1. gkarris

    What console and launch games will you buy this Holiday 2020?

    Which one will you buy this holiday 2020? How did you score one? Any launch game recommendations? Personal reviews? How is backwards compatibility? Post them here please, help the rest of us out... ;)
  2. U

    Sony bluetooth headphones will not connect.

    System preferences repeatedly freezes every time I try and control bluetooth settings. Same thing occurs when accessing the settings from finder so have to relaunch that as well. Sony WH-CH700N Headphones will pair by bluetooth (headphone buttons will work as well), but there will be no option...
  3. AbielM16

    All Devices How To Transfer Camera videos above 4.29gb to Ipad using Files App

    So pretty much as end of video shows Importing from Photos app will still fail since it has a 4.29gb limitation. I am on 13.2 beta 3 for my ipad 11. I am directly connected to files app with my sony camera a6400 set to mass storage. In the future if apple fixed the photos import app limitation...
  4. D

    Apple TV 4K not putting new Sony TV to sleep "OFF" (A9G & 950G)

    My setup: Sony BRAVIA A9G and an Apple TV 4K. I always have to hit the home button on the Apple TV remote to wake the Sony TV up, and whenever I put the Apple TV to sleep, it would turn off the tv. NOW it never puts the Sony TV to sleep. The Apple TV goes to sleep, just leaving a "no input"...
  5. zipur

    Bose 700, my first impression vs Sony XM3s.

    Well I received my Bose 700s yesterday. I compared them to my XM3s an I’m pretty jazzed with the B700 First the ear cups are smaller than the XM3. But they fit my ear very well. So here’s the weird thing although the XM3 have a larger cup I was more comfortable with the Bose. The leather is...
  6. J

    RCA Audio/Video out > into 15'' MacBook Pro ??

    What is the most effective way to transfer from Sony Hi8mm Video Camera to MACBOOK PRO 15" late 2009 that only has either Firewire, USB2 inputs. The source is a Sony Hi8mm Camera that only has mono RCA and RCA Video line output.
  7. BlankStar

    How to: connect Sony PlayStation Dual Shock 4 (tvOS 13)

    From the Apple TV Home screen, go to Settings. Click on Remotes and Devices. Click on Bluetooth. Let it search for Bluetooth devices. Take your Dual Shock 4 and press the PS & Share button at the same time until the light starts flashing (3-4 sec) Select the Dual Shock in the list of Bluetooth...
  8. T

    HomeKit AirPlay 2 and HomeKit Firmware Update Sony 2018 TV Models Compatibility?

    With the current news of the AirPlay 2 and HomeKit coming to support specific Sony 2019 TV models, will AirPlay 2 and HomeKit be support the 2018 XBR F models? I just bought a 2018 75" X900F model. I have 15 days left before I can return. I would like to know here soon before making a...
  9. K

    Macbook Air, iPhone 8Plus, and Sony WH1000xM3

    Hello everyone! I am new to the forum and was wondering if you could help me out. I was recently gifted a pair of Sony WH1000xM3. I would like to pair it with my iPhone 8Plus and my Macbook Air (2017, running OS 10.14.3). I've looked through the Sony guides and forums and it says that these...
  10. Michelasso

    HDR on Netflix improved?

    is it me or the HDR improved watching Netflix HDR content? At least for the newest videos. Usually, with Netflix, I could notice immediately it was an HDR video because it felt like the brightness was spread all over the screen. This time instead I noticed it only because raising the AVR volume...
  11. S

    Just got my first ever PlayStation

    For Christmas I got a PS4. I've never had a PlayStation or any non-Nintendo console before. :) I've only played around for a few minutes, but so far I'm very impressed by the controller! Entering text with motion controls and/or the touchpad felt really cool. What advice or suggestions can you...
  12. iRutherford

    Other Should Apple consider using frosted glass and unpolished stainless steel in a future iPhone?

    Frosted glass provides all the benefits of normal glass, except gloss. This means that it is more resistant to scratches and does not collect fingerprints and smudges. Here's what it looks like (Sony Xperia Z5): One disadvantage is that the colors look a little dull, but I'm willing to...
  13. T

    Sony PMB, .m2ts video quality loss on 5k iMac

    Hello All, Let me begin by saying I have searched high and low on forums all over the place for an answer to my problem, hopefully I can find some help here, thanks in advance for your time. TLDR; I have 1.5TB of Sony PMB .m2ts video files shot using a Sony HDR-CX700, whatever I do the video...
  14. Michelasso

    Dolby Vision on (USA) Bravia TV with ATV 4K

    I have read the American Bravia with X1 Extreme co-processor have got the Dolby Vision FW update. It is working with the Apple TV 4K? In the Sony forums there are people complaining that.. it is a mess. Did anyone manage to make it working?
  15. B

    Sony A7RIII Silent Mode?

    Hi, I am looking for some help in setting up and or information on wether or not the A7RIII can be set up to shoot in complete silence. I work on TV Sets and any kind of noise is not an option. i have turned silent shooting on, but there still seems to be a feint district click when I press the...
  16. macduke

    Sony A7rIII Announced (42MP at 10fps, ISO 32,000, 15 stops dynamic range, fast AF, dual card slots)

    Who else is buying this thing? I've been using Canon since 2005 and am finally making the switch (at home, not yet at work). Sony is finally catching up in the lens department for their FE mount. I rented the A7rII this summer and this new camera seems to address most of my concerns with this...
  17. pacorob

    Ford Focus (2012) is CarPlay supported on my car?

    I love my iDevices but to be honest I don't use Siri on those devices but I would definitely would like to start using it while driving my Ford Focus car for e.g. music, podcasts, navigation and phonecall/receive which I'm getting soon and which probably has CarPlay support as well. I did read...
  18. kkh786

    Phones Sony Xperia XZ Premium

    Sony has just announced four new Xperia handsets.. but the one that got me intrigued is the Sony Xperia XZ Premium. On the face of it, Sony appears to have all the right ingredients for a great phone. A 4K HDR screen, an awesome (in theory) camera with 960fps slow-mo video, the latest Qualcomm...
  19. DrtyHarry

    SONY 64GB MicroVault does not work in Mac & Smartphone

    So I got a 64GB small SONY Microvault to transfer data between my phone and Macbook Pro. When I put the device into my phone, the phone (Note 7) asks to format the Sony drive so that it can work with the device. So I do...I have to format it unless it can not be read or recognized. And when I...
  20. lukerees83

    AVCHD Files El Capitan

    Using Sony RX100 camera I shot lots of video clips in AVCHD format. Now I want to transfer to external HD. To find them you have to go in the 'private' folder on the SD and double click a single file called AVCHD. This brings up the clips as thumbs but does not allow multiple select and...