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screen protector

  1. F

    What screen protector should you use for your iPhone?

    Now my iPhone uses a tempered glass screen protector, but it will thicken the phone, and if you drop it once, the screen protector will crack. Do you have any better screen protectors to recommend?
  2. A

    amFilm OneTouch

    I have recently purchase my new iPhone 13 Pro and found this amazing screen protector. amFilm OneTouch is easy to install and provide protection for entire screen.
  3. gbf

    Screen Protectors

    Does anyone know if apple got the iPhone 13/13 mini/13 pro/13 pro max screen protector machine in yet to apply the screen protectors?
  4. R

    iPhone 13 Pro Max Screen Protector pain

    When a new iPhone comes the pain of applying a screen protector comes together, i simply hate to apply a screen protector I'm extremely ocd i can't see any speck of dust or anything behind that i mess with the protector, I spend a crazy amount of money buying protectors as backup to apply...
  5. H

    iPhone 13 Spigen Tempered Glass EZ fit vs. ESR Tempered-Glass Screen Protector cutout?

    I noticed that the Spigen screen protector has a cutout for the FaceID camera sensors while the ESR screen protector covers the FaceID sensors leaving only the top speaker exposed. I'm leaning toward the ESR protector if it doesn't affect anything. Will covering the camera sensors affect FaceID...
  6. T

    Edge to Edge screen protectors?

    I've been using sooo much time trying to find the right screen protector? The best I've seen yet is from shellrus. It offers edge to edge (or as close as they come) but can't find it in Europe. - imports and taxes on these things make them even more expensive! I like the real feel of glass and...
  7. S

    iPhone 12 Where can I get non-Glass iPhone 12 Mini Screen protectors? The normal plastic ones.

    Hi all I've always used normal plastic screen protectors on my phones, and they've done just fine. Unfortunately, I can only find Tempered-glass screen protectors, which I'm not a fan off as they're generally a bit thicker than the plastic ones, and also tend to scratch etc a lot more easily...
  8. murad_fourth

    Other iPhone 12 Screen Protectors

    Here they are: You can order and buy one now. So when Apple launches the new iPhones (just days away), you will easily be able to use it. Note: On the page, scroll the page down for iPhone 12 screen protectors.
  9. CJ Dorschel

    iPhone 11 Pro Screen Protectors for Reduced Slipperiness

    My iPhone 11 Pro‘s display is extremely slick. I realize the glass coating is a main factor and clean my mobile device displays (and hands of course) daily yet having owned every iPhone since its launch I found the 11’s to have the most coated display. I’ve been researching screen protectors...
  10. heelphan

    Tempered Glass Touch Issues

    Just upgraded to the 11 Pro after having the X for 2.5 years. One of the reasons I upgraded was my X’s screen had some annoying scratches on it, along with the apparently unavoidable “micro scratches”, at least on the X and higher models. So, after using an iPhone for 13 years (yes since the...
  11. G

    Rhinoshield and delivery times

    Hi everyone. I’m new to the forum. Just wondering if anyone has had any previous experience with Rhinoshield? I ordered a Mod NX case and a screen protector from them on Friday 24th April, the same day I ordered the phone. The phone actually arrived today 😁. As I’m based in the UK, their...
  12. M

    best of screen protector type for iPad Pro

    I recently replaced my ancient iPad with a "new" 2017 iPad Pro 10.5 inch plus Apple Pencil and am looking for a screen protector. There seem to be three basic types, which differ in "paper feel", protection, tip life (inversely related to paper feel) and screen image quality. The smooth films or...
  13. Mkondrak

    iPhone Full Screen Protector with no case?

    Hi, so I dont like cases and dont use them. I basically never drop my phone, unless its gets knocked out of my hand or I give it to someone else. Never cracked a phone. However, I do hate those little micro-scratches that appear after a few months when the oleophobic coating has rubbed off. So...
  14. Lizzie.

    Anti-fingerprint/anti-glare/ Matte Screen protector

    I realize I may be in the minority when it comes to this, but I quite like matte screen protectors. I’ve used PowerSupport for years now. There fit hasn’t been great the past couple of years and I haven’t really ventured out. PowerSupport doesn’t have that rainbow effect and the degradation...
  15. ArkieBiker

    iPhone 11 Pro Screen Protector iPhone 11 Pro Max

    Just curious is the screen protector for the XS Max the same size as the one they will sell for the iPhone 11 Pro Max? I have had really good experience with the TETHYS Full Framed Screen Shield and have about 3 screens left for my XS Max.
  16. krakenbrew

    iPhone 11 Screen Protector Question for 11 Pro

    I have the iPhone XS currently (going to the wife) and ordered the 11 Pro for myself. Will I be able to use the screen protector off of the X/XS? We both have the Zagg free replacement (well $10) from the kiosk in our local mall, so if I can that would be a savings of $40+. I know there is an...
  17. S

    Resolved Issues with iPad & Adonit Note Pen

    I bought the Adonit Note stylus based on Dan's review on MacRumors. It arrived yesterday, and it is not working as expected on my iPad. The ink is skipping (creating gaps) and lagging behind the pen. My iPad model is A1893. My OS version is 12.1.4. I am using a glass screen protector from...
  18. D

    iPhone XS Max Worried that I damaged my phone by using Alcohol wipes.

    Hi everyone. This week I decided to change my old screen protector. Before installing the new one, I wiped the screen with the alcohol wipes that come with these screen protectors. I now discovered that it is not recommended to do so, since the alcohol can damage the oleophobic coating. I...
  19. Populus

    iPad Pro Should I keep this iPad Pro 11” or wait for the next MacBook Pro? Will the iPad Pro be enough?

    Hello. I’m the owner of an old 2010 MacBook Pro 13” that has been my main device for almost 10 years. But it started to show it’s age, and now it is a heavy, slow device with a blurry screen (yeah, I’m already used to retina resolutions) and poor battery life. During the past couple of years...
  20. S

    Original Plastic Screen Protectors

    Yo, I’m looking to find an eBay link or something where I can buy those original screen and back protectors that come on iPhones. Looking to further legitamise my collection lol Thanks