1. Ghost31

    iPad Pro Welp, i went and did exactly what i said I wouldn’t: got an iPad Pro 12.9

    well I went and did exactly what I said I wasn’t going to do. I was so damn sure the 11 inch iPad Pro was THE one for me. That it was a match made in heaven. That there couldn’t be a more perfectest size to where I would scream from the rooftops “dont get a 12.9 unless you’re a power user!”...
  2. C

    Macbook Pro 2020

    Hi, I'm new here so there might be some missing information. I just got the new Macbook pro2020, and I like it. Except for the fact that it keeps overheating. I had a mac air 2012 before this. And that overheated less than the pro2020. So, is this a general problem for all pro2020. Or am I the...
  3. L

    AirPods Gen 2 vs AirPods Pro - Fit

    I am looking to purchase a pair of AirPods. I have issues with normal earbuds fitting properly in my ears. The only comfortable and secure fitting earbuds I have been able to use are the EarPods that are shipped with iPhones. I know the AirPods Gen 2 will most likely fit, but I don't know if the...
  4. Xenobius

    MP 7,1 AMD Radeon Pro VII 1589378317
  5. joelhinch

    Magic Keyboard scrolling stops working

    Will stat off by saying I love the Magic Keyboard for my 2018 11” iPad Pro and the trackpad has changed how I use the iPad in ways I never imagined, it really makes it a real contender for a laptop substitute. I have a weird issue where the two finger scrolling will randomly stop working after...
  6. Lawson Tyler Robic Burke

    2020 MacBook Pro vs 2020 MacBook Air

    Hi, I am wondering what laptop would be best for my needs. The MacBook Air 2020 i5 16gb RAM or the new MacBook Pro i5 16gb RAM. The MacBook Air intel is 10th gen but the pro is only 8th and same with the MacBook Air RAM is faster then the pro in the base model. I need the laptop for university...
  7. M

    Hi guys. I want to connect MacBook Pro to external monitor. Any recommendations?

    As the title states I'm looking for a monitor to connect my MacBook pro as I'm beginning day trading stocks, and want a more of a desktop feel for productivity purposes. What's a decent monitor within the 25-30 inch range I can get for an affordable price? No more than $300 dollars. Also, what...
  8. A

    iPad Pro Anyone using iPad Pro 11 inch with external monitor?

    Hi all, Is anyone using the iPad pro 11 inch as main device at desk with an external monitor and could share their experiences? Thinking of using this method to replace my Macbook 12 inch I have just traded it in. With the possibility of iPadOS shortly supporting extended displays then it may...
  9. Yosief Ellaham

    Macbook Pro 15" 2019 Constant Noise

    Hi Guys, I have a 2019 MacBook Pro 15" with the latest version of Catalina installed. My laptop used to be silent and the fan would ramp up with heavy usage, however I installed McAfee and after the install I realized the fan/disk noise never fully went back down, it just stayed constantly...
  10. A

    usb-c hub audio issue

    Hi Guys! I purchased an usb-c hub (Qgem) from AliExpressz. The hub has 3.5mm jack output. If I plug the hub into my iPad Pro 11 2020, I cant hear any sound from the speaker and I cant change the audio output, because there is only this hub as an option. Do you know any solution how could I get...
  11. T

    MP 1,1-5,1 A1186 Can not boot - have tried everything

    Hi all, I purchased a 1.1 a while ago and I have tried everything to try and get it to boot but have never managed to get an image on screen. The seller assures me it was working and it came with a 2600xt and i've tried it with this, a 6870 and an unknown ATi card with no joy. The status...
  12. T

    iPad Pro iPad Pro 11 - Drawing with Pencil problem

    Here is the video with problem Sometimes the line is disrupted when drawing for no reason. It happens randomly with frequency like 2-3 times per hour. Its not just one place on the display its random. It took few seconds and than its okay again, as you see in video the last line was not...
  13. turbojoshua

    iPad Pro iPad Pro 2018 Importing Pictures

    Hi There, I have just bought an iPad Pro 3rd Gen 12.9" and intend to use "LumaFusion" to help vlog and edit videos whilst on the go rather than taking my Macbook with me everytime. I vlog on a Samsung Note 10+ and have read that you can take the images from it and sync them to your iPad using...
  14. T

    MP 1,1-5,1 Mac Pro 4,1 Case Same as 5,1?

    Hi, Does anyone know if a 4,1 (2009) case is exactly the same as a 5,1 (2010 - 2012) so components from a 4,1 model will fit into a 5,1 or vice versa? Cheers, Chris
  15. AbielM16

    iPad Silly Question, about External Monitor with I Pad Pro 11 2018

    I was wondering, Can you use a external monitor that has its own touchscreen integrated in it. Its like one of those giant touchscreen drawing monitors. Do you think It might work the touchscreen for the Ipad when used as an external monitor. I was wondering because It would really make drawing...
  16. A

    Macbook pro 13 Adaptors USB C!!

    I bought the new 13 "MacBook Pro and at the store they offered me their adapters which I sincerely find awkward and expensive. I was wondering if any of you can suggest me MacBook Pro adapters with the following USB, USB C, HDMI and SD SLOT use purely for work, need a reliable product...
  17. tlaw81

    iPad Pro Upgrade or Wait?

    So, this topic is often discussed. But, I’m curious on your thoughts. I currently have a 2017 iPad Pro 10.5”. It works great - no issues. I’d like a bigger screen. Should I bite the bullet and purchase the 2018 12.9” now or should I wait until they release an upgraded version? The MacRumors...
  18. CartoonChess

    Should this new MacBook Pro be returned?

    I ordered the base model MacBook Pro 13" with upgraded SSD and RAM about one week ago. I was starting to feel I maybe bought something of a lemon—seeing things like a spontaneous shutdown, a Safari keyboard shortcut only intermittently working, mute apparently toggling itself, occasional app...
  19. Shaggymax

    Apple Pro Apps Bundle for Education Still Active Late 2019

    Just a heads up...just purchased Apple Pro Apps Bundle for Education for some classes I'm taking. An amazing value for pro software @ $199. Purchased on and my redemption codes were sent about 12 hours later in a password protected PDF. In App Store click Redeem at the bottom, login...
  20. X

    iPad Pro Note taking with arm pressure possible?

    Hello, i would like to use my ipad pro 11 (2018) for notetaking and i have heard that the ipad can have some bending issues. So my question is whether notetaking with the apple pencil is possible while laying my arm on the screen with complete pressure (as one would while writing on a paper)...