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  1. R

    iPad Pro What makes iPad 'PRO' and justify cost?

    The most expensive new iPad 'PRO' 12.9 inch is $2,399.00 But for all that money.... - You cannot watch youtube and do ANYTHING else without paying google $11.99 a month. Some other apps are the same way, how did Apple allow third party apps to control the whole screen like this?? $2,399.00 for...
  2. J

    MP 1,1-5,1 GTX 780 Black Screen Windows 10

    I have a 2010 Mac Pro (5,1) with two internal hard drives. I have macOS installed on one drive and I formatted a second drive for Windows 10 using a mod of Boot Camp using this method (). Windows 10 installed just fine and so did the Boot Camp drivers. I purchased a flashed GTX 780 off ebay that...
  3. hyena.ftw

    MP 1,1-5,1 Classic "Outatime" Mac Pro (2,1) - cOMP - Nostalgic Build

    Hello everyone, Having visited this forum many times through google search I thought it's time to register here myself and share a story or two about my Mac computers. As per topic headline, this is a thread about my Mac Pro 2,1, which was collecting dust for just a bit more than a year that I...
  4. Grogu_the_Jedi

    M1 Air fan?

    So I’m wondering, the chassis seem similar and the pcb looks to be very similar. What’s stopping us from sourcing a new heat sink (or reuse existing) and a fan? It clearly has a fan shaped cutout in the case that resembles the intel MBP of old and the M1 5v should be found somewhere on the...
  5. P

    Macbook Pro Retina 15” 2015 Backlight Bleed

    Hello Everyone Few weeks ago im buy second hand Macbook Pro Retina 15inch 2015. 2 days ago when im warching the movie i saw yellow light in the corners. Is it normal or its a defect? Can i do something with that? I send you a photos on 50% and 100% brightness. Greetings
  6. S

    Lost charging case for AirPods Pro

    Lost the charging case for AirPods Pro but I still have the AirPods as I was wearing them ..quick question ...will any cheap 3rd party cases work just to charge them...also some of these cheaper airpod pro clones come for 30-50 usd with headphones so was wondering if I order them ..then I can...
  7. lillo9546

    macOS customizable Desktop view on iPadOs, instead of the "Launchpad" Home Screen?

    What about having a customizable Desktop view like MacOs on the IpadOS, instead of only an "app launcher" that locks us to have only app on the desktop? I would like to add folders, drag my files everywhere, have drives listed.. What about you? Cant we just swipe with 4 fingers to get into the...
  8. Le0M

    Major Battery disappointment on MacBook Pro M1

    Hi guys. I bought a low-tier MacBook Pro M1. After a couple of days of indexing etc, I was expecting the battery to last way longer. Here's my setup and daily use: - It is connected to an external HD monitor through a usb-c -to-HDMI adaptor, as well as an external mouse via USB. - Laptop's...
  9. Diannegealon

    All iPads Is Ipad Pro 12.9 2015/1st gen still worth it even in 2020?

    I'm planning to buy ipad pro 2015 because lately newer ipads are very expensive than ipad pro 2015😥 which I cannot afford since I'm tight on budget. And the main reason why I want to to buy ipad pro 2015 is because its cheaper even compared to ipad 8th gen wifi variant. And also I'm considering...
  10. D

    FCX: MacBook Air vs. MacBook Pro

    Hi all. Getting ready to upgrade my laptop following this week's Apple Event. I use my laptop for mostly basic tasks except for Final Cut X. I'm an amateur content creator, working mostly with video shot on the iPhone and doing simple edits in FCX. I am beginning to step up my FCX game though...
  11. R

    ARM macbook pro 13" vs Intel macbook pro 16"

    I'm in need of a new laptop that will be my main machine for everything (Mostly programming and schoolwork). Quite honestly the 16-inch macbook pro seems like the perfect size, but I can hardly justify it's price as it seems like the 13-inch macbook pro will close the performance gap...
  12. RonHC

    MacBook Pro 2019 on 10.15.7 won’t charge

    MacBook Pro 2019 is running 10.15.7 BLUF: MacBook Pro will not charge from any of the 4 USB-C ports. Used 3 different USB-C cables and 2 different USB-C Wall Adapters, tried using different outlets as well. 2 of the cables and both of the wall adapters are from Apple and charge my iPhone and...
  13. U

    Resolved Airpods + 128GB iPad Pro 2020 11 (880$) vs 1TB iPad Pro 2018 12.9(980$)

    Hello friends. Do you think Airpods + 128GB iPad Pro 2020 11 for $ 880 or 1TB iPad Pro 2018 12.9 for $ 980? Education discount and airpods campaign still continues in my country. But one has airpods gift and the other doesn't. Which one would you buy? My mind is 1TB 12.9 2018 iPad Pro. Because...
  14. Alexaaandraaaa

    Cats Knocked over my Laptop

    So my cats knocked over my closed laptop. It’s worked just fine afterwards. No crack on the screen. However it’s gone completely black. It powers on and the apple on the back still lights up. The screen will display randomly and work like normal but quickly go black again. Is there hope for my...
  15. pommephone

    Battery Insanity

    I've stumbled into some minor obsessive insanity regarding the best battery health practices for my new 2020 MBP 13-inch. This machine replaces a 7-year-old late-2013 retina 13" that was always plugged in when not in use, including overnight. Those practices run contrary to much of what I'm...
  16. AjTee

    iPad New iPad Air vs. New iPad Pro

    Hello, Apple today presented new iPad Air with A14 processor which design is very similar to iPad Pro. What do you think which of them is worth buying base model iPad Air 2020 or base model iPad Pro 2020? Considering new iPad Air :) Awaiting your opinion. Regards, J.
  17. Koudspeel

    Big Navi refresh in 2020 27" iMac?

    With NVIDIA releasing their 3000 line of cards just a few days ago and AMD supposedly releasing their Big Navi RDNA2 chips later this year, I was wondering if Apple will refresh the GPU option on the iMac 2020 one last time. Apple has done such a move before in the past with the iMac Pro. On...
  18. AjTee

    MacBook Pro 13" (2020) - bluish dot reflection in daylight on left bezel

    Hello, I found strange thing on my MBP 13" 2020 screen. There is a bluish reflection at right angles in daylight on the left side of the screen in the bezel. This looks like a dot, it is twice smaller than camera whole on the top bezel. I have checked it under lamp, under flashlight, I cannot...
  19. C

    Macbook Pro Won’t Boot Properly

    Recently my friends macbook updated to Catalina and he had issues with wifi and the screen flashing. He decided to factory reset it and now it won’t boot at all, and booting into recovery mode brings this screen up. Is there anything I can do for this?
  20. D

    MP 6,1 Does the SSD with a heatsink from a Mac Pro (Late 2013) "trashcan" will fit in a MacBook Pro (Late 2013) 13-inch ???

    Does someone knows for sure if the original SSD that comes in the Mac Pro (Late 2013) "trashcan" which comes with a heatsink attached from factory does fit in a MacBook Pro (Late 2013) 13-inches ??? I know both drives are the same and are obviously full compatible and the only difference between...