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  1. nott96

    When will my MacBook Pro stop getting software and security updates?

    Hope this is okay to post here! I got passed down a Late 2013 i7 2.3 GHz DG Retina MBP from my uncle. I was wondering when I will stop getting updates on this machine? Will I get MacOS 10.15, 10.16 etc and when will it stop getting vital security updates? Thank you!
  2. S

    Wifi 5 GHz not working on OSX Yosemite 10.10.5

    Recently, the wireless adapter had issues reconnecting when waking up from sleep mode on my MacBook Pro (Retina 13", Late 2012). I tried solutions on the internet of deleting the configuration files on /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration, resetting SMC, and creating new location, all...
  3. N

    security update problem in ML

    I installed ML to my mbp2,2(C2D, x1600) via mlpf v0.3. But when I tried to install 'Security Update 2015-006), my mbp causes unexpected errors, and It won't boot. It was the same when running in safe mode. and Combo Update has also failed. What should I do?
  4. M

    Security Update 2016-003 bricked my iMac

    Since 2012 I own an iMac computer model A1311. In December of 2016 it had installed the latest version of "OS X El Capitan" 10.11.6. In mid-December 2016, I received a balloon or notification on my own computer about a "security update for the operating system." Namely 2016-003 (see...
  5. bodhirayo

    Security Update 2016-003 El Capitan problem

    I'm posting to report a "fail to boot" issue with the latest Security Update 2016-003 El Capitan (10.11.6). I do pray that others will find this thread and be saved some grief... The install of this update and concurrent iTunes and Safari updates on my iMac completed without errors. Judging...
  6. PhillyGuy72

    Security Update 10.11.6 on iMac Mid 2011 - Sleep / Reboot issue

    Odd issue overnight for my 2011 iMac on El Capitan. I did the update yesterday with no problems..that was until I put it into sleep mode around 12:30am. I fell sleep only to be awakened by my iMac "Apple startup tune" - bright white boot up screen at 2:05am. my Mac just randomly rebooted itself...
  7. mpainesyd

    OSX Security update

    See this Tidbits article Apple Issues Urgent Security Updates to OS X and
  8. Avenged110

    Resolved Safari 9.1.2 direct download

    I'm not familiar with the process for finding and utilizing unique URLs for software updates. Would be much appreciated if someone could link me to the direct download for the security update, Safari 9.1.2 for 10.9.5, that was released earlier today (since unlike system security updates, Apple...