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  1. Flavius12

    EasyDMG2ISO: The easiest way to convert DMG files to ISO

    Hello, I want to share with you my open source app EasyDMG2ISO. EasyDMG2ISO is a small and useful utility to convert DMG files to ISO or CDR format. A DMG file is a kind of Disk Image File commonly used on macOS platform. Sometimes it may be necessary to have the Disk Image in ISO or CDR format...
  2. S

    iPhone Homekit

    I am currently experiencing difficulties with Home/HomeKit. I tried to add a bridge as an accessory to my home, but it is stuck in a perpetual loading state. I have already tried rebooting and reinstalling, but none of these measures have been effective. I would appreciate any suggestions or...
  3. MacProFCP

    Is AI a threat to society?

    When Chat GPT came out, I was intrigued and tried it out a bit - very cool stuff, but as more and more companies add AI to their software, I am becoming more and more disinterested and, quite frankly, concerned. Will my children learn comprehension and problem solving if they are asking AI for...
  4. E

    Nov 2023 update - nothing helpful!

    So I just updated the software for my Apple Watch and now the easy to use items have become less so! All my pre-set timers? Gone. Try to summon your phone… it used to take a swipe and a click, now you better allow 1-3 minutes and it’s increasingly obnoxious! What were they thinking?!
  5. -BigMac-

    Bug Central (Apple doesn't care)

    Hi guys. My iMac 2020 27" is slowly becoming unusable. I have frequent software bugs, graphical glitches, and app crashes. This seems to be getting worse with every subsequent software update. Every time I attempt to screenshot a software bug, opening the screenshot app resets it and appears...
  6. S image resolution relative to application size?

    Environment MacBookPro18,3(14", 2021) macOS Sonoma 14.1.1 (23B81) 13.1 (1164) Problem My MacBookPro18,3(14", 2021) has a 1080p FaceTime HD Camera, it should therefore take 1920×1080 images and videos. The latter is true with the [File > New Movie...
  7. TripleYoThreat

    Apple's Quality Control and Software Has Really Fallen Off The Past 10 Years - An In Depth Write-Up

    Apple being the largest company in the world is quite astonishing to me when I encounter Apple software & hardware issues so frequently. This is not the quality I expect from whatever company would be, quite literally, the biggest company in the world - and I'm genuinely baffled a company can...
  8. Z

    Unable to boot using USB Bootable drive on Mac

    Hi everyone. My dad has an iMac late 2011 with Mac OS x lion. He has not used the machine for a while and the certification is out of date. He was unable to browse on the internet and occurring error popped up «Your clock is ahead of time» researched it and came to the conclusion that...
  9. B

    Anyone been interested in DC++ client? Here it is

    I have fixed EiskaltDC++ for PPC, installable with Macports: Please report if something does not work.
  10. David1986H

    For people who use BOOM3D show us your EQ setting and tips.

    So as good as the MBP 16" speakers are ive always used boom3d and honestly I can make the sound a whole lot better, especially at low to mid volume. Here's my EQ curve that I found sounds best so far along with fidelity turned on.
  11. Macintosh Quadra 840av

    [Freebie] Luminar Al Photo Editing Software

    Skylum is offering their Luminar Al Photo Editing Software (PC/Mac Digital Download) for Free when you request via the promotional link and supply your email/name and you will receive a complementary link to download/activate this product via email.
  12. huge_apple_fangirl

    Installing LabView on Intel Mac

    Does anyone know how to do this? When I try to do this it won't let me install it on "Macintosh HD". It says it can't be installed on this disk and PATCH_NO_PREREQUISITE_MESSAGE_FATAL.
  13. S1njin

    Any generally well regarded recommended software?

    Hey Gang, So I haven't had a Mac for well over a decade and a half now. I'll be getting my new M2 Air shortly (though sadly its going under the tree before I can get to it). Are there any software products I should be considering with it? Maintenance software (I see a lot of YouTubers have...
  14. M

    Apple's 1st Party Consumer Apps need updating for today's world.

    iLife needs a reboot for today's world. Apple seems to be unfocused and unmotivated with their 1st party apps. These used to be a huge feature and selling point for consumer class computers. iDVD, iWeb, GarageBand, iMovie, iPhotoThey capitalized on cultural zeitgeist of the Mac as the "hub of...
  15. blackxacto

    Who is Robby Pahlig in my iMac?

    Has anyone seen this name listed in some menu of our latest system software or third party installs? I have installed Ventura 13. I have a feeling that he is the author of some software I have installed. I have searched throughout the SSD and all my externals, but they do not show any file named...
  16. tubuliferous

    OS X The future of Mac gaming is bright

    I’m writing this post on a decade-old 13-inch MacBook Pro with absolutely miserable graphics hardware that was miserable the day this computer was manufactured. It used to be that the 13-inch MacBook Pro, a very popular computer in the heyday of this particular model, was abysmal as a gaming...
  17. MikeCam

    Does anybody else have this iMac 24 issue? Apple are refusing to help.

    When my iMac is asleep, from day one, it has spontaneously made this weird clicking sound. The screen illuminates and the sound starts immediately, it then just goes off by itself and happens again whenever. I have formatted and set up as new multiple times, and it continues to happen. It seems...
  18. P

    What Professional Software is only on MacOS?

    I don't mean basic or simple/utility software like iTunes, Little Snitch, Keynote or CleanmyMac. I mean software used by professionals like Sketch, Final Cut, ...
  19. S

    Scroll issue Mac OS Monterey

    As from a few weeks ago, on both my Macs the vertical and horizontal scrolling sometimes stops working, on websites, in PDFs etc. Only way to solve is is to restart my Mac. After one or two days the issue returns… I have this issue on both my iMacs with Monterey 12.0.1 installed, one 2021 M1...
  20. J

    Need buying advice

    i've been wirh the Mac since they first came out..... my first was a Mac Plus.... i am in the graphics world . i still have a G4 wirh OS 9 (circa 1995) thst i use every day. it has a very expensive software on it that did not survive the OS9 /10 tran I have an OS 10.6 computer that finally...