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  1. C

    Sleep mode and USB ports

    Hi, I have a simple usb-3 hub connected to my Mac mini m1. I was wondering why the hub’s led always remains on (even when the Mac is supposed to be in sleep mode). Best
  2. U

    Multiple sleep schedules with breaks on any day with sleep App on Apple Watch?

    Is it possible to set up multiple sleep schedules on any single complete day with Apple Watch sleep App. There will be time breaks between any two sleep schedules. For example , sleep schedules are: 10 pm to 4 am; 8 am to 12 pm. Cumulative sleep time taking the two sleep schedules will then be...
  3. my_stories

    Universal My Stories - bedtime stories for kids

    Install from App Store (iPad, iPhone) My stories – is a collection of personal tales for your child. Your child is the main hero of the adventures. Just type in the name and the gender, so each book becomes a personal tale for your daughter or son. My stories – it’s time for you and your...
  4. A

    Sleep tracking on iPhone using Health app

    I always put my iPhone in Sleep mode (now under Focus in iOS 15) before sleep every night and turn it off every morning when I wake up but to my surprise when I go to Health app those hours between when I turn the Sleep mode on and off are not being logged under ‘Sleep’ in Health app. Confused...
  5. P

    Watch is waking on wrist raise in Sleep Mode

    Hello everyone! Thanks in advance for any advice. So, I have an Apple Watch Series 4, when I put it into sleep mode in the past (either triggers on iPhone or watch), the screen would not turn on when detecting a wrist raise. I would have to touch the screen or turn the Digital Crown to...
  6. I

    Battery drain during sleep (intermittent)

    I have mba 2020, fresh install Catalina latest version. It started 2 months ago, when it’s awake every 2 minutes and end up with empty battery the next day. I already disabled WiFi, find my Mac, disable power nap, change hibernate mode to 25, disable key chains, with no results. Sometimes, it...
  7. Manek43509

    Strange Behaviour When Minimising Windows In Mojave

    I should start by saying I haven't experienced this myself, this is an issue my dad is having on his MacBook Pro, so I am just relaying what he has described to me… But it does sound extremely odd, and I wonder whether anyone has any insights because it has me completely stumped! So my dad has...
  8. BlueberryMac

    What MacOS feature did this? Power Nap or something else? A download started at a cafe, completed while my MBA was still closed but once I got home.

    I was at a cafe downtown trying to download a huge file, but the cafe’s connection was too slow (I was only able to download about 20% of it) so eventually I gave up, closed my M1 Macbook Air and went home. Sometime later (after I had arrived back at home) I opened my backpack, and re-opened my...
  9. Y

    Best band for strongest Taptic feedback feel?

    Hi everyone, I wear my watch during sleep, and I really enjoy using the silent/Taptic-based alarm function to wake up. Unfortunately I can’t always feel the vibration on my wrist on some days and end up oversleeping. In your experience, which bands are most helpful in noticing the Taptic...
  10. donnieberry

    Strange Macbook sleep bug that even the senior tech's cant figure out (Happens on both Intel and M1)

    For the record, both Mac's are on the latest version of Big Sur. So, I bought an Intel 16 inch 2019 model macbook pro around one month ago. I am a web developer so I install a lot of programs of course for my work and that is what this laptops main use is, work. So I have my chrome extensions...
  11. M

    M1 Air problems with USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter

    Has anyone else experienced random color shifts or system crashes when using Apple's USB-C to Digital AV adapter (MUF82AM/A) with the base model M1 Macbook Air? Sometimes when waking the computer from sleep it shifts the colors on the external monitor or just crashes and restarts the Air...
  12. stasapps

    Universal Magical Bedtime Audio Stories for KIDS

    Download on the AppStore We know how it is hard sometimes to put a child to sleep. Therefore, with the help of child psychologists and sleep consultants, we have developed our unique method. You only turn on our audio stories for your child before bed. The female speaker’s fascinating voice...
  13. H

    M1 mini - peculiar behavior during sleep.

    Hey all! Loving my M1 mini so far, it's been a rock solid machine. Just having one interesting "issue" if you could even call it that, night after night. I have my mini in a desk setup in my bedroom plugged into a backlit mechanical keyboard and mouse. Sometimes when I go up to the Apple menu...
  14. John Boydon

    MP 6,1 Big Sur - Kernel Panic: Sleep Wake failure in EFI

    Hello all, I have updated Catalina to Big Sur 11.1. After that I have got several kernel panics, all of them related to: Sleep Wake failure in EFI Failure code:: 0x00000000 0x0000001f With Catalina these kind of problems never happened to me. I have a MacPro6,1 12c, 64GB, D500 with Intel...
  15. G

    MacBook 16 never wakes up after 11.1 update

    After MacBook goes to sleep it never wakes up. I need to hold power button to restart it and boot again. Resetting SMC and downgrading to 11.0.1 doesn’t help. I have i9, 5500m, 32gb MacBook 16, 2019 Does anyone has the same issue? Is there a safe way to restore bridgeOS to a previous stable...
  16. G

    M1 Mac mini not waking display after sleep

    My M1 (8gb/256) Mac mini doesn't seem to want to wake my displays after its been sleeping. I have tried with 2 different displays with 2 different HDMI cables with the same thing occurring on each one. I am currently only using one at a time. I also noticed some pink squares/graphics glitches on...
  17. F

    Resolved Macbook restarts

    Hi, every time I close the lid MacBook restarts. is there any way to solve this?
  18. J

    Apple Watch and Sleep

    It's no surprise that the Apple Watch sleep tracking functionality isn't as good as other devices you put underneath your bed and that the watch isn't a convenient device for sleeptracking given the weak battery life. So, if this is the case, why is apple still trying to integrate sleep...
  19. Nigel Goodman

    iMac Sleep and Deep Sleep

    I have a strange issue that for convenience I have called Sleep and Deep Sleep. My iMac running Catalina is always on and has the Emby server running providing streaming to an Apple TV. When I have finished using the iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, 2017) I just walk away and the display will turn...
  20. BlueberryMac

    Tired of being woken up by friends trying to Facetime me, how do I tell my iPodTouch and iPadPro to not audibly announce Facetime calls?

    I have friends in different countries who will occasionally try to contact me via a Facetime or Facetime Audio call when my country is still asleep. This means that my iPodTouch starts going crazy like an alarm from wherever it’s plugged in charging for the night. How do I tell my iPodTouch...