1. Betamagic

    MacRumors RSS feeds in site's metadata don't work due to SSL errors

    All MacRumors RSS feeds using https:// protocol don't work, they give SSL errors. The metadata in the MacRumor website contains 4 RSS feeds, all starting with https://. I think this is new, because previously the feeds in the metadata worked, probably because they started with http://.
  2. S

    Heartfeed RSS app

    Hi! Heartfeed, my RSS app for those who like me enjoy a nice UI (in my opinion at least ) but still listing all news items in their feeds (so no attempts at trying to guess which articles you'd like the most using algorithms or social media), is now up to version 4.0, in which I've added...
  3. LordCoe13

    iOS RSS Reader with notifications

    Does anyone know of any tutorials on how to create an RSS reader for iOS that will send notifications to the device when there is a new addition to the feed? Below is an example of a tutorial, but since Parse has been discontinued, I can't find anything even close. Thank you for your help...
  4. P

    Resolved MacRumors news RSS feed trouble

    Recently I've noticed that MR's RSS newsfeed has started pushing some (not all) news items that contain the headline of a story followed by the highlighted forum posts for that article, but not the actual article text itself. This makes MR's RSS feed look very strange, as the articles read like...
  5. Z

    Best RSS app or technique?

    Hi folks, Ive been looking for quite some time for a good RSS app that has push notification for iPhone. I’m looking for a elegant and minimal way to get instant updates from a few websites. Anything you have found that would do this nicely? Many thanks, Ben
  6. ivanicin

    Apps Speech Central - Web on Apple TV

    Apple made an interesting decision not to include Safari on Apple TV, but the reason is pretty obvious - the text on the web would be too small to have a really good experience. However, many people still want to stay connected to the web while using their Apple TV. Speech Central offers a...
  7. ivanicin

    Speech Central - Fully Featured Text To Speech Suite

    Speech Central is a fully featured text to speech suite for Mac. It has a full support for the web, text documents (pdf, Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, email etc) and e-books (epub and fb2). You can bookmark important paragraphs and mark important documents as favorite. All items are stored...
  8. ivanicin

    Universal Speech Central - Web on the go

    Speech Central is the first app to offer a true web on the go experience by letting you to fully enjoy the web while driving, walking, running, doing housework etc. The unique feature is that you can just take your iPhone and go! No need to preselect the articles that you are going to...
  9. Betamagic

    News Explorer 1.9.7 for macOS released

    Update June 12, 2019: News Explorer has been updated to version 1.9.4 See post #19. News Explorer is a modern, easy-to-use newsreader that runs native on all your Apple devices, with automatic iCloud based sync of all your RSS, RDF, Atom and Twitter feed subscriptions, news articles, read...
  10. M

    RSS Feeds for product news only?

    Are there feeds that might restrict stories to a specific topic? Right now I have the 'Front Page' feed using Feeder on Chrome, but silly stories like 'Sticker Fight' ad rolls do not interest me. I'm really only looking for stories about physical products - rumors, announcements, releases of...
  11. C

    No More RSS option in Mail?

    Apologies in advance if this question shows how loooooong it's been since I upgraded my Mac, and consequently, OS X. In fact, only a couple of days ago, I went from using my 10-yr-old Mac mini with Lion to this brand, spanking new MacBook Pro with Sierra. Although I love the Touch Bar and so...
  12. App Tyrant

    Raw Dog XML Viewer on the Mac App Store

    Here to tell the community about Raw Dog XML Viewer on the Mac App Store. Raw Dog XML Viewer is a Developer Tool that allows you to easily inspect an XML file. You can drill through an XML file quickly node by node, using the document outline in the sidebar. Features: –View XML files...
  13. D

    Safari RSS Feeds notifications?

    I love to use Safari's shared links and feeds feature to keep up to date with the latest wallpapers (and other kind of files) that are posted. The only thing I miss though, is an option to notify me when something is added to the RSS channel. Occasionally, wallpapers are deleted soon after, so...
  14. robertcoogan

    I miss this

    Old RSS feed from Safari on Snow Leopard. Wish Apple would bring it back.
  15. C

    iPhone RSS reader with push or fetch notifications?

    Welcome, I am looking for a good RSS Reader with Push or at least with fetch notifications. I tried newsify and a few other app but all of them has the same problem. I need to open the app to have a feed update, and if I want nofitications later, I need to run the app in the background. But I...