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smart connector

  1. T

    iPad Pro Smart Connector and moisture

    Are the exposed gold contacts sensitive to moisture or fingerprints? I have hyperhidrosis (sweaty hands, in my case) and feel uncomfortable touching the side of my new iPad Pro. Does this increase the likelihood of corrosion or oxidation? Also, how do you safely clean the Smart Connector? Apple...
  2. Commy1

    iPad Pro Smart Connector, Now what?

    So now that there are 2 devices supporting the Smart Connector, what can be done with it besides the Apple Keyboard? What iPad accessory do you hope for or think would a feasible idea? Since its capable of powering, receiving and transferring data I would like to see an Apple external iPad...
  3. S

    iPad Pro Where are all the Smart Connector accessories??

    Have there been ANY Smart Connector accessories launched in the last 6 months since the iPad Pro was released? We still just have the two keyboards by the looks of it. I was really hoping for some innovative products that would make use of the connector. Is half a year not long enough to get...
  4. X

    [iPad Pro] Won't recognize Smart Keyboard

    Been having a problem with my iPad Pro recognizing the Smart Keyboard when plugged in. Is there some trick to activate the Smart Keyboard, or is this likely a problem with the smart connector? The first time, restarting the iPad Pro fixed the problem. However, I haven't been able to use the...