remote desktop

  1. S

    Security Update 2020-004: Apple Remote Desktop Not Working? Anyone noticed?

    I just installed it on a remote computer and can no longer access that computer via Apple Remote Desktop or Screen Sharing? Luckily I had Teamviewer as a backup... Anyone else notice/got any ideas how to fix this? Thanks.
  2. emaytea

    Been hacked, attempted email, remote keylogger?

    I received this email: i am awärę wr!4769+ ōne of yōur passwords. i placed a software ōn the X videos (sęx sites) sİtę and yōu know what, yoū visİted this website to experięnce fun (yoū knōw what İ mean). Whęn you were viewİng vİdęō clips, your web browser started out functioning as ä Remōte...
  3. L

    Best/fav Remote Desktop app (Jump, Screens, etc)

    Hello, I use Remote Desktop apps frequently from my iPad Pro and even my iPhone. Most connect to Win 10 (though this will be fading away as soon as I can), plus also Linux and in the near future, a Mac Mini. I’ve used Chrome Remote Desktop (which I’ve abandoned due to concerns about privacy)...
  4. rtparies

    Looking for a decent Remote Desktop solution

    Hello, I have a newer macbook pro and a 2017 Retina 5k 27 When i bring my laptop home , i would like to remote into it and use my nice big monitor, keyboard etc.... i have tried the build in remote stuff with MACOS and all i get is this little window that represents the laptop. Also from...
  5. P

    VNC Issue

    Greetings, I have recently upgrade from High Sierra to Mojave 10.14.3 and just last night upgraded to 10.14.4. Ever since I moved to Mojave, My VNC hasn't been working quite right. I VPN into my home network via OpenVPN and then on occasion VNC into my Mac via TightVNC on a Win10 laptop. If...
  6. karsten

    Microsoft Remote Desktop app completely broken after udpate

    The Microsoft Remote Desktop app from the Mac Appstore updated and is completely broken connecting to a Win10 Pro desktop. Graphics artifacts and glitches make it unusable. The release notes mention updates to video encoding used so I assume it's something to do with that. Is there any way...
  7. Upgrader

    Remote access solution for cMP?

    What are the options to remotely connect my cMP 5,1 (Mojave) to my Macbook Pro 5,1 (El Capitan) over the internet? I’ve been using Team Viewer but it has become increasingly temperamental. I found an app called Screens on the app store but it won’t support lower than High Sierra. VNC Viewer...
  8. T

    Remote Desktop on Mac (and PC)

    Hey everyone-- Just looking for the best program to use remote desktop. I've got a pair of parents running Win7 and MacOS, and they're making me crazy. Wondered what you all use to connect remotely from one Mac (or PC) to another. Suggestions SO WELCOME. Thanks.
  9. P

    iMac as monitor for PC

    Long story short; I have a slow, overheating and SUPER NOISY 2010 iMac that I really wan't to replace with a brand new (non-noisy) iMac. Only problem is that my current iMac also doubles as an external monitor for my boyfriends Windows PC (for gaming). I know that the "new" iMacs (2010+)...
  10. S

    MS Remote Desktop with two Macs

    I was using Microsoft Remote Desktop to access my PC through the screensharing protocol, and it worked really well. But now I'm using Microsoft Remote Desktop to connect to another Mac on my network and its not working. It tries to connect and then fails with the following message: 'Unable to...
  11. GuillaumeB

    Is remote desktop working just after reboot ?

    Hello, I recently set up my former MacBook Pro as a server. I can access it via VNC and therefore remote log into it from another Mac An update has downloaded and the server machine is asking for a reboot. I was wondering : If I restart the MacBook server, will I be able to log in after the...
  12. diepalme

    Apple Remote Desktop EOL?

    With the latest macOS 10.12.4 Beta (16E144f) Update the Remote Desktop Admin App refuses to open? Anyone heard of it being EOLd or is there finally going to be some love from Apple for this App again? It is quite old, but some of us still use it..
  13. ^squirrel^

    ARD Copy app from Desktop to

    Hi, I'm trying to copy an application from my computer's Desktop to a handful of computers using Apple Remote Desktop via the Unix command. cp -a /Users/"user account"/Desktop/"appname".app /Applications/ Can anyone advise how i can copy the file? Thanks