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screen protector

  1. V

    Anti glare screen protector that resembles Galaxy S24 Ultra Screen?

    Any screen protector out there for the iPhone 15 Pro Max that resembles the anti glare capability of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra screen? If not, then what is the best anti glare screen protector you’ve come across?
  2. Ted_Appleseed

    iPhone 15 Pro Screen Protector Edge Issue

    TL;DR: The 15 Pro screen protector is smaller, and it's almost the same size as the display area, so it requires more effort and luck for preciseness to align with the display area. Mine is slightly misaligned, and it affects the viewing experience. Trying to return it and am considering getting...
  3. Mylodon

    Has anyone heard about TORRAS Lab? Looks like they have something new coming? Hey guys. Seeing this report, it seems that there will be a new upgrade. A few days ago, I noticed some complaints about the screen protectors for the iPhone 15 series that everyone had installed. I'm...
  4. B

    Glass vs Sapphire Screen Protector for 15 Pro Max? Mous Case Compatibility

    So I've been on the hunt for picking out a good screen protector, looking to upgrade to a 15PM and waiting until the release of this new blue Mous case coming soon for the Pro Max model. I've heard some screen protectors aren't universal, so I've been trying to do some research into what would...
  5. C

    iPhone 15 Plus Screen Protector

    I'm wondering if anyone has found glass screen protectors that work well on the 15 Plus? I ordered both the amFilm OneTouch for iPhone 15 Plus and the Nudient Standard Screen Protector, but they both have the same problem. They have a several millimeter gap between the edge of the screen...
  6. profesorsumuklubocek

    Would same screen protector fit 15 and 15 Pro?

    Hi folks ! I am planning to get a 15 Pro and my significant other will get a 15. I have seen that Spigen is selling its screen protectors in a pack of 2. Would the screen protector for 15 Pro fit 15 as well? Thanks !
  7. VSMacOne

    iPhone 15 Pro/Pro Max Screen Protector

    Folks, it looks like the iPhone 15 Pro/Pro Max will need different screen protectors which may be complicated by the slight curve at the edge, albeit it's not as pronounced as some of the leaks made it sound. So, as you're purchasing your new screen protectors post them here so we can compare...
  8. H

    Should I put a screen protector on my MacBook Air (M1)

    At my school, people. Keep. Touching. My. Macbook. Screen. I go to a mostly windows school and fellow students+teachers all seem to assume I have a touchscreen It gets covered in fingerprints and one person who tried to clean it afterwards scratched it. Should I apply the protector I got on...
  9. Stormz

    Screen protectors - are some more slippery than others?

    I bought a screen protector for my iPhone 13 Mini last week. It was a Belkin ScreenForce TemperedGlass, the most popular on Amazon at the time. Very easy to apply. Screen sharpness and colours all great. However I'm really not liking the feel of my screen since applying it. It's just become way...
  10. P

    iPad Seem to have rubbed off a bit of the screen adhesive when cleaning the screen

    A month or so ago, while cleaning the screen of my iPad Pro 2018 for new screen protector, I wiped off a dark substance at the corner of the screen bezels. I used the official Apple polishing cloth along with the microfibre cloth and alcohol wipes that came with Spigen screen protector. At the...
  11. J

    amFilm OneTouch for iphone14 pro max

    Was debating between otter and amfilm, but went with the latter given the price point. It was very easy to install, usually I have had bad experiences with screen protectors. Very impressed! Anyone else had a different experience?
  12. S

    Shellrus Sapphire screen protector review

    Hey, I have been using shellrus sapphire screnn protector for my iPhone 12 pro for the past 2 years. First month of using it, it had a small crack. Contacted customer services they gave me 65% copoun code for the next screen protector. bought another screen protector to put it on my iPhone. It...
  13. P

    iPad Pro who found screen protector without notch for iPad pro M1

    Also has Face ID and camera, why the iPhone screen protector does't have a notch and i think glass is clear,doesn't affect any sensors. so Does anybody know of the no notch protector?
  14. fancyscreen

    What type of screen protectors do people with iPhones usually use?

    People usually use tempered glass screen protectors, but tempered glass screen protectors are expensive, break easily, and feel average. Has anyone used TPU screen protectors? Can provide the following comments
  15. F

    What screen protector should you use for your iPhone?

    Now my iPhone uses a tempered glass screen protector, but it will thicken the phone, and if you drop it once, the screen protector will crack. Do you have any better screen protectors to recommend?
  16. A

    amFilm OneTouch

    I have recently purchase my new iPhone 13 Pro and found this amazing screen protector. amFilm OneTouch is easy to install and provide protection for entire screen.
  17. gbf

    Screen Protectors

    Does anyone know if apple got the iPhone 13/13 mini/13 pro/13 pro max screen protector machine in yet to apply the screen protectors?
  18. R

    iPhone 13 Pro Max Screen Protector pain

    When a new iPhone comes the pain of applying a screen protector comes together, i simply hate to apply a screen protector I'm extremely ocd i can't see any speck of dust or anything behind that i mess with the protector, I spend a crazy amount of money buying protectors as backup to apply...
  19. H

    iPhone 13 Spigen Tempered Glass EZ fit vs. ESR Tempered-Glass Screen Protector cutout?

    I noticed that the Spigen screen protector has a cutout for the FaceID camera sensors while the ESR screen protector covers the FaceID sensors leaving only the top speaker exposed. I'm leaning toward the ESR protector if it doesn't affect anything. Will covering the camera sensors affect FaceID...
  20. T

    Edge to Edge screen protectors?

    I've been using sooo much time trying to find the right screen protector? The best I've seen yet is from shellrus. It offers edge to edge (or as close as they come) but can't find it in Europe. - imports and taxes on these things make them even more expensive! I like the real feel of glass and...