1. T

    Manual re-handshake / re-connct tb3-display with speakers

    Hi, Mini2018 + Mojave + LG's 34WK95U-W: Apple failed to ever get this bug fixed. After sleep, the very good loudspeakers (+subwoofer) in display stays silent, you might say at sleep. Even disconnecting a cable in either ends, does not fix this. You need to cold boot Mini to fix this. Could it...
  2. L

    MP 7,1 Duel Monitor problems - 7,1

    10.15.5 7,1 radeon 580x pro dvi to hdmi cables i have two monitors, when I turn the Mac on, the second monitor never powers up properly, it cuts off the left quarter of the screen. the first monitor also has issues if you turn it off and leave it a while then come back to it, it comes on with...
  3. M

    MP 1,1-5,1 Mac Pro 2,1 Random Restart Overtemp

    Hi guys, I am having problems with a 2007 Mac Pro 2,1. The symptoms are the following: Random restart. Cannot actually boot again (restarts before mac os finishes loading) unless you let it sit for 20-30 minutes. Sometimes the CPU OVERTEMP leds illuminate after. Sometimes they don’t. Either...
  4. Jbek7

    Thunderbolt Monitor 27 is making weird noise

    Here is my recording of the problem. It comes and goes and it doesn't bother me much but lately having all conference video calls from home and other people saying hearing this noise. Wondering if this is fixable.
  5. 1

    MP 1,1-5,1 Mac Pro 2,1 doubts and problem

    Hi everyone, I have a Mac Pro 2,1 with no hard drive and no graphics card which I intend to restore, but I want to check that it will function well before spending money in a hard drive, a GPU and more RAM. I plugged it in and the Superdrive works, the RAM trays lights turn on, the motherboard...
  6. S

    iPad iPad Air (2019) white spot issue: Are there devices WITHOUT white spot(s)?

    Hi, So I brought my iPad Air 2019 back to the shop because of the infamous white spot issue (near the home button). After receiving a new one, I noticed the same problem. That's why I got my money back. Now my question is: Are there iPad Air 2019 users who don't have this issue after using...
  7. WacoOne

    Disk Space Question

    Hi, all. I have a 2014 Macbook Pro that I just purchased about a week ago. Bought it refurbished from Mac of All Trades and got it about a week ago. I'm not even sure it's ever been used; it was pristine. Anyway, it works great. The heavy stuff I use it for is Lightroom, Photoshop, and a...
  8. V

    iPad Pro Problem: Weird colours on part of the screen. Wasn't dropped.

    Hello everyone! My Ipad now shows a part of the screen in these psychedelic colours. The device was not dropped and wasn’t damaged in any other way. It might be a coincidence but an evening earlier I have installed iOS 13.4 and then next morning when I opened the Ipad I saw the issue. I have...
  9. T

    iPad Pro iPad Pro 11 - Drawing with Pencil problem

    Here is the video with problem Sometimes the line is disrupted when drawing for no reason. It happens randomly with frequency like 2-3 times per hour. Its not just one place on the display its random. It took few seconds and than its okay again, as you see in video the last line was not...
  10. GlassyJuice

    Apple watch recovery heart rate goes null after 1 minute

    After excercizing my apple watch will proceed to record my heart rate for about 1 minute, then it goes null and seems to stop recording. By the time it reaches 2 minutes theres no data to display. This has been happening for a few days now
  11. O

    incomplete force shutdown

    I held down the "touch id" button for about 4-5 seconds. then I gave up the "force shutdown" procedure. macbook did not close. nothing happened. Do you think there are any problems came with "fore shutdown procedure" on my device right now? Does "force shutdown" start the moment we press the...
  12. S

    Repaint 1 px sized dent on bezel Apple Watch 5 (OCD Alert)

    Ok, I understand that some people will say "you OCD'er, you must enjoy your watch, stop obsessing". That said, I pay a premium price, so I expect a watch in mint condition. What's the case? I received my new Apple Watch 5 yesterday. There's a 1 px size white "dent" on the upper right bezel...
  13. D

    MP 6,1 Mac Pro 6,1 - 12core /D700 flicker issue

    So I’ve posted about this before but I’m running out of patience. I’ve had my Mac Pro 6,1 trash can since release. Ironically in the first few weeks of owning it I had a fault., naturally 7£k is a big chunk of money, so with it being so new it was replaced outright by Apple. This in recent...
  14. iiurii

    theBin – the next generation of trash bin for macOS

    About three years ago we've confronted multiple errors in system Trash, which we had to solve manually. At this very moment, we've realized that there should be a better way to deal with this problem. In a couple of weeks an idea was born, to make theBin - a smart trash bin, that could do it for...
  15. F

    Can somebody tell me why I can't rename my Mouse and Keyboard on my iMac?

    As the title says I bought an iMac late 2013 with Catalina and I can't rename my Mouse and Keyboard? Somebody any idea? Thanks
  16. gts250gamer101

    Early-2008 iMac not booting

    Howdy all, I was recently given an early-2008 iMac (specifically, this one) of the 3.06GHz variety. I was told that the machine had a dead hard drive, so upon receiving the machine, I disassembled it entirely, replaced the thermal paste on the GPU and CPU, then put it back together with a new...
  17. C

    Watch won't download & install apps.

    Hi everyone, A few days ago I've bought Watch S5 44mm GPS. I'm having trouble installing apps. Please see the screenshots. Apps won't download and install. I've tried the following; -Soft resetting both the Watch and my iPhone. -Updated both the iPhone and the Watch to their latest version...
  18. crould

    I lost my Cellular network while using GPS together with wireless charging in the car

    Hi all, I have a problem with my new iPhone 11 Pro Max. I used my iPhone 11 Pro Max as a navigator and placed it on my wireless charging PAD, it lost Cellular signal then GPS is stop working after awhile. iPhone was quite hot. So I did turned off and on Cellular network turned off and on GPS...
  19. S

    iMac 2019 problems

    I bought in summer a 2019 iMac with Vega 48 and 512GB SSD. The machine died after a few days of use. I returned it for the money, to decide what to do. In different threads some people commented similar experiences of random restarts, instability issues and other iMac problems (the same problems...
  20. Pitbull Dad

    Text Notifications Not Showing on Watch

    Well I am having a day. I will try and keep this short. The watch gets the messages fine (shows them un-read in my inbox), but does not alert me when they come in. -my notifications are on (both in the app, on my phone and on the watch) -notification privacy is OFF - tried unsyncing the phone...