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  1. kimosetcx

    iMovie - i can't share/export. It lets me, but nothing actually saves.

    I can't work out what's going on. Firstly, why does it say 'share' instead of Export? What a joke. But my main issue is - why isn't it working? What am i doing wrong - Edited movie. Click 'share'. File Chose the specs i want. Everything seems fine. It lets me go through with it. It acts...
  2. iosmike

    macbook pro access mac mini

    I tried to delete this post, but I can't.
  3. C

    All Devices The iOS Share Sheet is dangerous! Sharer beware.

    When I click the share icon, iOS 13 includes suggested contacts. First of all, the suggestions are terrible. And they are made worse by the fact that if I click on some of them, they actually message more people than the one listed. For instance, my father is listed as a share sheet person. But...
  4. Z

    sharing your Instagram account?

    Is it ok for you to share your Instagram account for a day or two?
  5. Z

    sharing online my porfolio

    Which would be the best way for a designer to share his portfolio online? I know about Behance, but have you tried some other better way? :)
  6. haralds

    Forwarding native Notifications to another Mac

    I am running a server in headless mode. It would be nice to be able to forward the native Notifications to another Mac the way Growl can. Does anybody know of an app for that? Should really be part of continuity.
  7. L

    Getting "The specified network name is no longer available" on share

    I have a SMB connection to my NAS. In MacOS Mojave, but also in older MacOS/OS-X versions, I often get the message "The specified network name is no longer available". Often I don't get this message, but the connection is always broken after some time. This is annoying, for example when I want...
  8. G

    W7 smb shares not visible in Network

    Hi. macOS 10.14.2 MBP I can see my LAN connected Ubuntu 14.04 server inside the Network section of Finder. However I don't see my Windows 7 shares (several PCs). These PCs are connected to the same LAN. On other Windows 7 machines inside the LAN, I see all (Windows 7 shares and the Ubuntu...
  9. M

    imovie:can't export - why??

    hi there, i'm using imovie 10.1.2 on a macbook pro (2014, 2,8 GHz Intel Core i5, 8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3, Intel Iris 1536 MB) and am importing 4k footage from my drone(mavic2pro). as the macbook is apparently to slow it can't play the footage in quicktime or in imovie. frame by frame it works in...
  10. Stephen.Trae

    Apps Activity Friends (Add?)

    With me getting S4 soon. I thought it would be pretty cool to find people to compete and share with workout goals with. If you’re interested feel free to comment down below!
  11. E

    Host name since macOS Mojave

    Hi there, Last week, I updated my Macbook Air under macOS Mojave and when I went to work with, I had a pop-up like what a Macbook under my name already existed and that it was renamed to " Macbook (2) ". I tried to change it in the "Sharing" system preferences of macOS. But the next day the...
  12. T

    SMB Shares Can't be Accessed. "The share does not exist on the server. Please check the share name."

    Hello everyone! OS: Mac OS High Sierra 10.13.6 MacBook Pro 15' I'm currently trying to set up an (smb) external hard drive / share folders to my router (ASUS RT A68CU). I have successfully set up my SAMBA / shares folders on my router via my external hard drive (I hope). When attempting...
  13. MacHiavelli

    Share from Safari using Email

    Using latest public beta. The share menu in Safari isn't working for email. Anyone got a fix?
  14. Z

    Unlocking/sharing multiple files & folders

    All of the folders on my ext drive are locked and not able to be shared on the corp network. How can I unlock all those files and folders at once in order to make them accessible for all users on my network?
  15. jagooch

    Finder Problem "original item cannot be found" when selecting Synology Share

    You can see "THEVAULT" share here Double-clicking it in Finder gives this error , and you cannot see the contents of the share. But if I navigate to /Volumes/THEVAULT in Finder or in a bash shell, it works fine Finder Terminal Any idea why I cannot click on the Synology share and...
  16. Chadest

    Family computer setup recomendation

    My brother and his wife both use iPhones and Macs, but they’re about to have twins and need to upgrade their old machines. The goals are: Have a shared contacts list. When one ads a new contact, the other gets it. Shared system for notes A single destination for all their photos, to collect...
  17. rdav

    Photos Library, Share between Users?

    We want to share a Photos Library between two Users /Logins (on the same iMac) under macOS [10.13]. Have successfully moved the [Pictures/Photos.photoslibrary] from User1 to the Shared directory. And adjusted Permissions. No problem for User1, but the same Photo Library still can't be accessed...
  18. M

    Time Machine to SMB share, credentials not in keychain

    One of set Time Machine destinations is SMB share in LAN. Is there any way to prevent Time Machine from saving credentials for that network share in keychain and to force Time Machine to ask user for those credentials every time Time Machine needs to know those?
  19. seanbperiod

    Network shared files on another mac require verification before viewing

    I have 2 computers, both on High Sierra. Previously, I was able to double click a file on a network share and it would open immediately. But with High Sierra, most files now have to be "verified" before viewing. This is especially problematic when they are large sized video files- and they...
  20. psionicsin

    iPhone iOS 11 Messages Missing in Share Menu

    Hey guys, I seem to have a very isolated problem as no one else seems to have this issue. iOS 11 beta 6 currently (iPhone), but ever since beta 2...messages has been missing from the share menu. If I'm in any other app besides messages, it's not there. So then I have to copy and paste whatever...