1. ipedro

    RAID always working since Catalina

    Ever since installing Catalina, I've noticed that my RAID is constantly working. It never stops. The data seems fine and the drives aren't reporting any issues. I'm just worried that all this non stop reading/writing is going to break something. Is there something in Catalina that would cause...
  2. charlituna

    best enclosures for raid setup

    i've done some searching around the forum but all the posts seem a bit old. so i'm curious about folks current thoughts on the best enclosures out there for setting up a new raid. i'm mostly concerned with storage capacity and stability, direct attach is fine but thunderbolt is preferred over...
  3. alanmadzar

    MP 7,1 Slot Utility App on New Mac Pro

    Is anyone familiar with how the Slot Utility App functioned on the old Mac Pro? I plan on getting the new Mac Pro 2019, and want to know how bandwidth can be allocated in respect to a lot of the "Pro-Apps" that Apple has teamed up with. If I planned on adding on PCIe NVMe RAID Cards that...
  4. MikeyWard

    OWC Qx2 constantly rebuilds

    Hey y’all, I have a OWC Mercury Elite-AL Pro Qx2 that I’ve been using for my iTunes library. It’s configured RAID5, 4x2TB. About 2/3 full. Last time I turned it on, it started rebuilding out of the blue. No indication of drive failures. It’s been running/rebuilding for about 6.5 days now. How...
  5. GuilleA

    Any info on the inner workings on a JBOD array on Mojave?

    I have a JBOD array consisting of two external USB drives, and have a third one on standby that I plan to add to the array once the second drive starts filling up. I am however a bit curious about the inner workings of JBOD on macOS. When I created the array and started moving data to it, I was...
  6. S

    Mac mini 2019 and thunderbolt 3 storage

    Has anybody done tests on multiple 2019 Mac minis with thunderbolt 3 networked up to something like the OWC Thunderblade I would love to see speed tests done from either AJA or Blackmagic speed test with both full thunderbolt connections to multiple Macs or 10gbe network. Also based on this can...
  7. ipedro

    RAID question: Adding Bigger Hard Drives to a RAID1 Setup

    I’ve been using a RAID 1 setup with 2x 4TB drives. I’m about to run out of room and purchased 2 8TB drives to upgrade the available space. What’s the best way to do this while maintaining the same data on the drives? Can I pull one 4TB drive and replace it with an 8TB, then let it rebuild and...
  8. LAHegarty

    LaCie 4big Quadra RAID5 fail.

    One of the drives failed on my LaCie 4big Quadra (4x HDD RAID5 array), I installed a new drive to replace the failed drive everything looked fine then it failed to rebuild, red and blue lights start flashing in an order that's not in the manual! Now it turns on and will not mount... Can I take...
  9. Stephen.R

    ZFS with 10.13+ ?

    Hi, TLDR: Has/does anyone tried and succeeded or failed, using ZFS (either from or elsewhere) with a High Sierra/Mojave Mac? Long version: I've currently got a 5-bay drive array (from Orico) that's using Apple's Software RAID configured as level 10 (i.e. a stripe...
  10. C

    Anyone used dual 2.5" to 3.5" RAID adapter - Startech, Enermax, ICY DOCK?

    Curious if anyone has experience with any of these dual 2.5" to 3.5" RAID Adapters. Thinking about trying one but curious if anyone had done speed tests in RAID 0.
  11. C

    2x 2.5" HD in RAID0 or 1x 3.5" HD in iMac

    Hello. I intend on upgrading my 27" late 2012 iMac with a blade SSD AND replacing the existing 1TB 3.5" HD. Originally I was thinking of replacing the 3.5" HDD with something like the 4TB Seagate Barracuda Pro (7200 RPM, 256MB Cache) which boasts sustained data speeds of up to 250MB/s...
  12. H

    Mac Pro 2009 (5.1) RAID card suggestion

    hi all, i am using dual cpu mac pro 2009 (5.1). Machine has bootcamp win10 (had trouble with efi boot so using bootcamp). Win10 on 120gb ssd and mac os on 960gb ssd pci-e. I have 3 hdd disks 1,5/1,5/2tb and i want to raid them for both system. I dont want super r/w speeds but i want to use them...
  13. d3adm8n

    MP 1,1-5,1 Mac Pro 3.1 RAID 1 issue

    Hey guys, I'm currently using a very old Mac Pro 1.1 as a server running 10.6.8, it has 4 HDDs that are paired for RAID 1 and they're finally running out of space. I bought 4 new drives and created an identical RAID structure in the hope of using CCC to simply clone the volumes and everything...
  14. jordangordon

    External Raid system Mac Pro 5,1

    Hi all, I am wanting to run an external SSD Raid system through a PCIE port, I was wondering if anyone knew if it this was possible and if so what connectors I would need? Cheers, Jordan
  15. itsthenewdc

    Resolved Synology RAID Expansion Not Using New Drive Space

    So I recently purchased a Synology DS517 to expand our DS1817+. I did everything properly on the Synology side and have it showing the increased space of ~90 TB up from the old ~50 TB. The problem now lies on the Mac OS side of things because it's only showing the old 50 TB size. Here's a...
  16. fhturner

    Server RAID5: SAS/SATA vs. NVMe

    Sometimes there are just too many good options... :P I am developing a plan for a Mac Pro server for a client of mine, and have been planning an SSD RAID5 for the main data store. I was liking this pretty cool solution from MaxUpgrades that situates 4 SAS or SATA SSDs in an optical bay, and...
  17. fhturner

    RocketRAID 642L in 10.13 High Sierra?

    Looked around but cannot find much on this. Does anyone have experience w/ or knowledge about the Highpoint RocketRAID 642L under High Sierra? The Highpoint site has drivers v4.13.2, but the readme only specifies up to 10.12.
  18. fhturner

    Follow-up: TRIM supported SSDs in Snow Leopard RAID1?

    So as not to muddy the New BootROM thread w/ more of this offshoot, I hoped I might solicit some advice about this TRIM issue in a new thread. Basically, I have a pair of SSUBX 512GB blades in a RAID1 mirror in a server. The read speed after the firmware update (and using Slots 2...
  19. parisinvest

    raid 0 problem on mac pro 5,1

    hi you all, i recently tried to use 2x sm951 512go via pci-express to built a raid 0 on my macpro 5,1, but can't make it through; i've tried two ways, raid 0, then restore from time machine, the restore was complet, but can't restart normally, it goes to have process with logo, then restart...
  20. MP39

    PCIe Card w/ 8 x mSATA SSDs Installed Directly?

    I am familiar at a baseline level with the benefits of using mSATA SSD in a Mac Pro in PCIe to speed system, especially when setup as a RAID 0. I currently have 2 x Anandtech PCIe 4-lane 4-Port mSATA SSD RAID Cards installed. So I have a total of 8 mSATA SSDs across two different PCIe lanes...