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  1. hassiman

    iPhone 13 Pro Max Is There anything that can protect your iPhone/computer if you need to connect to public Wi-Fi in an airport or hotel?

    I was just wondering if there is anything that can protect your iPhone/computer if you need to connect to public Wi-Fi in an airport or hotel? My wife may need to use her Win laptop to connect to her office if something critical comes up when we are on vacation. I was thinking about a...
  2. hyperbolic

    iCloud SECURITY HOLE: Captured My Real IP Address Despite Private Relay Being Turned ON

    I logged into today using Safari with Private Relay turned ON over a cellular (XFinity Mobile connection — they use Verizon as the underlying carrier). However, despite the fact I have Private Relay turned ON and despite the fact that I confirmed that my real IP address is NOT being...
  3. A

    iPhone 13 Face ID and Apple watch unlock

    Hi everyone! I just wanna know if I am the only one experiencing this problem with face ID and apple watch unlock feature. I am using the regular iPhone 13 and apple watch SE by the way. “Face ID with a mask” and “Unlock with apple watch” features turned on. I noticed the problem when my...
  4. KevinAPearson

    Passkeys and new device setup without a password

    So I like the idea of the new Passkeys in iOS 16 but was wondering: If I buy a new iPhone or iPad etc, will I still need to know my Apple ID password to set up my new device? If we are trying to move away from passwords, how will it work in this situation?
  5. ipedro

    Passkeys supported sites and apps

    Sign In with Apple was the precursor for Passkeys. Given the way it's been engineered, it looks like all of those that have added support for Sign In with Apple will work from the get go with Passkeys – if not directly, then through Sign In With Apple which will look and act the same when...
  6. DominikHoffmann

    How to spot a impersonator WiFi hotspot

    As I was thinking about network security, what came to mind was the threat posed by someone impersonating a public WiFi hotspot with his own hardware and running a man-in-the-middle attack on my system. The way this would work is that my laptop would connect to the impostor hotspot, because it...
  7. Y

    Which user(s) can activate erased Mac with their device password after Mark As Lost?

    I have the following 3 users on my M1 Macbook Air 2020: userA: admin created during macOS installation, no AppleID connected userB: non-admin, its own AppleID connected, FindMy disabled userC: non-admin, its own AppleID connected, FindMy enabled After I invoke Mark As Lost in FindMy iPhone...

    2FA and Apple Mail on iOS 15.x

    I am using Microsoft 365 with an email address. I have 2FA enabled, and use an authenticator application. When I setup my email account in Apple Mail, I choose, and it displays the login page (a redirect in the Safari framework presented in email...
  9. jchap

    Parallels Desktop now a security risk? (according to CleanMyMac)

    I've recently noticed that CleanMyMac now flags Parallels Desktop 17 as a "suspicious" app, as shown below. As shown in the image, their apparent reasoning for this is that the app is "associated with or owned by Russian or Belarusian developers, where government authorities can access their...
  10. A

    Can your iPhone be compromised by simply opening an email?

    A legitimate email I received went to my spam folder so I opened it and re-assigned it to the actual inbox. However, once I did that, the email app automatically opened the next email in my spam folder, which was a clear scam. If I didn't click on any link and immediately closed it, am I fine...
  11. I

    Other Why can I add the same fingerprint twice or more?

    If fingerprints are unique (research suggests they are) then why doesn't my phone tell me this finger is already added if I add the same finger twice? On all of my fingerprint id phones I can add my fingers each twice or more. Some early fingerprint sensor discussion of the version 1 phones...
  12. ThatSomeone

    How safe are permissions against potential spyware/ransomware?

    I've been trying to find out just how much access apps have in later versions of macOS, specifically non-MAS apps that aren't run in sandbox. I know that they require your permission to access personal folders(or "Full Disk Access"), input, screen recording etc. in later macOS versions, but does...
  13. S

    Can I stop using 'broadcast SSID' and MAC addresses? Really?

    Looking at a doc on the Apple site it seems that I don't need to hide my SSID or use MAC addressing anymore. Is that correct/advisable? I'm about to set up a new router, but will need to use WPA2 security due to the age of my attached kit. Does Apple's advice still apply, or are they really...
  14. voraciousvegan

    Airport Extreme Security, Dynamic Global Hostname

  15. marco114

    Getting SSL Errors today? This is why.

    If you are using an older MacOS like 10.12.1 or earlier. Any site you visit that uses Let's Encrypt SSL Certificates will no longer work. This is because the root ssl certificate is expired. Here's an article that explains it...
  16. purdnost

    Can Lock PDFs, but Not Remove the Lock

    I just went through and locked several PDFs stored in iCloud via the Files app. I attempted to remove a lock using the same method and there doesn’t seem to be a way to unlock them. ??‍♂️ I hope this feature is forthcoming.

    Other Unsealed boxes for iPhone 13?

    So it was mentioned, during the event, that there will be no plastic sealing the iPhone 13 box. Any speculation if Apple is going to ship unsealed boxes, or if they have another way to seal the boxes? I would not be comfortable if the new phones ship with no factory seal and the customer...
  18. T

    Other What can someone do to you if they know your iCloud email address?

    Hello. Just a question regarding the use of your iCloud/iPhones and it's security. These days, people do almost everything on their phones. It has your photos, your emails, iCloud backups, passwords, etc. Assuming you've got 2FA enabled (which is a no-brainer these days), how likely is it...
  19. countryside

    VPN for Apple Watch?

    Howdy, I use ExpressVPN on my Mac, iPhone, and iPad. I don’t have a VPN setup for my Apple Watch. I have the cellular version. Does anyone know if ANY VPN service supports Apple Watch? Is it even possible on Apple Watch? Thanks!
  20. purdnost

    HomeKit Are Smart Locks Safe?

    I’m interested in investing in a couple of SimpliSafe Smart Locks. I like the idea that I can automate doors to lock in case I forgot to do so manually. My question is, are such locks generally safe to use? As in, is it hard to hack or bypass them, or disable them altogether?