. I want to know if the connection is private or if Readdle can see the files transfered or even the whole PC and all the files while connected and transfering files. How private is the app and the connection to a PC?
  18. peneaux

    No updates from Google since iOS 14.3 Privacy Labels came out

    Funny how companies like Google (the ones you know don't respect your privacy) stopped updating their apps weekly like they usually do since iOS started. No more "bug fixes and improvements" BS. I wonder why? 🤔
  19. mac_in_tosh

    Question about Safari Privacy Preference

    If you click on the Manage Website Data button in the Safari Privacy preference, it lists websites that "have stored data that can be used to track your browsing" and gives you an option to remove selected ones or all of them. So I go ahead and remove all of them. Then all I do is go to my home...
  20. C

    missing / zeroed out IDFA (with ‘Allow Apps to Request to Track’ turned on)

    My IDFA is showing up zeroed out (00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000), despite having the Allow Apps to Request to Track setting toggled on. I’m running iOS 14.3 (18C65) on my iPhone 12 Pro, though it’s possible I have been affected by the problem ever since I first upgraded from iOS 13 (with...