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  1. M

    Bluetooth does not work after waking up from sleep

    I have a problem with my 2015 MacBook Pro. Every time I wake up from sleep mode, Bluetooth does not work. AirPods and other devices (such as the speaker) do not connect. All Handoff functions also do not work: copy and paste from iPhone, HotSpot, AirDrop, Handoff. Interestingly, unlocking the...
  2. Batt4Christ

    iPhone 14 Pro Max screen won't sleep (iOS 17.3.1)

    When the iOS 17.3.1 update was pushed out, the only thing I found different was that my iPhone doesn't like to sleep any more. I cannot find any settings that interfere with sleep. But I can set my iPhone 14 Pro Max on my desk a foot away from me - and screen never goes to sleep. I can put it...
  3. S

    MacBook Air M1 External Dell Low Resolution After Sleep

    I have an M1 MBA and a Dell P3421WM connected to a CalDigit TB4 dock. Display is connected to the dock via a TB3 cable and the dock is connected to the M1 via a TB3 cable as well. Both USBC. I run the display at 3440x1140 - however whenever the display sleeps (time varies) and I wake it, a...
  4. S

    M3 MBP - Darkwake

    Context: My MBP is permanently plugged in in clamshell, using Al Dente to keep charge limit at 70%. USB-C Hub with keyboard and mouse plugged in, bluetooth speakers. When it goes to sleep I see this in the pmset logs 2024-01-24 23:56:59 +0000 Sleep Entering Sleep state due to...
  5. S

    Sleep in clamshell mode - MBP M3

    Is it possible to have the MBP sleep whilst in clamshell mode (power always connected) and waking it up with an external mouse and/or keyboard? If so, how does one achieve automatic sleeping? By turning off the "Prevent automatic sleeping on power adapter when the display is off"?? And if so...
  6. L

    macbook air - sonoma: sleep timer

    Hello everyone. I need help please... I have macbook air M1 that was upgraded to sonoma but I am loosing my mind as I can't find energy saver option or any resembeling option that would allow me to just set a simple sleep timer to turn off my computer after 60 min (even if there is music or some...
  7. jakobbg

    Prevent screen sleep when clicking on TouchID button to lock Mac

    Goal: I want to be able to press the Touch ID button on my keyboard to get my new Mac Mini M2 to launch the screensaver and lock the Mac, but not turn off the screen. Now it only shows the aerial video for a few seconds before turning off the screen. I want to show the screensaver to be running...
  8. T'hain Esh Kelch

    Wake/Sleep network issues with headless 2011 Mac Mini running Plex / macOS10.13

    So I have a 2011 Mac Mini with macOS 10.13.6 that is headless and running primarily as a Plex Media Server, and is connected directly to my mesh network through ethernet, and I am having wake/sleep issues that I can't figure out. Issues: 1. It wakes itself up every 1-10 minutes through the day...
  9. S

    watchOS 10/S9 not tracking sleep segments

    I went up from S7 to S9 and updated to watchOS 10/iOS 17 all on the same day, so I don't know what is causing the problem. Ever since getting the S9 and using watchOS 10 and iOS 17, my watch isn't tracking sleep segments. In the Health app, I just get a solid blue bar showing time in bed, which...
  10. davebot 0.9

    External drives continually sleeping and spinning up in M2 Pro Mac mini

    I have a mystery that is driving me nuts, and Apple Support wasn't much help. I have two HDDs in an external drive enclosure that continually sleep and then spin up -- over and over, every 1 - 3 minutes. They may also disconnect themselves while I'm away, but that is a fairly rare event. The...
  11. R

    Are these normal power logs during sleep? Do you mind sharing your logs?

    On my M1 MBA, I get continuous 'Entering Sleep' messages in the power logs and I just want to know if this is normal or does this suggest it's not going to sleep. I used this command pmset -g log|grep -e " Sleep " -e " Wake " Would you mind sharing yours during a closed-lid sleeping...
  12. ApplesAreSweet&Sour

    Apps Does the Sleep app have bug or did I just not sleep long enough?

    I use Apple's native Sleep app to track my sleep every night. And it works great except for some scenarios that seem to result in the Sleep app deleting the sleep session for no obvious reason: The sleep goal and sleep schedule I've set usually fits the actual time I sleep. I either wake up...
  13. haralds

    Power LED pulse on Sleep

    Is anybody missing the slow Power LED pulse for sleep? It's a wonderful tool to confirm the state of your Mac. Did Apple ever state, why the stopped doing this? Perhaps we should start a campaign to get it back - not that Apple would listen.
  14. K

    Sleep screen turns on automatically

    Hi everyone, I need help with this because it’s a weird change and I seem to be the only one complaining. If you go to settings > focus > sleep > options > sleep screen > on Before this was a behavior that was trigged only if I had the sleep focus on, but now with the latest update the...
  15. S

    Sleeping MacBook Pro in Sleeve

    Is it okay to keep my sleeping MacBook Pro (16-inch M2 Max) inside a carrying sleeve? Will my MacBook Pro overheat? Does my MacBook Pro need to breathe when it is sleeping with the lid closed? I guess it would be safer to shut it down first, but that’s a bit inconvenient.
  16. M

    iMac 21 4K 2017 restarts after sleep

    hello everyone i hae a weird situation here There is an iMac 21 inches 4k of 2017, with a Kingston a400 ssd installed. It has Ventura with latest updates. Sometimes when it gets to sleep, the mac restarts after a while and i get the following report. Any ideas? Microsoft Word -...
  17. sbn

    Macbook Pro 2021 not sleeping when lid is closed

    My laptop (2021 16" M1 Max running latest macOS 13.1) is not automatically going to sleep when closing the lid/screen. Not even when running on battery. It's been like this for the entire year that I've owned this laptop. I startet from a clean macOS install in december 2021 and then moved all...
  18. F

    Apple Watch App similar to Oura Ring / Whoop Features

    Hey friends, Is there any app that includes training and sleep tracking, that gives you data like Oura Ring / Whoop? e.g. Readiness Score Thank you. :)
  19. Alvin777

    Tips to Make Windows Wake Up From Sleep as 100% Reliable as Possible?

    Hello Windows and Mac friends. Sleep is needed today to save energy and save the bearing in the fans but sometimes it won't wakeup. What tips in settings is best, in the BIOS and in Windows 10 Pro or Windows 11 Pro (I'm on Windows 11 Pro). I've turned On 'Turn Off Display' but I've Turned Off...
  20. P

    MacBook Pro 14" Battery Drain in Sleep, Constantly Waking--Why?

    Can anyone help me diagnose what's going on here?