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radeon 9600 pro

  1. PatrickRolfsen

    G4 MDD video card help needed

    Hi all, I just pulled the stock DVI/ADC card from my G4 (dual 1.33 from single 1GHz w/ R676 mod) and replaced it with a Radeon 9600Pro 256mb dual DVI from a G5. I did a lot of research before purchasing thinking this was a viable option and have been troubleshooting and googling for about two...
  2. J

    Radeon 9600 Pro not detected on Power Mac G4 DA

    I just got an ATI Radeon 9600 Pro off eBay, and it’s having some trouble working with my Power Mac G4 Digital Audio. I taped pins 3 & 11 to make the card work at 4x, but I still get a black screen. I am able to VNC into the Mac, so I checked System Profiler, which says that no cards are present...