1. Y

    Quick way / shortcut to toggle location services on and off for specific app possible?

    Is there any possible way to have a shortcut to an app settings? I would like to streamline the process of turning on and off the location services of a specific app without having to go to settings, going to the app and then clicking location services, and then toggling back and forth between...
  2. purdnost

    All Devices Jump to a Specific Note with Shortcuts

    The stock Notes widget isn't useful to me. It doesn't allow me to specify which note I want it to always display. Yes, I can have it display the most recently edited note (Settings > Notes > Viewing > Sort Notes By Date Edited), but if I make an edit to another note, then that note is now...
  3. purdnost

    All Devices Miss the "Find My Friends" Widget? Use the Shortcut.

    I was disappointed that Apple had removed the "Find My Friend" widget and didn't replace it with a "Find My" widget. But, in the Shortcuts app, on the Gallery page, near the top, you should see a "Shortcuts from Your Apps" section with recommendations including "Find (person)". This seems to...
  4. elvisofdallas

    Duplicating custom macOS Keyboard Shortcuts

    Hi - Is there a way to copy custom keyboard shortcuts in macOS to another Mac? I have quite a few I've built and I'd love to copy them easily, but all I can find is that these shortcuts live in the .plist files (some are system, others are in the application's .plist file). Thanks in advance...
  5. Owenpatry

    Track and Log location

    Hey All! First post so bare with me! First, a little background to understand my motive: I’m a freelancer in the film biz in Southern California and I go to a lot of different places for work. My wife and I plan on moving in the near future and I’ve always wondered what the prime location is...
  6. K

    iPhone XS iPhone Shortcut for changing the "Auto Lock" setting

    Hi, Is it possible to create a shortcut on iPhone, which changes the "Auto-Lock" setting to "Never"? If creating a shortcut for this is not possible, what other easy way could you recommend to change the auto-lock setting?
  7. R

    Using Roccat Browsers Navigate Launchers to control home.

    I love the Roccat Browser, as it works on all my mac's from my old PPC G4 all the way to my latest Macbook. On feature I use a lot is Navigate Launchers which basically allows you to create shortcuts to your favourite sites / web apps etc.. But today I thought what if I create home actions...
  8. T

    Changing sleep shortcut?

    I'm on mm2012 and old -keyboard with eject button. Mini will sleep with com+opt+eject, but if I try to redefine that in sysPrefs->KB->shortcuts->Services->Text(wtf?)->"Put Computer To Sleep" to eg.F13, I just hear the alert sound. Can sleep butten be redefined at all?
  9. J

    Keyboard shortcuts

    Hey guys, I was wondering if it is at all possible to change the characters on my keyboard. I use the greek letters alpha (α) and beta (β) a lot and I have to change my keyboard to greek every time I want to use those letters. Is it possible to create a keyboard shortcut for those letters (i.e...
  10. supergaia

    shortcut to launch launchpad and full screen program help

    hi i run sierra 10.12.6 i had always a nightmare with the keyboard shortcuts maybe because i'm coming from windows i have searched around internet a shortcut to launch the lauchpad ,is there a keyboard shortcut to open the launchpad ? and another question? is there a keyboard shortcut to open...
  11. F

    Did they break the 3-finger-tap dictionary shortcut?

    For years one of my absolute favorite things about the Mac trackpad was being able to 3-finger-tap while hovering the mouse over a particular word, and then the Mac would define that word for me in a small pop-up dictionary window. It seems that after Sierra, this feature broke for me. Now it's...
  12. J

    How to add shortcut?

    How do you add a shortcut to a more complicated instruction? (Example shown in the image) When I have to export lots of pages files at once into PDF files, it becomes tedious and I want to make it a quicker process, so when you press File > Export To > PDF it isn't allowing me to make a...
  13. J

    How to create a keyboard shortcut to start Calendar

    Hi! I'm looking for a way to start Calendar using a keyboard shortcut. I've already done: System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > App Shortcuts clicked "+", chose the Calendar app, added Alt-C as the shortcut . . . but it doesn't work. I'm using Firefox 55.0 (64 bit) on a Mac Mini...
  14. miknos

    Remove Page with Widgets (from Home Screen)

    Is there a way to remove that extra page? Normally I keep only two pages. First one with the ones I heavily use. When I unlock my device, I can find the app Im looking fast since there is only two pages. Now having a third one, I get lost many times. Same for Control Center; I swipe up to open...
  15. D

    Shortcut to switch Tabs in Terminal

    Hello, just updated from El Capitan to Sierra and the old shortcuts for switching between tabs in terminal don't work anymore. On El Capitan i jumped between them forward: cmd + ä backward: cmd + ö Now on Sierra i have to press "shift + cmd + arrow keys" - to press all of these...
  16. E

    iPad Pro Smart Keyboard and suggested words

    Hi, I am a proud owner of iPad Pro 12,9", and I love it. I've only a problem. I like to use the suggested word system as I type with Smart Keyboard, but sometimes it hints a mistaken word. Do you know if there's any shortcut on Smart Keyboard to cancel the suggested word and type the one I want...
  17. D

    Text Shortcut Syncing

    For reference, I'm talking about the text replacement shortcuts (a default one is "omw" for "On my way!") I seem to remember at one point that these shortcuts would sync between iPhone and Mac through iCloud. It actually happened for me once at long time ago, but never since. Is this not a...
  18. eriksmoe

    Ctrl+Tab not switching tabs

    After updating to El Cap 10.11.3 from Yose: Switching between tabs in Safari or Finder doesn't work using Ctrl+Tab. It works only for switching between tool buttons. In Chrome and Firefox it still works as before. Have had this problem before upon updating major versions.
  19. kiwidesign

    "Cycle through windows" vs. "Move focus to next windows"

    Premise: I've recently performed a clean install of 10.11.2 on my 2011 MBP, coming from a 10.8.x installation... quite the upgrade! :) Since my first mac with 10.4 Tiger I've grown accustomed to the comfort of system wide shortcuts, and one of those I used most was the "Cycle through windows"...