space black

  1. BeccaJanis629

    HELP! Should I keep it or send it back

    I got a refurbished SBSS 40mm watch from Amazon. It was listed as new/other. I called the vendor and they said that’s what you get with used and I could return it. When I opened the box I was so sad to see a large nick in the top right corner and more scratches on the screen than is on my series...
  2. M

    Request: Show me the worst possible scratch ever on a Space Black Apple Watch.

    Ive heard the claims that SBSS is indestructible. S0s and S1s still “look like the day they were purchased.” 700 days of 23 hour use and not a mark on them. Are the rumors true? Is a scratch on a SBSS like the Bigfoot of the tech world? Surely the sheen of the SBSS must fade or something? (I am...
  3. M

    Once and for all, Space Black stainless or Space Gray aluminum?

    Those who have owned both, Space Black stainless and Space Gray aluminum, from S0-S3, knowing what you know from experience and knowing the S4 costs $749 and $529 respectively, which do you buy and why? Why did you switch from one to another? Did you switch back/want to switch back? I am asking...
  4. M

    Request: Post pictures of your Space Black SS "patina"

    Let's see those SBSS series 0-3's with scratches. I'd like to know what they look like and how bad it could get. Also given you can't polish SBSS, how do people make their scratches less noticeable?
  5. G

    Chances of finding SB SS?

    Hi, long story short, I woke up at midnight (pacific time) last Friday to pre order series 4. And straight away, backorderd 3 weeks! You can imagine my disappointment. What are my chances of getting a 44mm SB SS series 4 on launch day? At Apple? And at target? In other words what’s the best...
  6. G

    Tips for Launch Day in store

    I’ve never lined up for an apple product on launch day. I’d appreciate some help for myself and others reading. First, how early should I show up? I was thinking an hour before launch. It’s a typical in-mall store. How much stock will they have? I’m getting SB SS... what are my chances from...
  7. T

    3rd party Space Black Link Bracelet?

    Hi there, since the original Apple Space Black Link Bracelet is way overpriced, can anyone recommend a more affordable 3rd party band that does not look cheep (i.e. no silver Stainless Steel just painted black)? Thanks!
  8. J

    Space Black SS Apple Watch - Gap between Screen and Case

    Received my Apple Watch earlier this week and I'm loving it so far :) It's pretty fast and I'm quite happy with the battery life. After playing with it all day, it still has around 40% left when I get home in the evening. However, I noticed that there is a gap between the screen and the body...
  9. ivantwilliams

    Space Black - band, leather

    Do you own a Space Grey or Space Black Stainless Steel? If so, do you happen to own or use bands that are leather, BUT, with a space grey/space black connectors? I see plenty for Stainless Steel, just not the Space Black or Space Grey versions. Any links that members can provide? Thanks in...
  10. A

    Apple has cancelled my Watch's AppleCare+

    Resolved. Click this link and then this link to go to the resolution. Case closed! Thanks Apple Care team and the Fairview Montreal Apple Store staff!!! Last week, I did my normal routine. I got up and put on my watch, a Stainless Steel 42MM Space Black Watch. I was wearing the (RED) Sport...
  11. I

    Dark Steel Band Besides Link Bracelet to Go With Space Black SS?

    Couldn't find anything in a search, so I have to post this. Any good dark steel bands, besides the replicas of the official black link bracelet that Apple released, that match the color of the Space Black? I see a lot of options online, like...