1. H

    m1 mini flickering in random scenarios.

    Ever since upgrading to Big Sur 11.4, my M1 mini has been flickering in certain scenarios with my display (Dell S2721QS.) I haven't noticed it pre-11.4, though I heard others were having M1 "flickering" issues since launch. I can't tell from the descriptions if they're the same as mine. For...
  2. gretakacs

    MacBook Air - I'm charging but it shows 'battery is not charging' (the charger is not the problem)

    Hello Everyone, What can I do if my MacBook Air 2020 battery health is normal but the cycle count is only 41? It is extremely slow and even if I'm charging it, it shows 'battery is not charging'. Thanks for any advice! :)
  3. T

    MP 1,1-5,1 Mac Pro 5.1 glitch squares pattern

    Hi there, I have a Mac Pro 5.1 (2010) with a Radeon RX 480 Graphic Card and a Cinemadisplay 30 inch While using Davinci risolve, now from Time to time the computer glitches und seems to be stuck in a weird square pattern, which is replicated in small where the mouse should be. Additionally...
  4. S

    iMac 27" 5K (End 2015) Fan speeds up, performance slows down

    Hello all, our normally good working iMac 27” 5K from End 2015 has a defects since some weeks. The Fan turns up and the performance drops down, so it is not possible to work on the machine. I tried to install the newest macOS, restart with D = no errors. TG Pro displayed that the Sensor “Power...
  5. F

    HomePod Can't tell iPhone Siri to play music on HomePod Mini?

    Hi guys, I just got 2 HomePod Minis and put them in my office. I noticed that when I tell my iPhone to "play music in office", Siri says there was a problem. If I tell the HomePods Siri to play music, no problemo. In my living room I have a Sonos Beam. I use my iPhone Siri all the time with...
  6. mohammad.golche

    imac 2011 27" power supply problems

    i have an imac 2011 27" , imac PSU was making the electrical buzzing noise. i replaced it with another PSU . now imac is silent but cpu fan is running at max rpm speed (4200). i checked HWMonitor temperatures and PSU temperature was 130 c , but PSU is not hot. please help me... where is...
  7. K1K1

    Problem with display

    I'm not sure how this happened, but this shows me on the screen when I'm on MacOS, (Chrome web page from Windows is displayed): Disappears after a while How to fix this?
  8. D

    M1 MacBook Pro - Slow WiFi issues?

    Hey all, I've seen mention of people having issue with slow WiFi, but haven't experienced it myself until now. The Mac itself doesn't appear sluggish, opening/closing apps and general navigating is rapid, but the internet will be super sluggish - really glitchy on video/audio calls on all...
  9. G

    SOLVED Macbook Air M1 (8/256) bricked and no restore via Apple Configurator

    Hi, there. I am in desperate need of help: Our Macbook Air M1 with 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD arrived just yesterday evening. I updated it to Big Sur 11.1 and then proceeded to restore from a TimeMachine backup of our mac Mini M1 running Big Sur 11.1. It was a fresh TimeMachine on an USB-C SSD. It...
  10. P

    iPad Pro iPad Pro (2020) kills Wi-Fi

    We bought an iPad Pro 2020 (11") a few months back. At first, it constantly killed off our Wi-fi and we had to restart our router (TP Link TD-W9980). I turned off all the automatic uploads to iCloud and background app refresh. It was stable for some time, but now if I watch youtube on it for too...
  11. A

    Help! Worn-out TiBook won't boot

    Hi everyone! So got myself my second TiBook (the other is in my apartment, this one at my parents place) for 15€. So not a lot of money, but in the seller's blurry pictures it actually looked quite good, just said "untested because no charger". So I got the computer; it's (like most TiBook out...
  12. tachillon

    AirPods Max - audio stuttering

    I have bought the new AirPods Max on day 1. Very happy with it except that sometimes sound stutters and then turn off, no more sound comes out like the AirPods Max were disconnected ; they are not, they are still seen by the iPhone 12 Pro Max/2020 Intel MacBook Air. Usually taking them off my...
  13. C

    Caldigit TS3+: problems with optical audio

    Hi I'm the (generally happy) owner of the Caldigit TS3+ dock connecting my Macbook Pro 15" (2018) to a home office setup. I recently acquired a nice pair of stereo speakers (Ruark MR1 Mk2) that have optical input, that I thought to use. I have found two issues, one major and one minor...
  14. C

    Earpiece Problem

    I got my iphone 11 pro now for a while and now noticed some strange lines under or in the earpiece. Does somebody know what that could be and how i can remove those, because they annoy me quite a lot:(
  15. J

    Problem installing Font on Macbook

    Hi guys, I finished my google search possibilities so I'm pretty desperate with this. I want to install the Poppins font on my Macbook. These are .ttf files. If I look at them in the preview it looks perfectly fine but when I'm installing them through the Fontbook I get ''Devanagari'' symbols...
  16. tacofury

    Text Messages Not Being Received to One Contact’s iPhone

    I’ve had this on going issue for about 5 weeks now that I still can’t figure out: Phones involved: Her and I both have the iPhone XR Rough Timeline of issue: -Mid September: She was able to receive iMessages from me, but couldn’t send them. We then switch to Whatsapp to avoid iMessage issue...
  17. slimmy18222

    MacBook Pro Retina 15 late 2013 won't boot. Please help!

    Unfortunately I’ve got a big problem. Let me introduce myself, I’m Covid-19 researcher based in northert Italy, just a bit abroad from you. I constantly work with my MacBook 15” late 2013 and I have a tons of patients data inside it. Suddently my MacBook stop power on for no reason (no Water no...
  18. slimmy18222

    MacBook 12 inch display flickering, stripes and weird behavior. Worth buy it?

    Hello, I'm looking yo boy this MacBook model for university. Display have flickering, stripes and weird behavior as shown in the attached video. When plugged to and external display it wors normally, no aberrrations. Does it worth buy it? This could be a simple ribbon loose cable reapair or...
  19. I

    iPhone Instagram Stories-Size in overview | iPhone 11 Pro | iOS 14

    Hi, I have an iPhone 11 Pro with iOS 14 and since Saturday the Instagram Stories in the overview above are as big as on the screenshot. Not even 4 pieces fit in one row anymore. It should be like on the 2nd picture. Does anyone else have the problem? What I have already tried: - Reinstall...
  20. lsatterfield

    Airpods Pro Won’t Connect After iOS 14

    I just had this issue, and here’s how the problem happened and how I fixed it. I charged my AirPods Pro overnight to full capacity, but I didn’t charge my iPhone. When I put my AirPods in my ears, there was no chime. I then tried putting them back into the case and then opening the case next to...