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  1. M

    Super Conflicted

    thank you for the help!
  2. P7S1

    Universal GradePoint iOS app created by a highschooler

    Hey my name is Atemnkeng Fontem. I'm currently a senior at a high school in Westerville, Ohio and I just finished finished creating my first iOS App called GradePoint, heres my story. Growing up I've always been interested in computers and computer science. In middle school used to do those...
  3. Anonymous700

    Can schools look at your past facetime calls?

    I heard from somewhere that your calls are recorded on school laptops and schools can go back and watch them. I personally don't believe this is true but I want confirmation. Is this true?
  4. S

    Best MacBook Pro for a computer science students

    Soon I'm going to study computer science at uni, so I need a MacBook Pro but I want to know which of these models would be the best for me. They are both the same prize €1999 and both 13". 1. Macbook Pro 2017 without Touch Bar 2.5GHz dual-core 7th-generation Intel Core i7 processor, Turbo...
  5. Z

    What Add On's Do I Need For a Macbook Pro?

    Hi, I'm starting college/university in September and I'm overdue a new laptop and I've decided I want to get a 13" Macbook Pro (without touch-bar). However, I'm not sure whether I should/need to upgrade the processor, memory or storage of the Macbook, or keep it at the basic model; being the i5...
  6. Mac03ForLife

    MB, MBA, or MBP

    I am a HS student with a MacBook Pro 8,1 I have found this machine quite capable in the past years and have relied heavily on it for... just about everything. However, I now need to start carrying it everywhere, and needless to say, its been a bit heavy for my liking. Should I go out and get a...
  7. B

    iOS in the Classroom: first impressions

    I'm a high school teacher and have been mirroring my iPad screen via AppleTV for several years. All my students have iPads, too. Works great and allows me to walk around the room while teaching. Two things that have really annoyed me about iOS 11 thus far: 1. To disconnect screen...
  8. 0

    How much storage should I partition for my MacBook Pro?

    Hi, I have a MacBook Pro 13" Early 2015 with 256GB of storage, and I am unsure about how much storage should I partition for Bootcamp Windows 10. I am planning to use this for programming in Visual Basic (Going to install Visual Studio 2017 Community). I think the sweet spot is 50-55GB but what...
  9. S

    Should I take my MacBook Pro to high school (one to one)

    Hello, my high school has recently gone one to one which means that every student is getting a MacBook Air. This is great and all but I have a MacBook Pro with Touch Bar 15 inch and using a 2015 11 inch MacBook Air for things like photoshop, lightroom, and illustrator feels like I'm working in...
  10. M

    MacBook Pro 13 + Ipad Pro 10.5 for University

    Hey, I'm searching for some advice. I currently have a MacBook Pro 13.3 inch with touch bar - Max i7 3.3 ghz - 256 GB ssd - 16 GB ram I've been doing tons of graphic design & other work on this, even without using an external monitor it works great and I almost never have problems with it...
  11. Mr. Dee

    Would you buy a MacBook Pro for young child or teenager?

    Came across an article on from Jason Snell about purchasing a Mac for a student. Now, obvious exceptions include family where money is no exception and obviously know you have a genius and you want to give them the best tools to learn. Taking into consideration, a MacBook Pro is...
  12. 3

    iPad Pro Which one for educational purposes?

    I'm considering to buy an iPad Pro 10.5" or 12.9" (64 or 256 gb still don't know yet) for educational purposes. Also the Apple Pencil to write notes. I want to use my iPad for Math, Biology, German (I'm from Germany) and other subjects. Is the 'normal' Note-App in iOS 11 sufficient enough to...
  13. N

    iPad Pro Annotation capabilities??

    I am a grad student and am considering the iPad pro; I currently have an older iPad, but would like to be able to work more directly with the materials (i.e. the Pencil). Most of the time I use a variety of platforms (Apple Books, Kindle, Ebsco Host, Adobe, etc.) I am curious about the extent to...
  14. Joaquin_bloch

    HELP! MacBook Pro 2012 question mark folder. Tried almost everything.

    Well, I am coming today to this forum to ask for some help. Quite recently my MacBook Pro 2012 (now 3-4 year old) starts up with a question marked folder. I did some research on the matter and came back with the conclusion it was either the hard drive or the hard drive cable. So, I looked in the...
  15. areskins

    Is the 2015 Macbook Pro enough for me?

    Hey there! Im torn between getting the 2015 13 inch mbp or the non touchbar 2016 mbp. I would just use it for word processing, movies and ocassional gaming. I never had a macbook before so somewhat confuses me. Of course the 2016 mbp makes you look "cooler" having the new device but I think I...
  16. B

    Yoga 900s vs. rMB+iPad Pro

    Any opinions welcome on a decision to try and lighten my university backpack up. I'm thinking of a rMB+iPad Pro set up for the handwriting and annotation abilities paired with the regular computing of the macOS, but they come at a price of around $2463.00 with edu discount. The Lenovo Yoga...
  17. F

    i need a way to unblock the school wifi i have tried everything

    i have a mac and the school wifi blocks all vpns and you cant change the proxy otherwise the wifi doesnt work. i was wondering if anyone knows a way to unblock the school wifi. i really need to know because i am a boarder at my school which means i have to put up with blocked wifi 24/7.
  18. C

    Help for a semi-clueless college kid

    Hi guys. Some basic background info. Just graduated high school from a school with a 1-1 laptop program. I've been using an 11 inch MBA for 3 years now and Im In the market for a new laptop. I definitely want a Mac because that's what I'm used to and it's been so consistent for me. Plus...
  19. T

    Lightweight school backpack

    I'm looking for a lightweight (<= 1.5 lbs) school backpack that has at least 3 big compartments. I need to carry my laptop, books, notes, exams (I'm both studying and teaching). - High quality backpacks are preferred, but weight and the number of compartments are more important. Lighter is...
  20. andrew5494

    Resolved Which Size For School?

    Hi I previously owned an iPad air 2 for a week until it got ran over by a car long story... Anyway I want to buy an new iPad pro but can't decide which size. I need to view all of my pdf textbooks and take notes with notablity. Also for Google docs and accessing websites easily. Thanks.