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  1. U

    Best 2018 MacBook Pro Screen Protector

    Has anyone had luck with a screen protector for the MacBook Pro? Something they feel works well with a keyboard cover? Anything that does not harm the screen and can be removed at a later date? If you are one of the folks who don't believe a screen protector is needed, then please don't bother...
  2. B

    Lifeproof Fre for the Iphone XS? Any Good?

    does the screen protector lay flat on the screen? Does it distort sound? etc...
  3. M

    The great S4 screen protector battle royale

    One dares not remove their S4 Nike+ from thy box without a screen protector prepared for installation. So I purchased the “big three” ahead of time for this very moment. Armorsuit, IQ Shield, and Skinomi 44mm (advertised as such) wet install film screen protectors. And the winner, just from...
  4. S

    Screen Protector for glass back of iPhone X?

    Are you going to put a screen protector on the back of the iPhone X since it's also glass? I'm not sure how necessary it is..
  5. H

    Using a case on iPhone X

    Everyone has an opinion so I'm asking for one. Will you be ordering a case for your iPhone X? The phone supposedly has the hardest, most durable glass ever put on a smartphone. I know other phone manufactures have been using all glass for awhile. But glass is glass and I'm sure it can break...
  6. ivigbash

    Screen and body protector for iPad Pro 10.5

    I have been using Gadgetshieldz on my iPhone 7 already and now it's on my iPad Pro 10.5. The Body protector from them is the best and not a choice of considering the other brand. The protector gives grip and scratch protection that is what I expect for my iPad. I went with the Ultra clear as my...
  7. jacksterg51

    2016 Macbook Pro Screen Protector.

    Hi everyone, I just bought myself a brand new 2016 MacBook Pro 13 inch with touch-bar. Its a big investment that I plan on keeping for awhile, should I get a screen protector for my new one? Has anyone ever gotten a glass screen protector for a mac or should I get plastic, I just want my mac to...
  8. willmtaylor

    Vote for your Edge to Edge Glass Screen Protector

    There's already an extensive thread discussing screen protectors for the iPhone 7 & 7+, but I wanted to specifically discuss Edge-to-edge protoectors (3D edge preferably) and have a poll for people to vote on which ones they've tried and liked. Hopefully, this will help us crowd-source our...
  9. willmtaylor

    iPhone 7 / 7+ Glass Screen Protectors

    I'd like this subforum to have a go to place for discussion regarding glass screen protectors either for the iPhone 7 or 7 plus. This can be for standard variety or edge to edge (E2E). Has anyone found glass screen protectors for the 7 yet? Which manufacturers? Anyone taking preorders?
  10. Z

    BEST "iPhone6S plus" cases & screen protectors

    Which would be (and why) the preferred iPhone6S PLUS cases and screen protectors?
  11. E

    Fingerprint-resistant Screen Shield for iPad Pro?

    Hi, everyone. Like many of you, I have found my new iPad Pro screen to be very smudgy, fingerprinty. I'm considering all these glass protectors, from expensive (Zagg) on down. I'm less concerned with cost than I am with quality. Which screen protector is best for MINIMIZING fingerprints...