push notifications

  1. maverick28

    This is it: Facebook push notifications stopped working once and for all

    As a way to resolve some issues with Facebook push notifications that still continued to arrive in High Sierra and Mavericks, I logged out in Internet Accounts, cleared browser cookies for Facebook/Messenger and that was the end: I started getting error messages ("unable to verify password and...
  2. purdnost

    Reminders - Push Notifications for Shared Lists?

    My wife and I share a few different lists in the Reminders app. We're not on iOS 13 yet, but I'm assuming this applies to both iOS 12 and iOS 13. So, for example, we have a shared/collaborative Groceries list. My assumption was that, whenever either of us adds a new item, deletes one, or at...
  3. purdnost

    Apps Apple TV App Push Notifications

    I’ve seen others receive Apple TV app push notifications regarding lives sports games, but does there exist push notifications for newly available episodes of TV shows I’m watching, or new movies available to rent, for example?
  4. Hustler1337

    Spark Mail app users - Does it have push notifications?

    Hi guys, Kinda frustrated that the native Mail app on Mac OS X requires the Mail app to be open for you to receive notifications in the Notifications Centre for new mail received. I'd rather not have the full Mail app open in the background hogging up memory when a simple background daemon...
  5. U

    Storing IMAP mail account password on App servers

    Do the third party mail Apps like the Outlook App or some other App store password and mail content on their own servers also. I am told that the third party apps like Outlook are not allowed background refresh by iOS. This forces them to fetch IMAP mails remotely to their own servers which in...
  6. Y

    iOS Push notification pop up

    Hi I'm am making an app that uses both local and external (not sure what is the correct term) push notifications. The notifications only appear on the notifications drawer (and doesn't even make a sound if the app is currently running on the foreground), which makes them pretty unnoticeable...