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series 4

  1. myusernamedoesnotmatter

    Looking beyond the apple watch as a runner

    Hello, I am new to this forum (as a long time lurker), so if this post does not please some gatekeeping rules that I don't know of I apologize. On Christmas in 2021, I got a hand-me-down series 4 apple watch, and I loved it at the time. However, writing this 16 months later, my goodwill towards...
  2. D

    Battery replacement - or new watch?

    I have a Series 4 which I’ve owned for 3.5 years now. It still does everything I need but, predictably, the battery life is starting to become a problem near the end of the day, with battery health currently at 81%. Apple will replace the battery for £80 (I don’t fancy using a third party...
  3. A

    S4 freezes after an Indoor Workout

    Hi! Long time lurker/reader here, but first time poster :) Recently I've been experiencing a weird S4 watch issue and was wondering if anyone had the same issue or know of any potential solutions. I did a google search but it wasn't the same exact issue. It might just be that my watch is finally...
  4. T

    S4: Battery replacement or buy S7/S8

    I have an S4 40mm since released and works fine and satisfied when it comes to the feature. Current battery health is 74% and the battery lasts more or less 12 hours depending on what I do. And I usually charge during both breakfast and dinner every day which is slightly annoying and want to...
  5. S

    Major WatchOS7 issues

    Wanting to see if anyone else is having this issue...After updating to the final OS7 update, my series 4 non-cellular is having major issues with the battery. It will be around 99% after charging, and will completely turn off randomly and saying the battery is dead. I’ll plug it back in and it...
  6. J

    Series 4 Acting Up: SE or 6?

    I currently have a 44mm Series 4 that is causing some heart ache... slow, battery life not as good as it once was... Anyone go to an SE from a Series 4? I would lose the ECG, but gain a better processor and a new watch with warranty and save some money... or should I go to a Series 6? I do not...
  7. PilotTiny

    Any Series 4 Users Upgrading To Series 6?

    Hiya! I currently have a Series 4 Space Black Stainless AW, got it at launch. I'm thinking about skipping a year again as my watch still seems to do everything I want.. the design still seems great and performance still seems to be great. Just wondering what others with the Series 4 are...
  8. areskins

    Ordered a Xiaomi Mi Band 5

    This might be my first time posting in the apple watch forum and also please excuse my english in advance. I love almost all apple devices ever since I was in college but was consistently repelled by the idea of having a smart watch. I have an iphone, a macbook, airpods, and an old apple tv. As...
  9. docziandras

    Gold Aluminum/Aluminium Apple Watch Series 4 with Gold Milanese Loop

    Hi everyone, Can someone post me a picture of the gold alu Series 4 with the gold :apple: Milanese loop please? I've bought my wife a then current gold aluminum Series 4 last summer. The Apple original Milanese loop has dropped price since then but given that it is stainless steel, it is color...
  10. KeanosMagicHat

    Migrating Data From Watch Series 4 to Series 5

    Having only bought the S4 less than 5 months ago, I had no intention of upgrading to S5. However I was then surprised by the Always On screen and this week also won a competition which would cover almost 60% of the cost of the S5 with the sale of the S4 making up the rest . . . so it’s decision...
  11. thelonelylimo

    Seeking to buy a Series 4 Hermes band I missed

    The keynote came up on me too fast and I missed purchasing an Apple Watch band that Apple has removed today. It is the "Indigo/Craie/Orange Swift Leather Single Tour" from Hermes. There seem to be numerous replicas and fakes around the web but nothing authentic. Hoping maybe reaching out to the...
  12. L

    There May Not Be a Series 5 This Year

    From what's come out, it seems that there may not be a series 5 watch this year. Apparently only 4 new models were registered, which supposedly correspond with the 40 and 44 mm versions of the titanium and ceramic finish watches. Rumours suggest that this might mean that these will be...
  13. W

    Major difference between Series 3 and Series 4

    Want to check what's the major difference between series 3 apple watch and series 4 apple watch. thinking to get one but if there's no major change so why not go with series 3 which is cheaper than series 4. What's the actual price of both nowadays?
  14. T

    Series 4 Hiking Distance Accuracy

    Yesterday, I hiked Mt. Bierstadt – one of Colorado's 14ers. I started and stopped tracking my hike at the same time on both my Apple Watch Series 4 using the workout app and my iPhone 8 using the GPS Tracks app. I have found the GPS Tracks app to be very reliable in the past. When I finished, I...
  15. holysmokesbatman

    How do you keep the sport bands from getting stuck?

    Hey guys, So I recently bought an OEM Rose Red sport band from someone and I just love the color, but the band is quite difficult to put on and take off. It almost feels like I have to force it in and yank it out. All my other bands go in and out with ease, so I’m not sure what I can do to make...
  16. P

    Apple Watch Series 4 Silver vs Space Gray(compare)

    Hi! I would like to buy an aluminium Apple Watch Series 4 Nike 44mm version this week. The question is: Which version is more scratch resistant? The silver version or the space gray? Please write experiences about visibility of the watch injuries. Thank you very much
  17. A

    S4: High usage count and battery drain

    Hello, I own a Series 4 44mm GPS for a few days now, coming from a S2, which I used for about 2 years. Anyway, the S4 was paired as a new watch, I did not restore a backup. I noticed, that the S4 battery time is much lower than on my S2. It consumes constantly about 8-10% per hour, only when...
  18. Napalm Doctor

    Battery life

    What is your battery life on average on the S4 LTE? Do you workout? Do you call or use LTE? Tell us more...
  19. MDF314159265

    Watch OS 5.1.3 and iMessaging

    Since updating to watchOS 5.1.3, my messages on the watch no longer send as iMessages. iPhone software is updated to latest iOS and watch and iPhone are connecting, but no iMessage functionality. Minor problem, but a problem. It’s broke. Anyone else experiencing this? Any idea how to fix...
  20. mdhaus72

    Sudden battery drain on new Series 4 watch

    I just bought a new Series 4 Space Black Stainless Steel watch about 3-and-a-half weeks ago. Every day when I go to bed, the watch's battery has been at about 60-65% remaining when I take it off at around midnight or perhaps later. Today, right before a meeting at work at 3 PM, I happened to...