ssd install

  1. J

    iMac 2017 21.5" HDD -> SSD upgrade

    Evening all, So, I regrettably bought an iMac 2017 21.5" 4k Retina, 3.0 GHz, 8GB RAM, 1TB HDD last year... Compared to my Macbook Air with an SSD it is very sluggish, even whilst completing basic tasks (such as using MS Office and Chrome). I would like to upgrade the HDD to a SSD. I've been...
  2. I

    Mac mini 2011 SSD Upgrade Question

    Hello all, I'm taking my 2011 Mac mini out of mothballs (still turns on and runs without any issues) and turning it into a digital home theater of sorts. Anyways, I got a great Black Friday deal on an SSD and wanted to see what's the best way of going about formatting it, installing Mac OS, and...
  3. JustTryin

    Setting up dual hard drives

    I have a 2011 21.5" iMac and I'm looking to replace the 500Gb HDD with a 500Gb SDD. I have a million different guides telling me how to do this so that's fine. What I also want to do is use my old HDD as a secondary drive for storage to keep the main drive as free as possible, by replacing the...
  4. Andyfm

    MBP Mid-2012 Samsung SSD Upgrade - Cloning

    Hi - Right now, I'm waiting for my mid-2012 MacBook Pro's hard drive to clone onto a Samsung 850 EVO SSD (using Carbon Copy Cloner). A couple questions: Can someone elaborate a little bit for me on TRIM (specifically, do I need it? From what I've read so far, it sounds almost essential to...
  5. N

    2011 Mini SSD thickness?

    Hi everyone, The Crucial SSD I've had in my Mid-2011 Mac Mini since, well mid-2011 lol :) has given out and died on me :( so I'm back with the stock 5400rpm spinner. Oh how I'd forgotten how much of a difference an SSD makes. I have a replacement SSD here ready to install but on opening its...
  6. rhodevans

    SSD recommendations

    Hi Guys, I have an elderly 10,1 iMac 21", 8Gb ram 1TB HDD and was considering upgrading the HDD to a 1TB SSD. Does anybody have a recommendation on what manufacturer to use? if anyone could give me any advice it would be appreciated. Cheers Rhod.
  7. N

    Help - Macbook Pro SSD Crucial MX300 won't boot

    Hi, would really appreciate any advice people have here - I'm not techie at all and struggling with booting a recently purchased Crucial SSD drive for Macbook Pro early 2011 either internally or externally via USB. I am now being advised by Crucial support live chat that the 'booting...
  8. s5229

    MacBook Air can't install OS X *Need Expert Help*

    I have been working on this for 2 days now with 0 success. I have a first addition Macbook Air model A1237 that came with no hard drive due to it being donated from a college. I have no other working Macs to pull and image or backup from. I purchased a Zheino 128GB SSD and have successfully...
  9. N

    2010 mbp SSD OSX Install Problems

    I’m working on replacing the hdd on my friend’s 2010 or 2011 13” mbp- it still has an optical drive. It began when the laptop had trouble booting, sometimes it would hang on the progress bar when booting, other times it would boot and he could log in, but Finder would consistently crash...
  10. G

    Can't install OS X after SSD install

    Hello and thanks for the support, I recently replaced my HDD with an SDD doubled my RAM and replaced the battery in my 2009 MacBook pro. Installation went fine until I wanted to reinstall os x. 1. First my trackpad will not work in utility start up window. 2. I was making due with key...