1. Hamza Belmellouki

    I can't save a screen recording using QuickTime

    Issue Description: While I was trying to screen record a long video(1-2 hours) an issue emerged: After hitting QuickTime stop button on my menu bar, the screen record couldn't be saved. Meaning, no screen record is prompted so I can save it. The thing is when I screen record a short video(0-10...
  2. Mr. Awesome

    All Devices WWDC vs. September event

    Thought I’d ask this question that I’ve been thinking about for a while. Which is your favorite Apple event each year? The September iPhone event or WWDC? I personally enjoy WWDC more because it brings new features for all product lines, and it’s always exciting to see new things at WWDC...
  3. C

    how much memory do i need?

    hello! i am interested in buying the new macbook air 2020 but was wondering whether to upgrade the memory size. at the moment i am using a macbook pro 2014 with 16 gb of memory but it would be much cheaper if i bought the laptop with the basic 8 gb. i am usually running a lot of basic things...
  4. U

    download location of software update on macOS Catalina?

    Where are the download files stored after running the command in Terminal: softwareupdate --fetch-full-installer --full-installer-version
  5. SidTheSloth

    iPhone 11 Pro internet problem?

    Just received my new iPhone 11 Pro there less than a week ago. When using the phone I’ve noticed that the internet connection will stop working, for instance if I am playing music on Apple Music, it will just stop working even though I have a good internet connection but if I go to another app...
  6. A

    Apple Not Accepting Coupons

    I need the community's assistance. I tried to redeem the attached Apple coupons but customer service would not accept them. I have a whole bunch more and hoped to redeem them towards the purchase of the new Mac Pro. If you could direct me to the appropriate department or Apple Store (in or...
  7. Liam555

    iPhone How to get IOS 13 from IOS 13.1 Beta?

    Hi, I'm trying to get off this beta and back to the normal ios 13. I've deleted the beta profile, however, can't figure out how to update to the normal ios 13.
  8. haaalp

    Macbook without HD, no OS X, no download option

    Back story: I recently purchased a 2010 MBP for a couple of beers worth of $$ and replaced the charging port for a few more beers worth. To my surprise, the battery looks to be in relatively good health. I have no idea how long it has been stored empty, but hopefully I'll be able to see the...
  9. M

    Restoring Back Up Troubles :(

    Hey people, In a bit of a situation that I thought would be easy but turns out isn't. Over the weekend I lost my iPhone 6s, don't think I'll be getting it back so I have an older iPhone 5s I'm using for now. I wanted to restore the 5s with the backup from the 6s (which was backed up last year)...
  10. monya

    help with mbp 13 2017 please !!

    Good morning ! I have a few questions hope someone could answer them ! if i inatalled mojave but didn't use it is that mean im using high sierra software or mojavee ?.. for now i have a firmware password issue :'( if i take it to an apple authorized service how long it will take to get solved ...
  11. mikzn

    Equipment Service - Software Suggestion - Repair Tag - Technical Service Tracking

    Any thoughts / suggestions for an apple based repair tag / maintenance and service tracker ? Tracking by Customer ID Tracking by Equipment / Model # Tracking by Serial number Tracking by Technician ( all involved) Tracking by Sales Rep Other areas of interest Preventive Maintenance Equipment...


    Is it just me and my seemly hopeless spelling or is the spellcheck on MacOS awful? I would say at least 40% of the time I have to rely on a DuckDuckGo search to help get my spelling corrected. thoughts? advice on how I can better streamline this? software recommendations?
  13. S

    How do I uninstall an app + it's accessory files?

    Hello MacRumors Community. Just uninstalled a music app called Reason 10. The file to start the app was inside the app's folder in which other stuff like Factory sounds were. I dragged the entire app folder to the trash and clicked on Empty Trash. Then I searched my computer and found...
  14. 0989382

    A Crazy (Linux) Idea

    As I investigate some alternatives from the Mac in Windows, which, to be honest is a crazy enough idea... I was picturing how Linux could be made to work for me. I'm in Marketing so here's the use case: - Advanced editing and finishing off layouts of Office Documents - Playing nicely with...
  15. I

    Is my MacBook HDD dead?

    Hello all Not too long ago, I tried to update my MacBook Pro to the newest OS (Mojave). I downloaded the updater etc. and started updating my software. I didn't mind, so I just let it update for itself. I came back some hours after, to a black screen, and nothing responding. The computer didn't...
  16. narr

    List of games and apps optimized for eGPU?

    Not sure if this is the right place for this topic but I recently got my mac mini 2018, i7 and also bought an eGPU (Razer Core X with a Radeon Rx 580). Very happy so far, no issues at all. Running super stable since more than 3 weeks far so good. :) Now, while MacOS seems to be more...
  17. EEzycade

    Good starter camera...

    I am soon starting a tech youtube channel. Any recommendations for a camera to start out with? My budget is 600 dollars max. Also, what are some good alternatives to Final Cut Pro?
  18. EEzycade

    eye tracking software

    My twin also has a muscle disease like me. I saw him using our big family iMac the other day. He can type fine, albeit slow, but the thing that slows him down is moving his hand over to the mouse and then back to the keyboard again. It was painful to watch. Are there products out there that can...
  19. seitsme

    does 64chars Telephone app comes with OSX HS

    hi all. Can anyone confirm that with the installation of OSX High sierra, an app called Telephone, is installed part of the package in the apps folder. Maker is '64 Characters'. I never noticed this app and today software update prompts me to update it. Not sure what it is and where it came from.
  20. G

    The sole reason for the T2 ...

    ... is now officially acknowledged: This took a lot of time to implement in advance, first in software then in hardware. Apple did it in iOS and their iPhone/iPad...