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  1. sbn

    Macbook Pro 2021 not sleeping when lid is closed

    My laptop (2021 16" M1 Max running latest macOS 13.1) is not automatically going to sleep when closing the lid/screen. Not even when running on battery. It's been like this for the entire year that I've owned this laptop. I startet from a clean macOS install in december 2021 and then moved all...
  2. F

    Apple Watch App similar to Oura Ring / Whoop Features

    Hey friends, Is there any app that includes training and sleep tracking, that gives you data like Oura Ring / Whoop? e.g. Readiness Score Thank you. :)
  3. Alvin777

    Tips to Make Windows Wake Up From Sleep as 100% Reliable as Possible?

    Hello Windows and Mac friends. Sleep is needed today to save energy and save the bearing in the fans but sometimes it won't wakeup. What tips in settings is best, in the BIOS and in Windows 10 Pro or Windows 11 Pro (I'm on Windows 11 Pro). I've turned On 'Turn Off Display' but I've Turned Off...
  4. P

    MacBook Pro 14" Battery Drain in Sleep, Constantly Waking--Why?

    Can anyone help me diagnose what's going on here?
  5. D

    Calendar notifications disappear due to sleep

    This is new. My Calendar alerts are gone whenever I wake the Mac from sleep. This is pretty bad for me since I often set Calendar (all day) alerts for my most important to-dos of the day as well as appointments. Has anyone seen that behaviour before? Settings are set to alerts and I'm on 12.5.1.
  6. J

    2019 16 inch MBP battery drain in 2 days during sleep

    I'm not sure what the exact day is when the battery died but I closed the lid on my computer for like a day I'm estimating and I still have mostly full charge. But then I leave the lid closed for 2-3 days and when I wake the computer, the battery is completely empty. It's drained to the point...
  7. circatee

    Shutdown, or not?

    Seen a few conversations about this. Alas, I have my own question. If traveling back and forth to work, from home with a MacBook, running the latest OS, is it worth it to shutdown the MacBook, or just use Sleep mode? PS: Windows user, slowly moving over to macOS. Hence, the question.
  8. seme332

    Lockscreen with Sleep Focus

    Does anybody know why the lock screen is blurred when sleep focus is activated and how to turn it off? I want to see that shiny moon background they offer 🥺
  9. J

    2015 15 Mac never wakes from safe sleep when battery is drained

    This might be a strange question but here goes. When I use my Mac, it sometimes just cuts power when the battery is at high percentages like 90 percent. I've been able to solve this by calibrating the battery but now I have a new issue. When I get the battery to zero and plug in the charger, my...
  10. W

    SLEEP APS - any show sleep total throughout the night?

    Do any sleep tracking apps allow you to see how much sleep you’ve gotten in the middle of the night when you wake up? It seems the Apple sleep tracking in the health app only shows a total once you’ve ended the sleep session. If I wake up at 5am I’d love to see how much sleep I’ve actually...
  11. Minimum91

    MP 1,1-5,1 After upgraded BT 4.0, unlocking iPhone wakes Mac?

    I am running a MP5,1 with upgraded everything, 64GB RAM, 2TB NVMe SSD, 12-core 3,46GHz Xeon. It's running latest macOS Mojave with OpenCore 0.7.9. Recently I upgraded the Wi-Fi Bluetooth card to 4.0 for Airdrop and Continuity features I really need for work right now and subsequently I've...
  12. Hex25

    Resolved Monterey 12.3.1 - return from sleep not working by pressing any key

    After updating Macbook Pro 16" 2019 to Monterey 12.3.1, return from sleep stopped working by pressing any key. Now it resumes only by pressing the Touch ID button. I'm not complaining about this behavior, but I'm curious if it's just my machine or it's a change coming with 12.3.1:) Thanks!
  13. voraciousvegan

    Other Have you fallen asleep on TOP of your iPhone, or put it under your pillow when you sleep?

    I have an iPhone 13, this crossed my mind recently. I have a habit of falling asleep with the phone in my hands, while I'm watching something or grab it to turn the alarm off, and invariably I wake up with it under me (usually on my side). Although I'm light, I wonder if the pressure of the...
  14. Richard1507

    MacBook Air M1 2020 Battery drain when sleeping

    Hi, my brand new MB Air M1 2020 drains battery when sleeping. This is output of pmset -g assertions, I can see Handoff there. Is there any way to keep Handoff turned on, but put my MacBook to really sleep when I close the lid? Thank you so much. 2022-03-22 11:12:14 +0100 Assertion status...
  15. TinyMito

    Apple Mail app on macOS - sync won't resume and app unresponsive.

    Hey all, MacBook Pro 14 with latest Monterey 12.2.1 here. Does anyone else have issue with Apple Mail get stuck at syncing after wakeup from sleep overnight? It has exclamation mark on each mailbox and nothing works when clicking sync get mail button. I hit the close (not quit) red button and...
  16. J

    2015 13 MacBook Pro Battery Drain during sleep even after clean install

    For some reason the battery on my computer is draining heavily during sleep for some reason. I already tried reinstalling Big Sur but the battery is still draining. I even got a new battery and it’s still draining. Can anybody help me with this? Running Big Sur latest version clean installed...
  17. TerraMati

    Macbook Pro doesn't wake from sleep + closing the lid does nothing

    Hello, I have a problem with my Mid-2010 MacBook Pro. It has High Sierra installed and 6gb of ram. Around 3-4 months ago I installed Catalina through dosdude1's patcher and it worked fine until it started randomly shutting off and beeping. It was also time when the battery just went straight...
  18. peanutismint

    My 2015 MacBook Pro won't go to sleep in clamshell mode...?

    I use my 2015 Macbook Pro primarily in clamshell mode (closed with external display/keyboard) but when I put it to sleep the screen goes black for about 5 seconds and then wakes up again. I don't have any 'stay awake' apps like Caffeine running, and I'm not moving a mouse or touching any other...
  19. K

    App windows relocate when display sleeps - make it stop

    Hi - I have a single Samsung 34-Inch SJ55W Ultrawide Gaming Monitor (LS34J550WQNXZA) connected via HDMI to my M1 Mac Mini 2020 running Big Sur 11.2.3. I've got my computer set to never sleep, but the display sleeps after 30 minutes, and when I wake it back up, I often find that app windows...
  20. S

    27" Thunderbolt Display Issues

    Hi Everyone, Iv been searching for a little while and read loads but cant seem to find an answer, so i bought 2 thunderbolt displays in the middle of last year, i paid £30 for both! very very lucky to find someone selling them who didn't know what they were, both works fine when daisy chained...