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  1. ernestostifano

    Mac Shuts Down After Boot Logo

    Hi everyone! This is the thing... MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2014) Multiple Partitions (macOS Mavericks, macOS Catalina, Windows 10, Linux) My SSD disk has a pure GUID partition map, al operative systems are installed in pure EFI mode. No MBR. Everything worked fine until I updated...
  2. W

    Macbook Pro Won't Shut Down

    Hello there, I’m having problems with my Macbook Pro. After using an external CD drive to burn music last week, it hasn’t allowed me to shut down or restart the computer. I unplugged it without ejecting because there was no option to do so. When I try to shut down or restart the computer now, an...
  3. supergaia

    can i add a sound when i log off /restart or shut down my imac?

    Hi can i add a sound when i log off or restart ot shut down my imac? i searched around the net and forum without luck cheers
  4. M

    cMP 5,1 does not shut down

    My cMP 5,1 (flashed 4,1) running High Sierra does not fully shut down. The screen darkens but the cursor stays on. When the screen darkens, cursor jumps to upper left corner and remains live. If left alone, it seems system or monitor will sleep and awaken when mouse is moved. Just started...
  5. F

    2014 imac is killing power supplies

    I have a late 2014 27inch imac that seems to be killing power supplies. model numbers a149, mf886LL/A, EMC2806 I started having random shutdowns. The only way to turn it back on was to reset the SMC by pulling the power cord out and discharging the capacitors. I did everything I could think...
  6. Y

    Shutting down displays screenshot of previous activity

    I have a Macbook Pro with Touchbar 2017 model and I've noticed that when shutting down, all apps are quit, but then for a moment the whole screen instead of going black shows a "screenshot" of something that I was doing prior to shutdown. I can't say how long ago exactly, I haven't noticed but...
  7. S

    Shuts down when closed and idle

    This doesn't happen frequently but it does happen often enough to ask about. If I leave my Macbook Pro on, closed, idle (and asleep) for a few hours or more sometimes I open it up to find that it has shut down. This happens even if the battery is at or close to 100%.
  8. alousypeach

    My Mac Mini won’t finish shutting down

    After I hit shut down, my screen turns black, but I still have full control of the mouse and the computer’s light remains on. I’ve tried waiting it out, but I’ve had to force shut down every time I’ve tried. I quit out of all my apps before shutting down. This only started recently; no idea what...
  9. Bexina94x

    Battery playing up. Advice?

    I normally fall asleep with my Macbook on, however after some time it sleeps automatically. When coming to use it the following day it wakes up as normal, battery is not drained. It functions for a few seconds, then freezes momentarily and shuts down. If I clip on the charging cable and leave it...
  10. B

    Apple TV 4th gen shutting down randomly

    My 4th gen Apple TV keeps shutting down lately. Also, sucks in general.:rolleyes: Anybody else been experiencing random shut downs?
  11. U

    Macbook Pro Randomly Shuts Down

    Hello, I have a Late 2013 MacBook Pro Retina that has been randomly shutting down. It shuts down on power or battery. I have reset the SMC and NVRAM, but the problem still occurs. After doing both of those, I erased the drive and reinstalled macOS. I initially had Sierra (not sure what version)...
  12. D

    Mac mini 2014 turns off display under high load

    I have the mac mini 2014 with macOS Sierra 10.12.5. For the past months, I have noticed that when I have a CPU-intensive task, after around 30 minutes, the mac mini overheats and the display turns off. I then have to press the power button to turn the mac off. If i start the mac on again, the...
  13. L

    iPhone 7 randomly shuts down & won't start again

    Hey, long term apple user and encountered first issue ever. My 10 months old iPhone 7 have started to randomly shut down and it can't be started again until plugged in to power. It doesn't matter the battery status, it happens even if its 100% and also even when it is actually plugged in. Also...
  14. R

    MBPr (mid 2012) replaced battery - >50% shut down

    Hi there, First of all I want to thank everybody, who is patiently helping people in this forum to fix their problems. I managed to fix many problems using this knowledge base. Now I have a problem, that I am not able to fix using this site: What has happened: My MBPr (mind 2012) kept shutting...
  15. G

    What do you guys think of this video? 5k iMac 7 shut downs in 11 minutes.

    Keep having problems with my iMac and Apple not responding! Tired of this situation! 7 shut downs in 11 minutes video. For the past week haven't been able to use it since just booting up will shut down! Today I disconnected it in the morning from the outlet and connected it back again in the...
  16. JMac1996

    [Sleepmode] Is there a way to (completely) Shutdown the new Mcbook Pro by closing the lid?

    Hey Guys, ;) so as you can read I am interested if there is a way to shutdown the new Macbook Pro's 2016 by jsut closing the lid. Are there Apps, which allow this kind of actions? o_O Also I would like to get some more information about the stock sleep mode from Apple. When I close my...
  17. C

    Macbook pro shuts down randomly

    Hi, I have a MacBook pro (retina, 15" inch, late 2013) I have just updated to Sierra and after I did this my computer shuts down randomly.. Sometimes after 1 min, sometimes after 10 mins.. It only happens when i do NOT have an external display connected via HDMI or Thunderbolt. If I have...
  18. Morten_Hjort

    MacBook Pro crashes all the time

    I have a late 2013 retina MacBook Pro that have served me well for years. A few days ago I installed the MacOS Sierra GM but after a few minutes of use my Mac without warning turned itself off. I was sure it was because if the Beta and I did a new clean install of El Capitan that used to work...
  19. MRC127

    Please help! My MacPro desktop suddenly shuts down without any warning!

    Hi everyone! I am reposting this in attempt to get more advice and support on my issue. I purchased a pre-owned Apple Mac Pro 2,1 this past December. I mainly use it for editing my photographs on Adobe PS, using RAW camera filter. The unit never gave me any issues, until earlier this week...
  20. N

    Mac Book Pro, screen freezes then struggles to turn on

    Hello Forum, Its been a while, but basically my mac book pro randomly freezes whilst I am on my computer (Mostly online). After it freezes, I have to force shut it down, and turn it back on again. However whenever I do that, turning it back on adds plenty of small horizontal lines through the...