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    MP 7,1 That Pegasus J2i Cage - Internal HDD Mounting

    The cage to mount hard drives internally should have come standard with this new Mac Pro. $400 for a metal cage, an overpriced 8 TB surveillance spinner I don't need, and a "custom" power connector, just to use internal drives I already own? I could buy an iWatch with cellular for that! I...
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    PROMISE Pegasus (RIP)

    I bought two PROMISE PEGASUS R1-6 (Thunderbolt1, silver): one in 2012 and the second unit in 2013. 2012 R1-6: 6x Ultrastar 4TB disks, RAID-6 2013 R1-6: 6xSeagate NAS 4TB, RAID-6 Both units worked flawless, for many years... I did measure IO speed, and it was 650MB/sec originally. In 2019 IO...
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    Issues connecting to Promise Vtrak via Serial Port

    Hi there, Hoping for any assistance. We lost our Promise RJ11 to DB9 cable so purchased a new one off eBay, when trying to connect either directly into Xserve or attached to a DB9 to USB into a Mac Pro we are unable to type in Terminal, iTerm, Zterm or Serial (Serial does get to the username...
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    Apollo Promise or Time Capsule

    Can someone explain the difference between the two? I bought the Promise but now am wondering if I need the time machine. My work requires me to hold a lot of photos but I need to easily access those photos as well. Any advice?