1. countryside

    VPN for Apple Watch?

    Howdy, I use ExpressVPN on my Mac, iPhone, and iPad. I don’t have a VPN setup for my Apple Watch. I have the cellular version. Does anyone know if ANY VPN service supports Apple Watch? Is it even possible on Apple Watch? Thanks!
  2. purdnost

    HomeKit Are Smart Locks Safe?

    I’m interested in investing in a couple of SimpliSafe Smart Locks. I like the idea that I can automate doors to lock in case I forgot to do so manually. My question is, are such locks generally safe to use? As in, is it hard to hack or bypass them, or disable them altogether?
  3. mac_in_tosh

    Airport Extreme Security

    I'm using a 2014 Airport Extreme Base Station and Airport Utility v 6.3.9, which shows copyright 2001-2019. I just checked and there are no software updates for the utility nor firmware updates for the base station. That leads me to wonder if there is a security liability to keep using these...
  4. mac_in_tosh

    How much longer will High Sierra be supported?

    I'm still getting some use out of my early 2011 MacBook Pro running High Sierra and will continue to do so as long as there are security updates and the machine continues to function. Is there a published schedule for when Apple will stop supporting High Sierra? Has it already stopped and if not...
  5. i_have_questions

    Help! Secure folder structure?

    Would it cause any problems with the folder structure, to add a new folder to top level of the "users" (i.e. same level as Documents, Music, etc.)? I want to secure some files outside of the access areas (Downloads, Desktop, Documents) that Zoom, Teams and Adobe use - but I see warnings about...
  6. mac_in_tosh

    Securing Mail App on Mac

    Is there a way to set up two factor authentication (2FA) for the Mail App itself? I know Apple is not the email provider and the app is only used to access emails from AOL Mail, Outlook, etc. rather than going to those websites directly, but is there a way to set up Mail so that when it is...
  7. Eagle 20

    Need Help ASAP... Sending Mac for repair in 12HRS!!

    Long story short, I have a scheduled UPS pickup tomorrow to send my Mac for repair, or worst case scenario for replacement. So I'm in a panicked frenzy trying to figure out how to prepare for this, and am really hoping someone here can help! I'm currently in the process of setting up a new...
  8. F

    Calendar certificate error. Suspicious or stressed servers?

    I got this certificate error for Calendar and I thought it's pretty strange. I never had a certificate error for any Apple server connections before. Any thoughts on this? Could it be related to the heavy server loads at Apple because of the Big Sur rollout? I tried to download Big Sur earlier...

    Expert opinions needed - Is security compromised?

    Just got a 2017 Macbook Pro with 16GB Ram, 560 Radeon and 512 SSD. It was an unbeatable offer, so I couldn’t pass it up. The person who owned it before me used it to live stream, and has installed different versions of free streaming and server software - only heaven knows what else on it. The...
  10. purdnost

    Do I Need a Home Security System?

    Deciding if I need a home security system like Simplisafe. I live in a safe neighborhood and I work from home, where I am most of the time. My family regularly opens and closes exterior doors, so I wouldn’t keep the system armed during the day. At night, the doors are locked. It’s $15 a month...
  11. R

    iPad mini iPad as phone replacement - the services / SIM/ security perspective

    I tend to wear cargo trousers which have plenty room in the pockets to carry an iPad mini. Very very rarely use my iphone to place regular calls. Am wondering if an iPad mini could be an 100% phone replacement? There's no problem placing outgoing calls using eg Skype. My question is more around...
  12. blizzforte

    macOS password security concerns

    If hackers try to get access to an iPhone the security system will lock the phone after a few attempts preventing the hackers to get access. Is this the same with MacBooks and macOS? I know about FileVault locking the hard drive after the shut down but will these measures prevent hackers from...
  13. Christian Lembourn

    Huawei hacked my settings?

    The other day I got a message on my iMac with something like: "Can't open Mac with Apple Watch because screen sharing is on". I didn't have any screen sharing on... So I opened up preferences and saw something strange."Other users can access your computer's screen at vnc://huawei_p20-[letters...
  14. Diogenes Pontifex

    Suspicious activity on a locked and idle iPhone

    Several weeks ago, I activated a feature on my router that blocks access to potentially dangerous IP addresses based on a "threat intelligence database". Since then, the router has repeatedly blocked access from my wife's iPhone 6s (17 incidents in 25 days). I'm aware that these databases often...
  15. M

    Home Home Automation/audio/security solution ground up for $10K

    Say you had ~10K to spend on home automation (Speakers, Amps, Security, automation, etc.) - how would you spend it? Looking at trying to drive audio through an AppleTV(s) to do zones/airplay2 for simplification and way cheaper than a sonos solution. Speakers to an amp which is plugged into the...
  16. ROGUE777

    Stolen iPhone Need Help with Find My

    Hey guys, A couple of days ago my iPhone was stolen from me while I was working on a vehicle. By the time I noticed my iPhone was 30 mins away from me I contacted the authorities and provided them with the serial number since I didn't have access to a computer or phone. I also put in an erase...
  17. T

    Is my Mac hacked?

    The fans on my MPB were spooling up pretty fast so I checked Activity Monitor to see what's going on. I noticed something called 'deleted.' This is what I found: cwd / txt /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/CacheDelete.framework/deleted txt /Library/Preferences/Logging/.plist-cache.r8vMFLPr...
  18. howdytom

    Airmail for macOS. Security and Privacy questions

    Hi there, Any users out there who could share more insights about security and privacy in Airmail's macOS mail client? I have stumbled upon a Reddit thread which claims Airmail syncs or even stores my server credentials externally for push notifications. Is that correct? I want to keep my...
  19. L

    spctl command (Gatekeeper) - disabled list with - app still runs

    I followed the guidance in this Stack Exchange answer. Ran the following commands: sudo spctl --add --label "DeniedApps" /System/Applications/ sudo spctl --disable --label "DeniedApps" News app (to be sure, this is the native Apple "News" app) can still be launched from the...
  20. jasnw

    USB Cable Virus Status

    I've lost track of whether the issue of viruses and other malware being hidden in USB cables and adapters (not drives) has ever risen above the level of theoretical threat. Has anyone run into a case of a Mac being infected or otherwise damaged via a USB cable? (Note to MR moderators: this is...