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  1. H

    Software RAID using JBOD enclosure?

    Hi all, I'm considering setting up a RAID0 system, using 3 / 4 disks, through a combination of a JBOD enclosure and software RAID, either MacOS's own software or SoftRAID. Would any of you have insights concerning the following? 1 Am I correct to I believe you can use any JBOD enclosure...
  2. T

    Cannot take RAW images with flash ON?!

    Is it currently possible to shoot RAW images with flash ON on iPhone X?? I’ve tried using several different apps and none of them are capable of taking a RAW format photo of the flash option is turned on... I’ve tried force quitting the apps, restarting the phone and it still doesn’t work... Am...
  3. F1Fan

    Can iPad Pro on iOS 11 store RAW files from DSLR memory card?

    I know that the "Can iPad Pro replace laptop?" issue has been discussed ad infinitum here, much to the annoyance of some forum members, so I'll try to be concise and specific with my question, which I pose to those using an iPad Pro running iOS 11. Thinking of a photography workflow, I was...
  4. I Unsupported RAW Storage

    I'm considering buying a Canon DSLR camera that doesn't yet have RAW support in macOS. I have a few questions. I have a Mac that doesn't support Sierra and so is stuck on El Capitan. Is there any chance Apple releases RAW support updates for El Capitan at this point? I also have a Mac with...
  5. P

    Edit photos of firewire800 RAID

    Is a firewire800 Raid (read write speed ~70MB/s) fast enough to edit large raw photos (30-50MB)?
  6. abiggs78

    Photos "Edit With" doesn't support RAW

    Unless I'm missing something, in Photos when you try to edit a RAW photo in a third-party app, like Photoshop, by right-clicking on the photo and selecting "Edit with...", it only opens a JPEG version of the file in the third-party app. Bummer. I was hoping to open and edit RAW photos in the...
  7. HelloMikee

    So Many Photoshop Problems, Please Help! (solved)

    I've googled and couldn't really find any info that helps and I've tried a few things. I recently upgraded my late 2012 13" MBPr to a mid 2015 MBPr and am having all sorts of issues. Because this is running dual graphics cards (intel and AMD radeon), I'm having all sorts of problems with...
  8. ProcypherApps

    Universal Raw! Video Pro - Advanced MJPEG Camera for iOS

    Raw! Video Pro - Advanced MJPEG Camera for iOS Raw! Video Pro is the most advanced mobile device video camera app available on the market today! Take great raw MJPEG and H264 video with complete camera control just like your favorite DSLR! Get the Gold Standard App in Video Recording! Shoot...
  9. ProcypherApps

    Universal Raw! Photo Pro - Advanced DNG Camera for iOS

    Raw! Photo Pro - Advanced DNG Camera for iOS Raw! Photo Pro is the most advanced mobile device camera app available on the market today! Take great raw DNG, PNG, TIFF, JPG, and professional HDR photos with complete camera control just like your favorite DSLR! True uncompressed Raw DNG photos...
  10. AndyDiamond

    iOS Camera App - Why no 'Shoot RAW' Option?

    With the release of iOS10 users of iPhones that have a 12MP camera can now shoot RAW using third party camera apps (which is great). However, why would Apple not offer this as an optional setting for their own camera app in the settings? In the same way you can choose the resolution for video...
  11. S

    Conversion when uploading from Photos to NAS

    Hi! I have just uploaded some photos from the Photos library on my Mac to a Synology NAS. Some of the files were jpeg and some were RAW (CR2). To my surprise, all the photos ended up as jpeg on the NAS. I have uploaded CR2 files from a Windows computer, where such conversion into jpeg did not...
  12. basic_pixels

    CameraPixels manual camera + RAW

    Link: CameraPixels - manual camera + RAW ($2.99) Link: CameraPixels Free - manual camera + RAW (Free) CameraPixels is a manual camera app with multiple capture modes and raw support. Do you own iPhone 7/Plus? Then take stunning 8 MPx selfies...
  13. E

    128gb vs 256gb

    so I Originally ordered the 256 jet black for myself and 128gb matte for my dad. The 128 is coming tomorrow . I have the 128gb right now and have about 60gb space after deleting stuff . I mostly stream, except for audiobooks. I do a lot of photography and plan on shooting raw. Very little video...
  14. O

    Export DNG from Lightroom?

    Just tried shooting DNG images with Lightroom on my iPhone SE. Worked nicely. The question is, how to export the DNG image to the cameraroll? It only exports to JPEG as far as I can see. Anyonw knows? Comparing the stock camera-app with Lightroom DNG shooting, is like night and day. The stock...
  15. CE3

    Post your iPhone RAW image edits here

    Really happy to see RAW support on iOS 10 (and that it's not exclusive to the 7)! I believe Lightroom is the only app that currently supports DNG capture with their camera, but I'm sure more will follow soon. Post your RAW captures and thoughts here. I know many have complained about the noise...
  16. O

    How to take RAW photos with iOS10b3?

    I read this was a new feature in IOS10 but I can't find any such settings for the native camera app? Anyone knows better? EDIT: Sorry for bad english in post-topic but I can't find a way to edit it..
  17. R

    Lightroom Mobile syncs raw to desktop from iOS

    Although we can't find any documentation for it, it appears you can now sync a raw file from an iPad to Lr desktop. We're talking about a raw that you import from the camera card into the iPad via the CCK and Photos. So now the raw (and a JPEG preview) are in the camera roll. Once you've...
  18. C

    External FW drive gone RAW?

    My FW800 1TB OWC external drive suddenly stopped working on my iMac. The drive won't mount and may have gone RAW? as it states that it simultaneously has 0 bytes available and 0 bytes used when viewed in system information (it shows in the FW bus in system info found in second picture). The...
  19. Alexander B.

    Raw Exposure

    Our new app, Raw Exposure, is out of beta and is available on the Mac App Store. If you shoot raw then you may find it useful. We're preparing some tutorials now, they will appear on the app page. It's free download for now, any feedback is appreciated! Thank you.