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  1. K

    HomeKit Homekit For Indoor Security Cameras

    Good morning all, happy to be here and looking for some input on indoor security cameras. I'm drawn to Homekit for security purposes but concerned about the how it might limit the functionality of the cameras. Two cameras would be the only Homekit enabled devices used. I recently tried the...
  2. fabian9

    Home HomePod and home automation - Hey Siri

    I recently got some HomePod minis, and they’re working nicely with our smart home setup. We also upgraded our window roller shutters to be HomeKit compatible. So now via Hey Siri on the HomePods we can open and close the roller shutters. It got me wondering… if we’re not at home, does Hey Siri...
  3. J

    What antivirus app the Apple engineers and executives are using the most?

    What antivirus app the Apple engineers and executives are using the most when connecting to the internet on their personal macOS devices at home? Avast, AVG, Avira, Bitdefender, Comodo, Eset, F-Secure, G Data, Intego, Kaspersky, McAfee, Malwarebytes, Norton, Sophos, Trend Micro..... And are...
  4. M

    Screen Time picked up by ""

    I just installed a fresh copy of Ventura on my M2 MBA and I'm not logged into iCloud nor do I have an iPhone. I just activated Screen Time and the first app I see get picked up is "". How is this possible?
  5. MacProFCP

    Apps use PayPal Automatic Payments to stay logged in! PSA

    PSA: My teenage daughter wanted some junk from Temu. I chose PayPal for security, making sure to choose a one-time log-in. I continued to see charges, which my daughter acknowledged*. However, she should not have been able to make any additional purchases, as I specifically choose one-time use...
  6. T

    Best eMail app

    Hello all, Looking for the best email app that is feature-rich with an iOS companion (if possible) for iPhone and iPad. Security is a real concern. Heard that Spark may be a security risk but don't know if that is true or not. Your thoughts. Looking for suggestions and what you are using along...
  7. Zexthero

    MacOS Protection Gates

    Q: So in my invented scenario I'm installing a Legit app from a verified developer. - MacOS Let's say that for a "unspecified reason" the developer is including some malware in the next update for his app. If the app does not have access to -Sudo privileges -Administrator Privileges -Full...
  8. hyperbolic

    Strange “Software Update” App in iPhone Storage List in Settings —> General

    If you view the attached screenshots you’ll see that there’s a very strange 40MB “Software Update” (“update” “app”) that’s installed on my phone (iOS 16.3.1) that suddenly appeared in the iPhone Storage List around the time of a late-iOS 15 update, and it’s been there ever since. This “app” in...
  9. B S Magnet

    FileVault and Snow Leopard, after a sparseimage recovery: getting Login window to play nice

    It’s late, and I may return to edit this after some rest… Short story long: I ran FileVault on a Snow Leopard box for years until the SATA bus on which the FileVault sparseimage had been living started having trouble (the SATA bus, not the drive or volume). After pulling the drive from the...
  10. hyperbolic

    Thoughts on Contacts, Calendar, Mail non-encryption in iOS 16.2

    Apple’s increased end-to-end encryption in iOS 16.2 is a great thing, and long overdue. It’s a real shame they are not going all the way and still leaving Contacts, Calendars, and Mail out of the E2E encryption. The “interoperability” reasoning they give for this is completely bogus...
  11. hyperbolic

    System Files Disk Usage on iPhone 8 Plus, 256 GB

    NOTE: I’ve attached relevant screenshots for all of the issues I describe below. If anyone else out there owns a 256 GB iPhone 8 Plus (preferably Product Red), and you have installed iOS 15.5.x or 15.6.x (especially today’s release of 15.6.1), may you PLEASE respond with the amount of disk...
  12. N

    Why no Kensington locks on new Macbook Pros?

    Hi all, We are trying to have our (big) company buy macs for developers so they can choose between pcs and macs but one problem is the lack of kensington locks on the macbook pros... We have seen some ports back on the macbook pros recently (hdmi, mag safe...), so why not a little hole for a...
  13. Gustavo Pereira

    iPhone 12 mini Can someone hack my phone and access my apps and photos?

    Someone on instagram said they could access my phone and all its content. They then proceeded to post photos that were only on my phone. Some of me and my then gf. Nobody has access to my iphone at home. I dont even have photos on icloud. Could this all be my ex gf or could I have been hacked?
  14. B


    Hi all, I opened this account because I couldn't find answers (easy ones anyway) on how to completely nuke a macbook, including firmware any any piece of preboot software that could be tampered with on a 16.2" MBP M1 2001. It came with Monterey but it doesn't seem to matter, it seems to target...
  15. 00sjsl

    iPad Safari showing weird URLs when following link

    I experience some weird behaviour on safari on my iPad Pro (running iPadOs 15.7). When googling for "id mobile" (A UK mobile service provider), when I clicked on the the link a series of weird urls was shown in the address bar for several seconds before I finally got to what...
  16. hassiman

    iPhone 13 Pro Max Is There anything that can protect your iPhone/computer if you need to connect to public Wi-Fi in an airport or hotel?

    I was just wondering if there is anything that can protect your iPhone/computer if you need to connect to public Wi-Fi in an airport or hotel? My wife may need to use her Win laptop to connect to her office if something critical comes up when we are on vacation. I was thinking about a...
  17. hyperbolic

    iCloud SECURITY HOLE: Captured My Real IP Address Despite Private Relay Being Turned ON

    I logged into today using Safari with Private Relay turned ON over a cellular (XFinity Mobile connection — they use Verizon as the underlying carrier). However, despite the fact I have Private Relay turned ON and despite the fact that I confirmed that my real IP address is NOT being...
  18. A

    iPhone 13 Face ID and Apple watch unlock

    Hi everyone! I just wanna know if I am the only one experiencing this problem with face ID and apple watch unlock feature. I am using the regular iPhone 13 and apple watch SE by the way. “Face ID with a mask” and “Unlock with apple watch” features turned on. I noticed the problem when my...
  19. KevinAPearson

    Passkeys and new device setup without a password

    So I like the idea of the new Passkeys in iOS 16 but was wondering: If I buy a new iPhone or iPad etc, will I still need to know my Apple ID password to set up my new device? If we are trying to move away from passwords, how will it work in this situation?
  20. ipedro

    Passkeys supported sites and apps

    Sign In with Apple was the precursor for Passkeys. Given the way it's been engineered, it looks like all of those that have added support for Sign In with Apple will work from the get go with Passkeys – if not directly, then through Sign In With Apple which will look and act the same when...