1. ROGUE777

    Stolen iPhone Need Help with Find My

    Hey guys, A couple of days ago my iPhone was stolen from me while I was working on a vehicle. By the time I noticed my iPhone was 30 mins away from me I contacted the authorities and provided them with the serial number since I didn't have access to a computer or phone. I also put in an erase...
  2. T

    Is my Mac hacked?

    The fans on my MPB were spooling up pretty fast so I checked Activity Monitor to see what's going on. I noticed something called 'deleted.' This is what I found: cwd / txt /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/CacheDelete.framework/deleted txt /Library/Preferences/Logging/.plist-cache.r8vMFLPr...
  3. howdytom

    Airmail for macOS. Security and Privacy questions

    Hi there, Any users out there who could share more insights about security and privacy in Airmail's macOS mail client? I have stumbled upon a Reddit thread which claims Airmail syncs or even stores my server credentials externally for push notifications. Is that correct? I want to keep my...
  4. L

    spctl command (Gatekeeper) - disabled list with - app still runs

    I followed the guidance in this Stack Exchange answer. Ran the following commands: sudo spctl --add --label "DeniedApps" /System/Applications/ sudo spctl --disable --label "DeniedApps" News app (to be sure, this is the native Apple "News" app) can still be launched from the...
  5. jasnw

    USB Cable Virus Status

    I've lost track of whether the issue of viruses and other malware being hidden in USB cables and adapters (not drives) has ever risen above the level of theoretical threat. Has anyone run into a case of a Mac being infected or otherwise damaged via a USB cable? (Note to MR moderators: this is...
  6. rationalconsumer

    Looking for security tools

    Hello all, can you recommend reliable security tools? What combinations do you use? Or do you have only one on your device? Now I have only one (Nordlocker for files encryption). It works nicely, but I'd like to add something more to protect passwords, browsing history and so on. Thanks!
  7. E

    Getting Rid of Viruses and Malware on Mac

    I just bought my Mac around June of 2019. Right after getting it, I attempted to get support in troubleshooting my printer connection, and in trying to do so I downloaded something that added malware. I downloaded CleanMyMac X to get rid of it, but ever since that first incident, I've received...
  8. T

    iPhone Which is the best hide apps to download on my iPhone?

    1.) Vaulted 2.) photo vault
  9. z970mp

    foxPEP - A Faster Firefox

    The Firefox Partitioned Engine Patch, officially abbreviated as foxPEP, is a finely tuned all-in-one parameters patch designed exclusively for Firefox-based browsers that automatically applies a number of advanced under-the-hood configurations to achieve a superior Web browsing experience on...
  10. T

    Revoking files and folder access doesn't work?

    When I tried to play a video file from the Desktop folder with VLC, macOS informed me that VLC requests access to the Desktop folder. What's strange to me is that VLC started playing the video even though I hadn't yet granted or denied it access to the Desktop Folder. Even after denying access...
  11. purdnost

    Security: Log in with Email or Phone Number?

    When presented with the option to log into a website or app with an email address or phone number, would one be considered any more secure than the other? I think email addresses tend to be more public and therefore more prone to exploitation. Thoughts on this?
  12. Raging Dufus

    Management Engine and security/privacy issues on Intel-based Macs

    This thread is a continuation of discussion starting on Page 2 of the "Backdrop - Distraction-free tool for classic Mac OS" thread, regarding the Management Engine (ME) included in firmware of x86/64 Intel (and possibly other?) CPU's. Many of these chips are running in early Intel-based Macs...
  13. DrMotownMac

    Is this a concern?

    My Samsung/Android using friend just sent this article to me as part of his ongoing argument that iPhones are no more secure than Android phones. Is this something really to be concerned about? Is there a reason Apple has not fixed this after knowing about it for 4 years? I don't really...
  14. C

    Issues opening desktop app even when allowing "App Store or identified developers'

    I cannot open the WhatsApp desktop app on MacOS Catalina 10.15 beta 4 (19A512f). Not sure if this is related to the limited functionality of the beta, but the issue looks like this: Click on Applications > WhatsApp to open the app Error message shows up Open System Preferences > Security &...
  15. K

    Apple annonymous e-mails and alternatives

    Hi, So apple introduced anonymous e-mail available after iOS13 launch. Idea is cool so you do not have to pass your real e-mail to services. Since this is nice, are there any services that offer similar functionality? I know few of them, like: - (thougn it looks like...
  16. Lifeisbrilliant

    iPhone Bat Messenger: designed for your privacy

    Hi everyone, I am one of the developers of Bat Messsenger:) Bat Messsenger(BAT) is a secure messenger. It will never collect user data because it uses end-to-end encryption. Your messages will be only stored in your phone rather than BAT's server. Its features are designed to protect your...
  17. supergaia

    problem under security and privacy

    Hi i have installed fantastical 2 not i have uninstalled it and i search for flexibits & fantastical and delete the files and folder , i have used appcleaner but in the security and privacy option i still have fantastical 2 under contacts , calendars ... how can i get rid of it? and have on...
  18. O

    Mysterious pretendco Dead End on my Mac?

    I was surprised to see a few mounted disks on the DiskUtility that didn't appear on the devices tab on finder (I enabled it on the finder preferences). One of the mounted disks is called "Dead End" by Pretend Co deployment services (see the attached image). There's also a mounted disk called...
  19. robertcoogan

    Safari asking for master password....a lot

    Is there a way to disable Safari from asking for my master password every time I need to enter a password? This is very irritating...if there isn't a way to disable it, I'm moving to Firefox.
  20. arkmannj

    Bandwidth monitoring security appliance

    As I’m looking to replace my aging airport/time-capsule devices I’ve decided to rework my home network in general. with more IOT devices, people staying at our house, kids, etc. I’ve been thinking it would be great to get a firewall of sorts (pfsense?) one feature I would really like is to see...