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Sep 30, 2006
i succumbed to apple's throttling and picked up a used iphone 7. my iphone6 had just become too slow.

the migration to the 7 was smooth; despite my iphone6 being turned off and put away, the restore of the backup offered to re-pair my 2 watches with the 7. the first day each watch's battery life was very poor and so i steeled myself for another set of watch re-pairs. luckily though power cycling the watches seemed to solve the problem. the tell was that in the "Usage" portion of the watch app, the app could not get any info from either watch, despite the watches receiving notifications OK. so some part of the communication between the watches and phone was apparently broken, perhaps making the watches try to contact the phone all day continuously.

after rebooting both watches, i'm finding that i get to the end of the day with ~35% battery left vs. 20-25% previously with the iphone6. the one that i wear overnight for sleep monitoring seems also to have more juice in the morning, but overall that one always seemed pretty variable even with the iphone6.

i wonder if the 7 is just faster, so the watch spends less time talking to it, or if there's some difference in the bluetooth radio on the 7 that helps the watch save power. at any rate the new phone seems to have given a little bit of new life to my old watch. i didn't expect that at all.
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