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  1. T

    MP 1,1-5,1 The Nvidia quadro K6000 Video editing And gaming performance?

    Hello, i have yet another post about the nvidia quadro K6000 im wondering what card it compares to on the consumer market? My girl friend is buying it for me for my mac pro and im already using the nvidia quadro K2000 and i love the performance it has to offer with gaming and video editing. so...
  2. D

    Is this Unusual Quadro FX4500 Behaviour?

    Hi everyone, I've only just joined the forum although I've spent some time looking over previous threads hoping I might find an explanation to something that's bothering me. Hopefully someone may be able to help. I have a G5 (dual 2.3) running 10.5.8 with a Quadro FX4500 bought separately. I...
  3. G3llings

    iM 4,1-14,4 iMac 2011 Maxwell and Pascal GPU upgrade

    This is a Wiki post with information collected from the entire thread. Before you post, please read this first. This thread is for supporting Maxwell and Pascal cards on the 2009-2011 iMac. Maxwell and Pascal cards will not work with acceleration on MacOS beyond High Sierra due to lack of...
  4. TechInit

    Early 2008 iMac 24" GPU Upgrade Options

    Hi there, I've just got an old 2008 24" iMac for £30, and I want to use it for some older-title gaming, web browsing and all the other stuff you do with an older iMac. My only problem is, it has the Radeon HD 2600 Pro which isnt all that great. I've been looking at images of the 2600 and I've...
  5. 2wenty2wo

    iMac 21.5" 2010 - GPU Replacement - Not booting

    Hi Everyone, First post here. I read the iMac 2011 GPU Upgrade thread and I decided not to reply to that thread as my situation is not a normal case. I'm not sure if anyone can help me here, but after reading that thread I know there are some very educated people on this forum. Backstory: I...
  6. amgff84

    Shadow Cloud Gaming on MacOS... & GeForce Now.

    *****Update***** *****Information is out of date! Shadow was bought by another company who raised the price. It still seems to be a good service, but just know that it will cost more money and the hardware may be different.***** For those who don't know, Shadow is a cloud gaming service. What...
  7. Surrat

    Major problem with nvidia drivers in High Sierra.

    This is reposted from another thread, hopefully more eyes will see it and maybe make sense of it. In my 2009 MP, flashed to 5,1, I have tested dual K5000 mac edition cards, and 680 mac edition in the case, and two K5000 in an nvidia quadro plex. They work almost correctly in el capitan, but not...
  8. AL1630

    Quadro FX 4500 not recognizing all memory

    I have a PC Quadro that has been flashed, and my 1,1 recognizes it, but is says 'Quadro FX 4500 256MB', but this is a 512MB card. Is the missing memory likely to be a problem with the flashing, or could it be something else?
  9. J

    Nvidia Quad mDP graphics card for 5,1?

    Yes, I read the Nvidia FAQ thread, so please don't flame me... Can't seem to find a definitive answer whether the NVS 510 (Kepler) will work in a Mac Pro 5,1 - or alternately the Quadro K1200 or the M2000 (Maxwell). System: Stock Mac Pro 5,1 on latest El Capitan My needs are: A low...
  10. federico66

    quadro k5000 not mac edition

    Hi there I'm new in macrumors, but not new as mac user, apple II ci my first one, today I'have bought for 200 euro a quadro k5000 not mac edition, yes I know as said Jean Claude Van Damme "Risk is my second name", but I'm sure I will make it will work on my Mac Pro mid 2010 5.1, is anyone do the...
  11. J

    Displays for Mac Pro 5.1 w/ Quadro 4000 2GB

    Hello MacRumours world! I'm thinking of getting a refurb'd Mac Pro 5.1 from MacBank and I'm a bit unsure which monitor/display would be best suited! I do music production so I'm a big fan of wide-screen/ultra-wide displays... (Can see more of whats going on!!) but I also need clarity. The Mac...
  12. SuperKerem

    Flashing A Quadro FX 4500 For Power Mac G5 Compatibility

    Prerequisites: - Nvidia Quadro FX 4500 - PC or Mac Pro with a PCI Express slot - USB flash drive - Access to a Windows installation for Step 1 Download: Note: Only the Quadro FX 4500 revision with a metal L-shaped piece on the back of the card can be flashed for...