This is it: Facebook push notifications stopped working once and for all


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Mar 14, 2014
As a way to resolve some issues with Facebook push notifications that still continued to arrive in High Sierra and Mavericks, I logged out in Internet Accounts, cleared browser cookies for Facebook/Messenger and that was the end: I started getting error messages ("unable to verify password and user name") although both were correct. I have to say that prior to signing out I had no problems with deleting and re-adding FB.
In Console I saw a message of type "volatile" suggesting it exists not persistently that clearly pinpointed to the cause: deprecated API with words like "response cancelled" or smth to the effect of that.
Interestingly, in Safari I opted for Desktop notifications in Messenger settings in both High Sierra and Mavericks. In High Sierra I tested and received no notifications from Safari, in Mavericks I receive only once.
It's really sad they pulled the plug, I liked them. macOS becoming boring and closed.

I also noticed one more thing: there're some sites that offer pushes in Safari 9 on Mavericks, but not in the newer Safari 13 on High Sierra. As a rule, it seems there're a very few sites that actually offer pushes to macOS. It looks like Apple introduced a feature nobody is interested in. The majority of sites offer either RSS or E-mail or both. I suspect push notifications cost too much money to implement, at least, considering Mac users compared to Windows users, those users usually using Chrome or Firefox. in iOS push notifications always work, so the priority is obvious here.
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