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    CMD+C plays sound effect

    Hi, yesterday I copied some files between my NAS and my mbp mid 14 (macos 10.12.2) when I recognized that my mbp everytime makes a sound effect when I press cmd+c. I have no idea why the sound is playing when press cmd+c to copy a file or text etc. Today I installed a backup and first...
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    Anyone using Boom 3D...

    ... (upgrading from Boom2) and can tell if it is worth the money? Is there a noticeable difference in sound quality compared to Boom2?
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    Change the Message sounds when you send a message

    I am a person who loves to customize things to my liking, and I do not like being forced to use things. The sound when you send a message in Messages (that little WOOOOO that goes up in tone) or when you have the chat open and you receive a message (the WOOOO sound going down in tone. Is there...