series 0

  1. PhillyGuy72

    Apple Watch SS Series 0 Battery bulged - How hard really is DIY replacement?

    Has anyone else tried this?? Especially on an original Apple watch?? I noticed a prompt on my original Apple Watch Black SS of "charger not supported" last night, I went to take it off the charger and saw the screen was completed dislodged. Right off the bat I suspected the battery since I saw...
  2. W

    S0 won’t pair with iPhone5 - what to do

    Hi, i just got a new Watch S5 and gave my old S0 to my Dad to use along with his iPhone5. We both have read that the S0 works fine along with the iPhone5. Now we tried to set up and pair the watch with his iPhone but we can’t get it to work. We get the message that the software onthe iPhone is...
  3. D

    Digital Crown has more of a 'click' on new Series 3 than on Series 2?

    I've been using my new Series 3 for a few days now, and one of the first things I noticed was that the Digital Crown seems to have more of a distinct 'click' than my Series 2 (SS) or what I remember of my Series 0 (Sport). Is this the case for all Series 3 watches, or did I get lucky?
  4. J

    series 0 battery life, iphone 6 vs iphone 7

    i succumbed to apple's throttling and picked up a used iphone 7. my iphone6 had just become too slow. the migration to the 7 was smooth; despite my iphone6 being turned off and put away, the restore of the backup offered to re-pair my 2 watches with the 7. the first day each watch's battery...
  5. J

    Have you swapped from a SS to a Sport? How did you find the transition?

    Current owner of a 38mm Stainless Steel S0, and starting to get fed up of battery life/slowness. Really tempted by the battery longevity and processing power of the S3, and interested in going for the Sport over the Stainless Steel, primarily for cost reasons. My main concern is durability...
  6. P

    Apple Support + Apple Watch Series 0

    Hello everyone, I purchased my Apple Watch on day one back in 2015. I have the Stainless Steel 42mm. For the past few weeks, I've been having too many issues with the watch smh as extreme slow speed/performence, apps not loading (crashing) and extreme lag. I called Apple Support and I've had...
  7. v1597psh

    Looking for swimmers with Watch Series0/1

    I'm looking for people who swim with their Apple Watch 1st generation or Series 1 on regular bases. How is your watch held up so far? I'm still debating on whether to upgrade from 1st gen to Series 3 or not just for swimming purposes. I found an app called that calculates how much I...
  8. Rok73

    Mic/Sound Issues since 3.2.3

    My mic doesn't work at all and sound is very, VERY quiet on my Series 0 since 3.2.3. Anyone? Things I've done: -Rebooted -Did hard reset -Restored from backup -Set up as new
  9. ColdShadow

    Should I consider buying a 1st Gen (original) Apple Watch or only consider 1st series in Late 2016?

    So I had no real interest in Apple Watch,up-until recently..I still think it's far from being what it should be, and the design is not so hot, etc etc but all the sudden I'm craving one. so my budget for watch will be limited to Sport , Series 1 only . I've found a good deals on used but in...
  10. xExtra

    Can I pair a Series 0 Watch to a 7 Plus?

    I was wondering if I can pair a Series 0 Watch when I get my 7+ without having to upgrade to a Series 1 or 2.