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  1. Camera M

    Universal Camera M – Version 7 – Manual Controls, iOS 17, and iPhone 15 & iPhone 15 Pro Optimizations

    Camera M 7.0 Welcome to Camera M version 7! Our biggest update yet! This update consists of three major sections – Manual controls, iOS 17, and iPhone 15. Completely Redesigned Manual Controls We decided to take Camera M's manual camera controls to the next level - by redesigning the...
  2. purdnost

    iPhone 15 Pro: 24 MP > 48 MP?

    According to this article, iPhone 15 Pro's 24-megapixel photos are better than 48-megapixel shots. I’m confused by this. Does this apply to just HEIF format or HEIF and RAW? The details: Photographers...
  3. ctjack

    iPhone 14 Pro Max Iphone 14PM - 48 MP RAW dark and blurred

    Ok, so 14 Pros this year have amazing sensor with 48 MP that shoots RAW. Everything is cool about it and it is way above the 13 Pro models in the photo and video regard. Issues so far: quad bayer pixel grouping is obvious by looking at artifacts - especially if you shoot LCD screens. But bigger...
  4. Vudman

    RAW CR2 Macos Ventura.

    RAW CR2 thumbnails are very badly loaded. You have to wait very long time. Who has this problem?
  5. apple fan23

    iPhone 13 Pro Image size iPhone 13 Pro (raw)?

    Hello, I am currently using an iPhone XS and the camera takes photos that are around 3000x4000 pixels, 3.2MB. I like to take photos of paintings in museums and want to get as much detail as possible, looking through them and zooming in when I get home, seeing brush marks (instead of just pixels)...
  6. M

    photos workflow for RAW images - apple photos

    A question about RAW images and Apple Photos. I would like to: - shoot in RAW using a DSLR - import in Photos - favorite some photos and delete some photos - for favorites would like to retain the RAW for the others would like to simply retain a jpeg that can be generated by photos Is there a...
  7. Camera M

    Universal Camera M Version 5 — Manual Camera App with Macro and Manual Focus Update

    Camera M Powerful manual controls for the camera you always have with you. A professional camera that has been featured on multiple lists on the App Store, including "Apps We Love," "Made for Professionals,” "Camera Essentials," and many more... Read about Camera M Features Camera M...
  8. MathersMahmood

    Unable to open .CR2 files on iPad or iPhone

    Hi all. I’m unable to open RAW files on my iPad no matter how I try. This makes it impossible for me to edit them in light room or pixlemator. Does anyone know a way around this? Very annoying that you can’t do this on a “Pro” product.
  9. purdnost

    Online Photo Storage Solution That Doesn’t Convert HEIC

    I’m looking for an online-based media storage solution that will accommodate uncompressed and unconverted files including HEIC and RAW. If anyone has any suggestions, I would love to hear them. Smugmug looked like a great choice, but they convert HEIC files to JPEG.
  10. M

    Editing RAW files in Photos

    Hi, What i can't understand about Photos and iCloud is why if i edit a RAW file in Photos, iCloud doesn't sync the changes ? I take all my photos in RAW because i want to have them in better quality, but it's totally useless if i can't edit them... or i can edit them but it doesn't sync the...
  11. caporeem

    .CR3 RAW files In Finder is now viewable.

    I don’t know if this was fixed before or prior to macOS 12 Monterey, but you can now preview .CR3 RAW files in Finder. This was a big issue for me and for many others as well. Can anyone on here confirm if in fact this was fixed before? Please let me know.
  12. Camera M

    Universal Camera M 4 iOS Camera App with Photography iOS 14 Widgets

    We are delighted to present you Camera M 4! Camera M is a professional manual camera app similar to a DSLR camera with powerful gesture-based controls, designed to achieve the highest image quality from iPhone and iPad cameras. Featured by Apple on the App Store multiple times: 'Shoot in...
  13. N

    iPhone Histocam - RAW Photography App

    Hi everyone, hope all of you is doing well and safe from the epidemic. I’m a mobile games programmer and recently got into photography, so I decided to developed a photography app that has the ability to shoot RAW format photos. I hope you guys/ladies will like it. Feel free to give me any...
  14. T

    RAW files locked themselves when transferred from memory card

    I've seen multiple people have this same issue, and it has never been solved, not once. When I transferred photos from my sim card that I took using a canon camera, all of the files said they were locked, and came up with a little bar in the bottom of the little preview window for each file...
  15. JungleNYC

    Halide, Procam6, ProShot? Best RAW app?

    Seems like these are all pretty much okay, but was wondering if anyone had any solid recos. Anybody out there used more than one of these for comparison? I'm looking for something that can do everything the stock camera app can't do. I can deal with a less-sexy UI if it offers more control...
  16. tom.

    RAW support in Photos - iPad Pro

    Hi folks, Planning on picking up an iPad Pro 11” tomorrow. Wandering if anyone can speak to the raw support in photos on iOS 12? I currently shoot with a canon 6D, and edit in photos on macOS. I’m hoping the iPad means i can leave my MacBook at home going forward. Generally I only need...
  17. M

    Buying a new 12" MacBook today.. some questions

    I was really hoping Apple was going to update the 12" MacBook alongside the 13" MacBook Air. It's been 17 months since it was last updated.. 17 months with the same pricing.. it seems so wrong to buy it new today but it's the only option I'm left with besides finding one 2nd hand. Having silent...
  18. 2

    iPhone XS Max Can the iPhone shoot in RAW format?

    If so, does anyone know how to set it to shoot in this format?
  19. K

    Nikon NEF file locked in preview

    Aloha all, I have seen many posts about the MacBook Pro locking Nikon NEF files but no real solution. On my last import of my NEF files from my Nikon D7100 to my Mac I noticed it had a white box around the outside of the image. I thought nothing of it until I tried to download the file to my...
  20. A

    Slow Finder Preview of RAW files

    It takes Finder much longer to load RAW (in this case .CR2 from a Canon 7D) files on my new 2017 MacBook Pro 15" (2.9 GHz 10.13.4 up to date OS) when tapping the spacebar to preview the file than my 2012 MacBook Pro 15" running Mountain Lion. Any way to speed up these previews on the new...