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series 2

  1. haralds

    iOS 15 Warning: Series 0, 1, & 2 might not be compatible

    Series 0 uses watchOS 4.3.2, Series 1 & 2 uses 6.3. There are at least two reports that installing iOS 15 beta causes crash/boot loops that are not recoverable. I have been dealing with this for weeks first suspecting a bad battery. The watch will continue to cycle (sometimes holding for a...
  2. honglong1976

    Polish Apple Watch SS: Cape Cod vs Autosol

    I recently purchased a Series 2 stainless steel Apple Watch. I read lots online about remove scratches and gave Cape Cod a try. Using Cape Cod, it removed fine scratches and marks but nothing else. Autosol works on deeper scratches better, and it feels thicker, so it must be more coarse. So...
  3. honglong1976

    S3 sports owner, downgraded to S2 Staineless steel and loving it!

    Well, I was always under the impression the latest updates are better, but Apple are proving me wrong. IOS14 has been a stinker so far (battery drain) and WatchOS7 wasn't that much of an upgrade from WatchOS6. I took the plunge and downgraded from an S3 LTE sports model to an S2 stainless steel...
  4. C

    Watch OS 5.3.1 - software up to date

    Got an iPhone 11 today and have set it to etc. Gone to update my Apple Watch Series 2 to Watch OS 6 and all I get is the below I have reset my watch twice and hard reset my iPhone, but can’t get it to work. Anyone got any ideas? thanks
  5. E

    Weather complication not showing up.

    Hello everyone, I keep having problems with weather complication it doesn’t show the weather is blank like this — — ° is anyone having this problems ? I have a series 2 Apple Watch.
  6. Dj64Mk7

    Digital Crown has more of a 'click' on new Series 3 than on Series 2?

    I've been using my new Series 3 for a few days now, and one of the first things I noticed was that the Digital Crown seems to have more of a distinct 'click' than my Series 2 (SS) or what I remember of my Series 0 (Sport). Is this the case for all Series 3 watches, or did I get lucky?
  7. S

    Series 2 Will Not Boot Up

    My almost 2 year old (purchased 9/2016) Series 2 was working fine until this past weekend. I noticed it getting warm on my wrist and saw the battery was draining very quickly. I did a power down reset but when it came back up it continued to heat up and drain the battery rapidly. Over the last...
  8. Dj64Mk7

    watchOS 5: Apple Workout App Auto-Launching Itself Randomly on Series 2

    Recently (just today), my Series 2 began this weird cycle of automatically opening the Workout app and starting a Functional Training workout, without any input from me. The strangest thing is that once I tap the End button, it's like the workout never took place. And, as mentioned, this is a...
  9. F

    Wired charging, apple watch series 2, is it possible?

    Hi, I'm trying to charge my apple watch, series 2, using the 5 pin diagnostic port. I have not been successful, yet, but was wondering if anyone knows anything about doing this or has done it. I have a breadboard starter kit so I can supply 5V and over 100mA. But can I just stick the 5V and GND...
  10. Big_P

    NRC and Activity apps crashing because of GPS?

    Hi! I've had problems usimg my Apple Watch S2 for monitoring my runs for a few weeks. The app would take a ton of time to launch and crash at some random point during my race, which I at first blamed on the NRC App itself. However, I recently tried using the Activity app instead and the same...
  11. pixibuex

    Series 2 Battery Drain

    My Series 2 (currently watchOS 4.3) watch battery used to last 36+ hours. But for about 3-4 months it barely lasts 24 hours. I only have Sleep Watch and Carrot Weather apps. I had Sleep Watch since the beginning. So I removed the Carrot Weather complication to find out if it was the reason. But...
  12. E

    Apple Watch Series 2 screen popped out

    hi there, has anyone experienced this? I’m out of warranty. You think Apple will replace this for a fee or free ?
  13. revjoel

    Series 3 or Used Series 2

    I currently have a Series 1 and am starting to run. I have calibrated my watch correctly and it works fantastic but now I would like to track the location of my runs and am thinking of upgrading to either a used Series 2 or a Series 3. Making calls isn't something I really need on a watch but I...
  14. V

    Series 2 and OS4 Performance

    Hello everybody! I am considering buying a used Apple Watch SS Series 2 and I am wondering if the performance is good with the latest OS 4. How is the speed? What is your experience? Is it worth it, in order to save some money getting the series 2, or would you recommend getting the series 3...
  15. S

    Stand Progress in Activity

    Hi everyone! I’ve had watchOS 4 ever since it came out and am using it on a series 2. While I am happy about most of the updates, there is one little quirk I am curious if anyone else has noticed. I use the Stand reminders in Activity and am always aiming for the 12 hour goal. When I used to...
  16. Laryl

    first AW on a budget? Used?

    I have never had an AW. I’m 64 and have been walking to loose weight. I’d like to have an AW but they are so expensive on a retired budget. I saved hard to possibly get the ipX but might have to wait until next year. I need some feedback please. Since I’m just using basic health functions...
  17. L

    Amazon availability?

    Hi there! So, I have a good amount of gift card money in Amazon and was hoping to use it to buy an Apple Watch, either a Series 2 (at what I hope will be a reduced price), or the non-LTE Series 3. I was wondering if anyone here had a sense, from previous Apple product launches, of the timeline...
  18. K

    No More Rose Gold Color Watches?

    I just realized this, but apple Is no longer selling any of the watches in the rose gold color! What are your thoughts as to why? I love my rose gold series 2 watch! IMO the rose gold matches with outfits way more than the gold does. I tried the silver aluminum Series 1 at first and spent...
  19. andjew94

    Fate of Series 1/Series 2

    Pure speculation of course but what do you guys think about the future of S1/S2 as far as what will be kept as the “entry level” watch? Currently the S1 resides in a great price bracket but will Apple kill it and drop the price of S2 to match, or will it kill S2 and keep S1 as it is or possibly...
  20. William Gates

    When did the Link Bracelet disappear?

    I got on the Apple Store app a few minutes ago and notice the Series 2 SS with link bracelet is no longer an option. the bracelet is still available separately, but I wonder if it will be going away soon as well.