1. S

    My brand new MacBook Air 2018 has that rattle sound from the display when tilted.

    Anyone else? This is what it sounds like when you shake it: When you just tilt it the sound is much quieter.
  2. D

    How many times did you replaced LCD because of rattle?

    I've read worrisome stories about screen replacements (3-4x) without success. What's your MacBook / MacBook Pro screen rattle story? Succes or resignation?
  3. D

    Dear 2017 MBP Owners – Do you have that rattle?

    Since early 2015 modells, MacBook Pros (and 12inch MacBooks) suffer from a design flaw, which results a rattle from the LCD (more info here). Now there's a little hope, that with the 2017 upgrade Apple finally readjusted the display. Dear 2017 MBP Owners, Could you confirm that? Thank you!
  4. Ryan700

    Found what was causing rattling in my wife's 13" MBP

    I opened my wife's 13" MBP and found a ball bearing size amber plastic bead. Anyone know where it comes from? Is is important? Sorry for the blurry image as my phone doesn't focus that close.
  5. V

    iPhone 7 rattling sound

    Hey guys, I have an iphone7 and i noticed a rattling sound that comes from the camera every time a tap the top of my phone. I know this is a known issue with the previous iPhones but the fact i can hear it every time i tap the screen with a little force makes me wonder if this is this normal...
  6. A

    iPhone SE Random Click Noises

    Hello. My new SE sometimes - 2-3 times a day, like old CRT TVs - clicks randomly when it's in my hands or not. The click does not sounds like classic camera rattle, It's like an physical click noise, not electrical. Anyone has the same problem? How can I prove this sound to Apple Store while it...