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  1. S

    WatchOS 8 Installing for an Hour

    My watch has been installing the public beta for OS 8 for over an hour. In the past it was done in a matter of minutes. I'm hoping this public beta did not brick my watch. Any suggestions?
  2. R

    Leaving the Public Beta

    Hello all. So i'm on the ios Public Beta for iOS 14 but I have decided to remove myself from this. I have removed the profile from settings as per the instructions from Apple. However, my understanding was that once I removed myself from the Public Beta that my phone would next update when the...
  3. NavySilver

    Storage inconsistency preventing installation

    After I laboriously attempted to shift files around and moving things onto external drives, the installation file still demands an exorbitant amount of extra space for me to proceed with installation. The situation is shown as below: Two things I find odd are 1. I evidently have 88.45 gigs of...
  4. G

    iOS 14 Public Beta - HomePod music issue

    Since installing the public beta, when asking the HomePod to play some music or a specific artist/track, there’s a delay before it states: “I’m on it... one moment... I can’t find that in Apple Music or your library”. Is anyone else getting this? I’m not on the HomePod beta. Rebooted phone...
  5. johnreddyzhang

    Apple Watch S3 (5.3.1) health data cannot Sync to iPhone X (pb13.1 beta2)

    Hi Forum, This is my first post here, so please forgive me and help me if I’m wrong with posting formats... I am posting because I am desperate about my health data issue recently. I have been running iOS 13 PB since almost day 1 but Apple watch still on official release since there is no...

    Cannot signin to App Store and update/download Apps macOS 10.15 PB

    Anyone else experiencing this issue? I signin with the correct details in the drop down box in the Mac App Store and it just doesn't work so I cannot update or download Apps. Hoping the next PB will be coming soon.
  7. jwatters579

    iPhone iOS13 Public Beta Stability

    How "stable" is the current Public Beta of iOS 13? Is it good to use as a daily driver?
  8. J

    iPhone iOS 13 home screen issue

    Anyone else on the PB having issues with swiping between home screens? it seems to be sluggish. I sometimes have to swipe twice to move between screens. Just curious if I am the only one having issues :)
  9. EEzycade

    When to jump on the bandwagon...

    Being disabled, I am itching to try out Catalina and the Voice Control Feature. When would you recommend I try the beta. Now? Wait for Mid-July to early-August? Thanks. Speaking of betas, I saw a thread earlier about someone complaining that some apps were broken in beta 2. LOL. Obviously he...
  10. wwooden

    Mojave will not automatically startup with installed OS

    Hello everyone, I have had this issue since I installed the first public betas of Mojave on my 2012 cMBP 15". If I restart my computer, the start up with stall on the Apple logo and not progress. The only way I can get it into the OS is to restart in recover mode, by holding Command + R, then...
  11. T

    Questions before I upgrade to Mohave (from Sierra)

    I am finally taking the plunge and upgrading to Mohave (public beta.) I am running Sierra right now and have to waited till now to upgrade because i heard there were some bugs with the new file system and Fusion Drives (& Time Machine too.) Will my 32 bit apps (ex. Picasa) still work? (i thought...
  12. trumpetmercenary

    Has anyone successfully installed Mojave PB

    Just curious if anyone else has been able to successfully install the public beta yet. Mine has had a black screen with a cursor for the last 20-25 minutes, with no progress bar. Not sure if that's supposed to be the case or not, so I'm going to leave it alone until tomorrow. I believe my Mac...
  13. frkszltn

    macOS High Sierra 10.13.5 Public Beta 1 update

    Hey guys! So now I finally enrolled my MacBook Air 13" mid 2013 for Apple's Public Beta program. After installing the downloaded pkg file, the Feedback Assistant app and the Mac App Store opened automatically but nothing happened. In the Mac App Store no updates available. Why? I tried to...
  14. Chazzle

    SOLVED: App Store won't check for

    SOLVED! :Reinstalled High Sierra with Recovery mode and re-enrolled in the Public Beta program. Update finally showed up after manually checking for updates. Original post: Hoping someone can help me with this. I am trying to get on the latest 10.13.4 Public Beta (#3) coming from 10.13.3...
  15. R

    Messages in the cloud 10.13.4

    Is anybody having this issue? I am signed in with messages in the cloud turned on on my mac, ipad, and iphone. (All running public betas) However, I have older messages on my mac that are not syncing. I've tried signing out and back in, that just grays out messages in icloud. With a restart...
  16. hifismith

    Touch ID not in System Preferences

    Since Public Beta 1, TouchID has not been appearing in System Preferences. Also, when I try to check "Allow your Apple Watch to unlock your Mac" in "Security and Privacy" it fails (it used to work). Other user accounts are fine. I have no profiles loaded for this user, so presumably it's some...
  17. M

    “Videos” App Reappearance

    So I upgraded my iPhone 5S from iOS 10.3.2 to the iOS 11 Public Beta, and I was amazed to see to removed Videos app on the second page of my home screen. But after about a minutes, it disappeared completely. ???
  18. V

    Release date of iOS 11 Public Beta?

    Hi there, just a quick question that until now has some confusing answers for me: Anyone know when the Public Beta of iOS 11 will be released? I remember Apple saying at the WWDC keynote that it will be published later in June but since then all kinds of publications say it will be late July...
  19. seme332

    Sierra Public Betas keep showing up

    Hey there! On my MacBook I used to install public betas, but since the last full release I actually turned it off in system settings so I would only get the release versions again. But the new Public Beta keeps showing up for me in the App Store and it will even try to install. How do I get the...
  20. AndresJC

    Quick, silly question about iOS 10 public beta here

    If I update to the current public beta of iOS 10 right now, will I be able to update to the official release when it comes out without having to downgrade back to iOS 9?