1. Napalm Doctor

    The case for iMessage on other platforms

    Since Facebook has been trying to look like they care about privacy, I feel like it is the best time for Apple to make iMessage with Facetime available on a lot more platforms. Find a way to monetize it. Integrate photo backups and sell iCloud storage for example. Make an in-app Store and allow...
  2. C

    Open terminal in current folder

    Hello to all I am trying to assign shortcut to open terminal on the current folder, but it doesnt seem to work. I know that I have to go to Settings > Keyboard > Services and enable New Terminal at Folder. I do that and when I go to Finder > services I can see the option there. The problem...
  3. Napalm Doctor

    Apple Sports

    I think Apple should start selling Sports as a service. They should start by acquiring DAZN. This would bolster their TV app and streaming services. For a good price people would jump in. Not only that but if they could score some exclusives than it would promote their platform even more...
  4. Crash Davis

    Make services menu longer without sub-menu

    Is there any way to modify the services menu so that it doesn't automatically create a sub-menu after only a few entries? Thanks.
  5. J

    Apple Music Bug?

    I have been having an issue with apple music for a while now and iv tried support but they are just as lost as me right now. Has anybody ever had a situation where whilst adding music to your library it says added but doesn't add and the download just spins and spins? I have a video that i...
  6. J

    How to remove services.

    I have a macbook pro running ElCapitan. In the top right of my desktop next to the wifi and speaker icons are a bunch of other services. See my attached image. I would like to remove the services because I think they are slowing my macbook down. Could someone advise how I can remove them...
  7. Sirious

    Location Services Constantly 'On' in iOS 11

    Ever since I updated to iOS 11, there is a persistent location services icon (arrow) in the status bar. It simply does not stop tracking me! It switches between being an outline and a filled in arrow, however. I have checked in settings, and it is "Significant Locations" that might be doing...
  8. V

    How to disable unnecessary processes/services on my Macbook Pro?

    Not sure if this is the right sub-forum to post in but here goes: Im wondering if there are any resource hungry and just things I don't use like iCloud and etc I can turn off. Im an IT student, studying software development and I strictly do only school stuff on my mac. For security and...
  9. Ahmet Celal

    iPhone iTunes not recognize my iPhone

    i know in youtube or google has couple thousands answer but all that answers cant solved my specific question so let me explain what happens what i have ? ios 9.0.2 jailbroken iphone 6 128gb windows 10 64 bit pc windows 7 32 bit laptop mac mini with el capitan in windows "I CAN" access my...