1. The Clark

    MacRumors forum software is so polished.

    I just wanted to say I've been on the forums for about 7-8 years, and the thing I've always appreciated about MR is how efficient and polished this website is. Everything loads so quickly, notifications come and go seamlessly, and it has literally every feature that I'd ever want in a forum...
  2. H

    iPhone 12 Pro Max iPhone Plus/Max problem

    Back in 2014, Apple introduced the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. The difference back then though, compared to nowadays, is that the 6 plus got extra features that might have been worth it for people. The 6 Plus got: Optical image stabilization Landscape home screen iPad-like apps in landscape Higher...
  3. H

    Now that we have iOS 15, what do we want from iOS 16?

    Hi Everyone! Since Apple usually gets started early planning the next iOS update, what do we want to see for iOS 16? Personally, Apple dropped the ball with this year's OSs. I can't blame them entirely due to the fact that COVID exists and everyone worked from home, but there were no power/pro...
  4. Markalbuk

    Advice on an effective time tracker

    Looking for an effective time tracker, can you suggest any
  5. I

    smc reset on the MBP 2020 making noise ?

    so I shut down my MBP 13" from early 2020 and hold the power button 10 sec. The MB did a few noises like popping noise while holding the power button and seeing the apple logo. After that I started my MB normal. Are the noises normal and was it ok to do the smc reset for the health of my MB...
  6. I

    Diagnostics (holding D+option) problem with the network

    when im holding the D button and Option I can see a moving planet. Then I select my wifi and type in my password. When im connected nothing happen. What can I do? Its a MacBook Pro 13" from early 2020 with i7 10th. And to turn it off I need to shut it down by holding the power button. thanks
  7. W

    Intel Software Future

    First time poster and I apologize if this has been answered. With Apple moving all Mac devices to ARM architecture, does anyone understand or have a sense of what the future may hold for Intel-based Mac software? I am an architect and use a variety of software suites (Autodesk, Adobe, Trimble...
  8. jent

    Best PDF editing software?

    I'm looking to purchase a license for a Mac application to view and edit PDF files. I don't want a subscription service, and I'm just looking for good editing all around, whether it's for an editable PDF file that's been created for user input or a "dumb" PDF file to annotate (like
  9. S

    sphereSaver - an auto Filesaver for Office, iWork and Adobe that works with NAS

    Hello MacRumors I am the Developer of sphereSaver which is an auto Filesaver for Office, iWork and Adobe. Yes it works even with your NAS. How it works? It looks into your Applications folder and already knows what you have installed and will grey out non active application, then you can...
  10. A

    How to clean de-install apps

    I have installed two preference panes to try to open NTFS devices on my Macbook. How can I de-install stuff like this without any rest? I tried with Clean my Mac but there is still stuff left. By the way... What is the best way to de-install apps etc. from my Macbook if I don't want them anymore?
  11. A

    iPhone 12 mini IPHONE MINI USERS HELP! lock screen and touch sensitivity issues actually fixed now?

    Hello, I want to buy an IPhone mini tomorrow and I came across a TON of posts talking about the touching issues it has. I watched a video that showed scrolling (specially upward) won't work once placed on a table and operating with a finger. There were videos of the lock screen struggling to...
  12. HopefullSisyfus

    (malicious) screen alteration can't be restored or erased. Searching deeper solution.

    Hello all readers, I am new here to MacRumours forum. I have been a faithfull mac-user for years. I am posting this thread here, in hope to find a solution to a persisting problem i can't seem to get rid of. I have been with a screen "problem" on my new Macbook pro 2019 (catlina) and on my...
  13. J

    [Giveaway] UUByte ISO Editor for Creating Bootable USB Installer

    This is Joe from UUByte, a long-time MacRumors fan. Why I started this thread? I saw a lot of boot camp questions in Windows, Linux & Others sub forum, asking help for installing or creating Windows bootable installer on Mac. We have the alternative suggestion if boot camp failed to work...
  14. darkcompass

    iPad iPad and Software for Art Student

    My daughter will be going into college for Art and Design. She's used to canvases, but would like to include digital media. On a budget, so what iPad, Pencil and software do people suggest for illustrations, watercolor, and abstract painting?
  15. Michael Adams

    Looking for feedback from ZeroTier users

    Hey everyone. I know I'm new here as a user, but have been here on & off as a lurker. My wife is a former Apple employee, and I grew up using the pre-MacOS hardware (more a WinLin guy now); I've had to do my fair share of MacOS support in IT. Anyway, I started working for ZeroTier last week, and...
  16. jent

    iMovie doesn't export edits—just the original video

    I'm using iMovie 10 on a Mac running macOS Catalina with the latest version of both the application and the OS. I haven't used iMovie in many years and it shows. I'm trying to use it for a very simple set of tasks: I want to trim the first and last few seconds from a long webinar recording, and...
  17. J

    any point in configuring to i9

    Hi all, I have a 2011 iMac (i5, 20gb ram, 1tb ssd) which is still powerful enough for me, but is now obsolete in the eyes of Apple. I need to use Logic Pro X for work but it’s not compatible with my iMac (running High Sierra). Alas, I’m looking to buy a new computer (ouch), but this got me...
  18. peanutismint

    Is there some way to disable popup notifications to update my iPhone to iOS 13.5.1 whenever I plug it in?

    I just updated my Mac to Catalina and my iPhone to iOS 13.5, but now every time I plug my iPhone into my Mac I get a popup notification telling me to update it again to 13.5.1 which I don't want to do because I'm jailbroken. I noticed there was a Terminal command 'sudo softwareupdate --ignore...
  19. Hamza Belmellouki

    I can't save a screen recording using QuickTime

    Issue Description: While I was trying to screen record a long video(1-2 hours) an issue emerged: After hitting QuickTime stop button on my menu bar, the screen record couldn't be saved. Meaning, no screen record is prompted so I can save it. The thing is when I screen record a short video(0-10...
  20. Mr. Awesome

    WWDC vs. September event

    Thought I’d ask this question that I’ve been thinking about for a while. Which is your favorite Apple event each year? The September iPhone event or WWDC keynote? I personally enjoy WWDC more because it brings new features for all product lines, and it’s always exciting to see new things at...