1. D

    MacBook Air M1 2020 - Shipping Weight/Box Dimensions

    Hello, I've searched the forums but I could not find the answer, so my apologies in advance if this has already been asked. Can someone please share the shipping weight and outer box (brown packaging) dimensions? I'm planning on using a re-shipping service and I would like to know what the new...
  2. Apple4r1

    iPhone 12 Pro Max Baltic Blue Leather Case shipping pushed to end of January?

    I just got an email from the Apple Store telling me that because of an "unexpected delay" my iPhone 12 Pro Max Baltic Blue Leather Case will be shipped in 8 to 10 weeks!! I bought the case on launch day alongside the iPhone 12 Pro Max. The iPhone is expected to arrive next Wednesday, but I can't...
  3. Apple fanboy

    UK Preorder thread

    Couldn't see one, so here it is! Enjoy following those tracking numbers!
  4. deagan

    MP 7,1 Shipping Boxes for Domestic Shipping

    Hi everyone! Unfortunately, I haven't been able to adapt to my purchase of the 2019 Mac Pro and am thinking of selling it. Although the specs of my 4TB, 16-Core, Vega Duo, with 96GB of RAM was more than I could wish for, the problems I've seen in MacOS crashes and compatibility have been...
  5. G

    Rhinoshield and delivery times

    Hi everyone. I’m new to the forum. Just wondering if anyone has had any previous experience with Rhinoshield? I ordered a Mod NX case and a screen protector from them on Friday 24th April, the same day I ordered the phone. The phone actually arrived today 😁. As I’m based in the UK, their...
  6. Gareth Veitch

    Apple sent me two oversized batteries in my shipping box 🤔🤷‍♂️

    Anything like this ever happen to anyone? I initiated a repair order for my MBP a couple days ago, and when I received my shipping box this morning inside it were two large 12V 18Ah batteries at about ten lbs each. 🤣 The lady on customer support was perplexed to say the least. She initiated a...
  7. C

    iPad mini iPad Mini 5 Ship Time

    I wanted to get a thread going discussing iPad Mini 5 orders and shipping estimates. I ordered a 256GB Space Grey with Wifi+LTE and am getting an estimated arrival of April 2-5. What do others look like?
  8. B

    Other iPone Xs Shipping Concern With FedEx

    hi there, Long story short, I received a shipment confirmation from Apple last night saying that my order would be fulfilled by FedEx and delivered tomorrow the 29th. 24 hours later, FedEx tracking is not working and there is no way I can check what is going on and if this delivery will even...
  9. lexlevi

    Series 4 Tracking/Shipping/Dispatch Thread

    Hello all! Excited to get this ball rolling. Part of the fun of pre-ordering is waiting for new order statuses... and of course, monitoring shipments before Apple even provides a tracking number. I got a 44mm, Gold SS with the Stone Sport Band. My status is "Preparing to Ship," but I haven't...
  10. PracticalMac

    USPS, FedEx, UPS, or other shipper. What is your opinion of each?

    Reading on this post about troubles of eBay seller, made my think. I have used various shippers over my life, and my opinion. USPS: Over all I have had a strongly positive experience. Shipped and received thousands of packages, very, very few issues (and my fault in some of them). Almost all...
  11. C

    Canadian Shipping Times - 2018 MBP 13"

    Hi friends, I finally pulled the trigger on the 2018 13" MBP this morning (July 16). Opted for the 16GB RAM which seems to add an additional week on delivery time. I am really looking forward to getting this, so paid for the Expedited Shipping which estimated as "Delivers 25 Jul - 27 Jul by...
  12. W

    How to buy IKEA furnishings

    I have been watching numerous YouTube "ultimate desk setup" videos involving people buying and hacking IKEA products to create desks and counters, among other things. I am considering a major renovation and office furniture change/renovation providing I can build up sufficient $$$ for it. I...
  13. C

    iMac Pro Anyone experiencing faster-than-stated shipping on iMac Pro?

    Just ordered the 10-core iMac Pro, with expected delivery between Feb 20 and Feb 27. I have a project coming up that I'm hoping to use it for, but it might arrive just too late for it. Essentially, just curious if people have found their iMac Pros ship faster than expected?
  14. R

    iPhone 8(+) New iPhone ordered, shipped -- redirect delivery to FedEx OnSite Walgreens?

    New iPhone ordered, shipped -- redirect delivery to FedEx OnSite Walgreens? Answer: NO. Do not try it. Adds delay. I made the mistake of trying to use it. Here's what happened. -- Apple ships new iPhone via FedEx Priority Overnight. -- The shipping options selected by Apple [Special...
  15. T

    iPhone X Shipping Info (Dec. 8)

    Hello everyone, Just a quick question. Has anyone ordered an iPhone within the last week? If so, would you be willing to post if it’s being shipping from California (Elk Grove), China, or elsewhere? I ordered an iPhone earlier today (12/8) directly from Apple and would like to know if it is...
  16. C

    iMac packing method from B&H

    Does anyone know if B&H ships orders of iMacs inside a brown box or bare with the Apple iMac packaging displayed?
  17. danilko1

    (Conspiracy Theories) iPhone X and maybe others (Apple Store) Shipping container question.

    MOSTLY THIS IS NOTHING DEPARTMENT I have noticed, on at least USA shipments, the iPhone X shipping container has a cross clear tape over the enclosure that's been cut, then placed over that, tape that seals the box along the edge. In my particular box, the final tape is exactly the length of...
  18. elliotwuu99

    iPhone X Shipping Change (Verizon)

    I preordered an iPhone X at 3:10 EST on Oct 27 through the Apple Store app and ended with a Nov 17-24 delivery. When I was checking out with Apple Pay, it didn't let me change the shipping address. My billing address and my shipping address is different. I tried calling both Verizon and Apple...
  19. servalpe

    Europe > iPhone X: Delivery Date 21-28 Nov Bumped ??

    Hi from Spain. Trying to have info in Europe about updated delivery dates for 2-3 weeks pre-orders. I still have 21-28 Nov.
  20. jaziCo

    Paid In Full - iPhone X [Shipping 17th - 24th]

    After following the "Have any 11/17-11/24 shipments been bumped?" thread since it was created, it has been apparent that IUP orders have been getting priority over most/all other methods of payments, or so it seems at the very least. The thread is now being dominated by UPS shipment status...